Factors need to consider before buying a traffic calming hump

Speed humps, also called calming humps or road humps, are traffic calming devices used in city streets, roads or high traffic zones to slow down vehicles.

Speed humps lower the speed of bicyclists, motorists, emergency vehicles and other vehicular traffic with a slight bulge on the road.

When approaching vehicles with plenty of speed find speed humps under their wheels, they are forced to get slow down. In addition to other traffic control devices, buying speed humps is tricky, but this speed hump purchasing guide has a lot to answer your queries. Other mentioned factors will also help make the right decision before finalizing speed humps from any supplier.


What to consider before buying speed humps?

Multiple factors need to be considered before selecting speed humps. Though all traffic management devices are manufactured under strict guidelines of transportation engineers, still you have a wide opportunity to make a final purchase.

So, always go for durable, sturdy and weather resistance speed humps. Speed humps of quality material ensure controlled traffic flow and road traffic safety for pedestrians and all road users.

In fact, speed humps at traffic intersections, roadway, pavement, crosswalk, sidewalk, and driveway give directional traffic control plan and contribute to the road safety program.

Thus keep speed humps of good quality on your priority to avoid collisions and fatalities on the road. Highly visible rubber speed humps will not disappoint you either way.

What are the benefits of rubber speed humps?

Plastic, concrete, asphalt and rubber are the main construction materials of speed humps, but rubber has superiority over all other types.

It is not a random fact that rubber speed humps are beneficial as they can bear wear and tear on the road. They don’t break with constant traffic flow and are weather resistant.

Snow, heat, water or humidity cannot affect the rubber speed hump’s functionality. Above all, rubber speed humps are lightweight, and their installation requires no additional help.

Due to weather impact, other speed humps cannot withstand heavy traffic and crack.


Do speed humps get fade with time?

Speed humps fade with time only if their surface is painted with colours. This problem is commonly seen in concrete speed humps as they look fresh and visible when newly installed.

But with time, traffic wheels, dust and other road conditions make them fade. You either need to repaint these traffic calming devices or make a replacement with visible road humps in such a situation.

Remember, poorly visible traffic control devices are a hazard and may cause collision accidents leading to fatalities.

So, make sure to choose brightly coloured speed humps and reduce traffic on crossings, roundabouts, parking lots, highways, road intersections, urban areas, and other sites.

You can also couple road markings, yellow arrows, signage, stop signs, construction signs, traffic control signs, speed limit signs and traffic signals to discourage road accidents. Keep accessing traffic data and see how road safety is improved with speed humps.

Do speed humps make trouble with drainage on the road?

Speed humps may or may not be a trouble to the drainage. Many speed humps are available in the market that does not block rain or stormwater on the road.

All you need is to check all product specifications before making a final deal carefully.

Similarly, do not intentionally install speed humps at drainage lines and follow the rules of the road to avoid problems for all road users.

When pedestrians, motorists, ambulances, bicyclists, school buses, and all local vehicular traffic find a clear pathway, there is less inconvenience.


Speed humps are speed control devices commonly used to achieve dynamic speed on roads, residential areas, school zones and public or private sectors. You can also benefit from these calming measures to reduce the speed of oncoming traffic as the humps on the road slow down vehicles to certain miles per hour (mph).

Just be sure to obey traffic rules and contribute with police enforcement to decrease traffic volume and achieve an intelligent transportation system. When fire trucks, emergency vehicles, and other security officials are not affected, consistent traffic flow is achieved. Above all, department of transportation reports less cases of crashes at work zones areas, crosswalks, federal highway and other city sites due to speed humps.


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