Features that determine the cost of speed humps

Speed humps are traffic calming devices intended to reduce the speed of oncoming traffic, giving bumps on the road. Vehicles pass over speed humps with less of a jolt and safely maintain a speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour (mph). When traffic speed is controlled on intersections, roundabouts, roadways, driveways, and even in parking lots, everyone gets the right of way with safety.

Drivers, riders, bicyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and other road users get a sense of security with these traffic control devices that help to discourage fatalities.

In order to achieve all these benefits of speed humps, you need to make the best purchase after reading the speed hump purchasing guide to avoid waste of money. Additionally, make sure you know all features that affect the cost of speed humps.


Things affecting the cost of speed humps

Speed humps come in a huge range of prices. Some cost a bit higher than others, while different price tags reflect the features and qualities of the product. Your input needs to find appropriate traffic calming devices according to the budget and road conditions.

For instance, if you are unaware of the features of good speed humps, you can make the wrong purchase. Therefore, always cross-check the efficiency of speed humps with the price.

Make sure to go through these essential features that determine the cost of speed humps to understand what you can buy in your budget.

Construction material

Material of speed humps is one of the primary features directly affecting their cost. Generally, speed humps are made of recycled rubber, concrete, and asphalt. Recycled plastic and metal options are also available. All these types of speed humps serve as an obstacle or speed control alarm to overspeeding drivers to slow down.

But the strength or capability of the materials as mentioned above to handle traffic varies like concrete, plastic, or asphalt speed humps have less compression. Bicyclists, motorists, and other vehicular traffic that hit such speed humps too quickly at an angle are more likely of vehicle damage. On the other hand, rubber has great compression that allows vehicles to travel smoothly without damage.

Colour – visibility

Clearly visible traffic calming measures discourage collision of vehicles to discourage fatalities and ensure traffic management. This visibility is acquired with colours or reflective tapes on the speed humps that affect their price.

Drivers can only get the presence of clearly visible speed humps, so it is worth it to pay a little more for added visibility. Just be sure to go for speed humps that are permanently visible like their colour is molded in the manufacturing. If you go for speed humps with a painted surface, there is no doubt that colour will wash away with the snow, water, and other environmental factors.

Design and quality

Whether you are looking for speed humps to control traffic in residential areas, city streets, or highways, you cannot compromise on design and quality. These are the two features that make road safety devices a bit costly, but in the longer run, they save money.

You know roads are always busy with buses, emergency vehicles, cyclists, motorists, and ambulances. If you use poor quality, fragile or incompatible speed humps, you will get nothing but broken pieces after some time. Therefore, do not hesitate to pay a few more bucks in return for good quality.


Weather resistance

You can save speed humps from any damage, but weather conditions are not in your control. In constantly hot days, freezing nights, rain, and even storm, speed humps should be resistant enough to withstand such changing weather conditions.

Weather resistance of speed humps is dependent on the material you have chosen. Like plastic is vulnerable to heat and cold. The chances of plastic speed humps’ breakage are higher than rubber speed humps. The same is the case with concrete, as water can weaken speed humps causing early cracking. Thus, you can only achieve resilient speed humps by paying some price.

Do rubber speed humps costly?

You may claim rubber speed humps are costly in the market, but there is not much difference between rubber and other materials. Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, remind all the features you will get with rubber speed humps.

On top of the advantages, rubber speed humps do not need to be replaced more often. Installing rubber speed humps allow every kind of traffic to pass over without risk of damage. You can call it durability as traffic engineers ensure proper manufacturing of speed humps to make them super strong.

Secondly, they don’t mind water or moist road conditions. You can fearlessly install them on roads, streets, or wherever needed.

Road safety devices installed on the roads may cause tripping hazards, and pedestrians are at risk of such accidents. But fortunately, rubber speed humps are free from such problems. Rubber makes a firm grip and does not let people fall on the road.

If you are a local resident and want a calm traffic flow with no noise, rubber speed humps are for you. These calming speed humps act as noise absorbers and give property owners, drivers, police enforcement, and other road users a noiseless area.

So, after considering all these features, you will happily pay for rubber speed humps to increase livability and get dynamic speed on the roads.

Does speed hump installation take your extra money?

If you want to install speed humps in your locality and are concerned about their installation cost, calm yourself as it does not take much of your budget. There is no doubt that installation requirements vary for different speed humps, but you can take advantage of easy to install guidelines and do it yourself.

You will get the instructions with the speed humps kit and accessories. All you need is to check fixtures, bolts, end caps, screws carefully, according to the speed humps you have bought, and then fix them on the clean road. Remember, you may need to hire a contractor or installation expert to cover a large road area with heavy speed humps.

In addition to speed humps, do not forget to use traffic signals, speed signs, road signs, speed reduction signs, pedestrian signals, speed limit signs, warning signs, and other variable message signs for maximum road safety.

Just be sure to follow right of way rules and traffic laws to prevent unsafe installation. Go for traffic lanes, use traffic control signs, traffic lights and regulatory signs to give traffic direction.

Where to find the best speed humps?

There are multiple options to buy speed humps. In this age of technology, everything is on fingerprints, and you can also order your traffic calming devices sitting anywhere in the world. Just do a little research online, find features prices, and solve other questions.

You can also personally visit suppliers to find the best products and order after complete satisfaction. Their support team gets into the details of your traffic control plan, asks your requirements, and gives suggestions to meet your need.

Whatever route you want to follow, always keep quality your prime concern and then make a final choice.


Speed humps are among the most significant road traffic safety devices that prevent hazardous accidents on uncontrolled intersections, city streets, urban areas, and similar sites.

The traffic volume is reduced with an intelligent transportation system as the raised section of speed humps slow down vehicles. The bumps on the road help in speed reduction of city traffic and ensure highway safety by making it a slow zone. Additionally, the department of transportation ensures pedestrian safety with speed humps, speed tables, traffic cones, rumble strips, traffic barriers, wheel stops, and similar traffic calming measures.


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