A comprehensive guide for cable protectors

Are you curious about what is a cable protector? A cable cover is a simple cable management tool that is used to organize cable bundles to create a tidy space. It can prevent cable damage caused by the foot-traffic and vehicular traffic.

There are many names for cable protectors. Some of these names include cable guards, cord covers, cable covers, wire covers, cable ramps, and cable enclosures. They are one of the popular floor cable management solutions that can hide electrical cords of all kinds, such as cat5e wire cable, cat6 cable wire, data cable, electrical cable, power-cable, network cable, coaxial-cable, and HDMI cable.

Keep reading the article to learn everything about cable protectors.


Kinds of cable protectors

There are many types of cable protectors that differ from each other based on their colour, size, design, material, and other features. Some common types of cable covers include:

  • cable protectors at events: It is a kind of outdoor cable cover. It is used to protect all sorts of cables like a control cable, rubber cable, electrical cable, and industrial cable that are used at events.
  • office cable protector: It is a form of internal cable protector. It is designed specifically to keep wires shielded in offices and prevent cable clutter formation.

What roles does a cable cover play?

There are many functions of cable ramps, but the key role of floor cable ramps is to shield wires, cables, and cords from external damage.

Wires can get damaged when carts, vehicles and pedestrians traffic pass over them from time to time. It can cost you a lot to repair these damaged wires. But if you make a one-time investment and buy cable protectors for preventing the damage, you can save your money in the long run.

A floor cable cover can also make an area look neat and clean. You do not have to leave a bundle of cables as it is on the floor when you can use a cable organizer to cover and organize cables. You can sort out different wires by placing them in different channels of cable protectors.

Cable protectors also reduce the hazard of tripping. This way, they create a secure and safe environment for people who often walk on the floor that has floor wires. There are many measures to protect floor cables, including cable ties, cable racks, wire fasteners, cable clips, cable trays, cord tapes, cable hangers, wire clips, and cable jacks.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cable protectors?

Like any other wire management or cord management solution, there are some pros and cons of cable ramps, too.

Some facts about floor cord covers and their pros are:

  • they cover cables and protect them from pedestrian and vehicular damage. This way, they prolong the lifespan of cabling, sleeving, and heat shrink tubing.
  • they can protect cables of almost any kinds and sizes such as Ethernet cable, home cable, security alarm cable, CCTV camera cable, appliance able, heavy-duty cable, nylon-covered cable, data distribution cable, raceway-type cable, braided cable, and custom cable.

Some of the cons of a heavy-duty cable guard or cable protector are:

  • they create noise when traffic passes over them. It can lead to noise pollution.
  • vehicle drivers have to reduce their vehicle’s speed in order to pass over a cable ramp securely. It can cause unnecessary delays.

There are many benefits of cable ramps and only a few disadvantages that show why using them is a good idea.


How to purchase cable covers?

You should know the difference between a high-quality cable enclosure, cable ladder, cable clamp, cable-tie, cable conduit, cable grommet, cable duct, cable tray, and reusable cable wrap to make sure you purchase cable protectors of the right type and quality.

Here is a brief guide for buying cable protectors:

Check the channel size of the cable protector to ensure it matches the size of your cable.

When you want to buy or hire cable protectors, make sure you check their weight-bearing capacity. There are many options for cable ramps. You should get one that can withstand weight according to the traffic volume of the place where you want to install a cable ramp.

Go to purchase cable ramps after checking the reliability of the brand you are interested in. Following are the top cable protectors types based on cable cover brands.


To sum up

If you want to protect cables in your home, office, warehouse, construction place, or any other area, you should use cable protectors as they offer the required protection and security.

There are many advantages of using a cable ramp, including ease of cable protector installation, availability of a wide variety of cable protectors, etc. These advantages make a cable protector a great investment that can give you profit in the long run.

When purchasing cable ramps, make sure you buy the right product. Check different factors such as protector design, style, size, material, quality, and brand before making your purchase.


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