Specifications and dimensions of our 900 mm speed humps

Speed hump 900 mm
  • Middle part: 500 mm (20 in)
  • End cap: 250 mm (10 in)
Width 900 mm (35 in)
Height 50 mm (2 in)
Material Plastic-Rubber composite
Packing Plywood skeleton crate
Additional Information
  • Help lower vehicles’ speed to a maximum of 25 mph (40 km/h).
  • Solid speed reduction device for any private traffic control plan: Secure pedestrian crossings or crosswalks in private areas like car parks.
  • Warning: It might be used in public areas or streets in some countries to be approved by city councils or municipalities.
  • It can limit the discomfort to buses, emergency vehicles, motorists or cyclists. If you want traffic control measures to slow down every vehicle, you should be interested in our speed bump range.
  • It is better to set up with a traffic sign, so drivers can slow their speed and anticipate their braking.

Road speed hump 900 mm to improve pedestrians safety by Sino Concept

Necessary road traffic equipment in private areas

Intended to be set up in the middle of the private traffic lane, road humps force road users to pass over it at a reasonable speed of 30 miles per hour (50 km/h).

Indeed, drivers can cross our speed tables at a low speed without any harm or discomfort.

Speed humps or tables are basic to ensure pedestrian safety on private roads or parking areas.

Indeed, the 900 mm (9 cm) traffic speed hump by Sino Concept forces vehicles to slow down their speed but is not as aggressive as standard speed curbs.

To be more specific, our speed humps are an excellent way to reduce the speed:

  • On private driveways and roadways;
  • Near parking lots, hospitals, and private school zones;
  • On residential areas, to be confirmed by local regulations.

And thanks to their built-in interlocking system, our road tables are installed easily and for the length of your choice.

To control that, we provide speed humps with the best quality; We follow some rules:

  • We carry out strict quality control at each step of our manufacturing process;
  • We wisely select raw materials (durable rubber and PVC) to ensure robustness: Our speed humps are soft and durable, unlike concrete or 100% PVC speed bumps.

What to know about Sino Concept’s speed humps?

At Sino Concept, we understand the importance of efficient and economical traffic-slowing solutions. Therefore we want to offer premium-quality Plastic-Rubber composite speed humps at factory-direct prices.

And thanks to their stylish design, our speed ramp will perfectly adapt to any street furniture while lowering car speeds.

That way, the collision risk between cars and pedestrians is reduced. Indeed, slower speeds of cars will cause less damage in case of an impact, for example, on pedestrian crossings.

Good to know, we also manufacture:

  • A wide range of speed bumps to fulfil any private traffic control plan equipment supplies;

Also, our speed humps can withstand frequent vehicle passages and harsh weather and temperature variations.

Therefore, you benefit from buying economical but resistant Plastic-Rubber composite road humps with competitive pricing directly from the manufacturer.

By selecting us as your supplier, you will benefit directly from our speed hump expertise at economical prices.

We provide all our speed humps with the necessary fixing kit. Thus, our road hump can be bolted securely to the ground with standard tools.

Would you like more information on our road speed humps or sales conditions? Then, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you acquire reliable speed-reduction equipment.

What is the difference between a speed hump and a speed cushion?

When comparing speed humps and speed cushions, the advantage of the speed cushions is that emergency and other high-importance vehicles such as buses or ambulances can drive past them without speed bumps slowing effect.

But the main difference is that road humps and speed tables are intended for private road calming when speed cushions are used on public roadways.

However, if speed bumps like one-part speed bumps are used on private roads, speed humps can be authorized in some municipalities, depending on countries’ regulations.

Road tables are also less aggressive for traffic calming than regular speed breakers. The speed hump shape allows cars to pass faster than our parking speed bumps.

Either way, both should be set up with necessary traffic signage such as road signs, parking signs, stop signs, speed control signs, or other regulatory traffic control signs for optimal safety in traffic lanes.

Quality of the 900 mm safety speed humps

Quick installation of our speed humps

Our road traffic humps represent a suitable vehicle slowing method for an outdoor car park.

Are you worried about the lousy odour of road humps or how to install them?

  • We have precisely selected our raw material suppliers to make road humps with almost no odour;
  • Thanks to an integrated locking system, our speed tables are easy to install. You will then benefit from a quick installation with all the provided galvanised hex flange coach screws and plastic anchors.

Are you interested in checking samples of our products before purchasing?

Then please get in touch with us, and we can send you some samples of our speed humps without any costs except the delivery fees.

Optimal safety of the road thanks to speed breakers humps

At Sino Concept, we manufacture Plastic-Rubber composite speed humps with a ridged, non-slip surface to prevent the slipping of motorists or cyclists.

Thanks to the anti-slippery surface, our speed hump is safe to cross with all vehicles.

Indeed, motorcyclists no longer need to avoid speed bumps with a fear of falling.

Our speed humps also have reflective strips, which makes them visible day and night.

This way, the enhanced visibility allows road users to slow down from far before crossing over.

This speed reduction reduces the accidents between pedestrians and vehicles in low-speed slow zones.

Road hump’s quality control in our factories

Are you looking for economical but quality traffic calming measures?

We have been manufacturing speed humps and other speed-reduction equipment in our factories in Qingdao, China, since 2009.

We carry out systematic internal quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Are you selling road or traffic management equipment? Then, you might be interested in our broad offering of car park management equipment and road devices.

Cut the middleman and work directly with the manufacturer.

By working with us, you benefit from flawless and durable speed humps at competitive factory-direct prices.

Why choose Sino Concept’s speed humps?

Would you be interested in our whole range of traffic-calming devices? Did you know that we also manufacture other traffic management products such as:

  • Plastic reflective traffic cones;
  • Wheel stops and rubber dividers for traffic bike lanes;
  • For urban and work zones, metal street furniture (such as steel barriers)?

Take advantage and choose Sino Concept as your supplier of high-quality traffic-calming products with competitive prices.

Did you not yet find suitable road safety devices or parking equipment?

Please contact us for additional information on our speed humps, other traffic calming accessories or complementary equipment such as 5 cm speed bumps or 7 cm speed bumps.

We will be thrilled to assist with your private or public vertical traffic calming measure plans.

Custom-made road humps

To make our traffic speed humps adapt to any needs or private roads, we can manufacture custom-made road humps since we do the whole manufacturing process in-house.

Thus, we can design models according to your requirements:

  • Customise the colours and dimensions;
  • Add a logo;
  • Incorporate a text, and so on.

Do you have special needs regarding our road humps?

Please get in touch with us. We will be delighted to provide further information on our speed control and traffic calming devices.

Speed humps at competitive prices

Are you looking for an inexpensive traffic-calming supply?

As a manufacturer and supplier of temporary traffic equipment and street furniture, we can make you benefit from speed humps at economical prices.

No need for middlemen in the supply chain to get quality traffic control equipment with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Make Sino Concept your direct traffic management products supplier and take profit from low costs.

Having our factories in Qingdao, China, operated by a European team, we can offer understandable, friendly customer service and flawless products at reasonable prices.

For more information on our costs or sales conditions, please get in touch with us.

Transportation and logistics

We have been exporting our speed ramps and humps worldwide since 2009, mainly to Europe and countries such as the USA and Australia.

You don’t have a team to manage all the logistics and transportation?

You do not have to worry. We can handle the delivery for you with over 10 years of experience managing logistics from Qingdao, China, to worldwide.

We pack all our traffic-calming speed curbs into wood pallet collars to ensure that you receive the order in flawless condition.

Are you thinking of requesting products and pricing from us? Please get in touch with us for more information.

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