Where to buy sandbags?

Sandbagging can be very effective in helping your lightweight traffic management, traffic control, or stabling construction site signs. They not only hold them firmly but also prevent the pedestrian tripping hazard. Since weather can change anytime, it is better to have sandbags at hand all the time.

If it is your first time purchasing sandbags, you may not know where to get them and end up buying a wrong product from the wrong place.

People interested in buying sandbags at economical rates for long-term use should get them directly from sandbag manufacturers or distributors. However, there are many other places you can consider when buying a sandbag.

In this guide of purchasing sandbags, you will learn about the best places to get sandbags for all your needs.

Where to purchase sandbags?

You can purchase sandbags for flood-control, flood-protection, flood prevention, and traffic sign safety purposes from the following places.

Direct from the sandbag manufacturers

Getting your sand bags directly from their manufacturers is the best choice for people interested in buying sand bags in a bulk amount. There are many benefits of purchasing a sand bag from its manufacturers such as Sino Concept. Some of these benefits are:

  • You get products at below-market rates.
  • You can get your products customised according to your needs.
  • You may find better deals on warranties.
  • You can enjoy expert services that you may not get when purchasing a sandbag from a local store.

E-commerce stores

In this internet era, it is not difficult to find sandbags in online stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc. There is a wide variety of sandbags available on these sites. They vary from each other on the basis of their manufacturers, size, material, and other features.

Since these sites have a wide variety of sandbags, it can be difficult to find heavy duty sandbags for urban flooding, water flooding, and traffic sign protection purposes. It means you will have to invest your time to get your hands on the ideal piece.

Local stores

Many traffic management or flood management local stores in the UK offer sandbags to help people control traffic or create a flood control system. You need to check on the internet which local stores in your area are offering sandbags, and then compare the quality of their sandbags before purchasing them.

If you don’t find a reliable sandbag seller in your area, finding a sandbag provider on the internet might be a better solution. The internet will never disappoint you when finding your ideal sandbag type.

Things to consider when buying a sandbag

Selecting a sandbag randomly is not a good decision. Instead, you should check features of a sandbag and then choose the one that best meets your needs. There are multiple factors that you need to keep in mind when buying a sandbag. Some of these factors are:

Find the purpose of using sandbags

Sandbags are multipurpose tools people use in different ways. You should select a sand bag on the base of the purpose you want to use it. A sandbag used for strength training purposes may not be suitable for preventing damage caused by floodwaters.


Sandbags are manufactured from different materials, including PVC, burlap, and woven polypropylene. Each material has its own characteristics; that is why they give bulk bags unique characteristics.

If you want a waterproof sand sack, choosing PVC might be the right decision. Burlap and woven polypropylene can absorb water and hence damage the material present inside the bag.


Sandbags are created in different sizes to give buyers multiple options to choose from. You should consider the size of the foot of the traffic signs before selecting the size of the sandbag. If the traffic sign is heavier and has a bigger foot, it is wiser to choose a heavy or large-sized sandbag.

Additional features

Consider other features of sandbags as well. For instance, you should check the stitching quality and colour. A dark-coloured sandbag will be more visible to pedestrians, helping them avoid collisions with the traffic sign. Similarly, a double-stitched sandbag is more reliable compared to a single stitched one.

How much does a sandbag cost?

There is no hard and fast rule for the price of a sandbag as the cost is governed by many different factors, including manufacturer, material type, quality, size, sandbag type, etc. Let’s see how different factors influence the cost of a sandbag.


A larger sandbag is stitched using more fabric/material; that is why it is generally more costly than a smaller sandbag.


Different materials have different costs depending on their quality and features. Woven polypropylene is usually more expensive than burlap. PVC is economical yet beneficial. PVC sandbags can be used again and again over the years, helping you save money in the long run.


The quality of a sandbag varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A high-quality sandbag may be costlier than a low-quality sandbag. But, that is not always true. Therefore, you should first check customer reviews on the manufacturers’ websites before selecting a sandbag.

Filled vs empty

A filled sandbag is more expensive compared to an empty one. It is also challenging to move around, and you may have to pay a higher transportation fee when moving this kind of sandbag from one place to the other.

Where can people use sandbags?

People use sandbags for many different purposes. Some common uses of sandbags include:

  • To hold down traffic and construction site signs that can quickly move or fall down due to high-wind or storms.
  • To gain strength during sandbag training.
  • For erosion control or to avoid soil erosion in areas that experience excessive rainfall or heavy rain.
  • To divert the direction of stormwater and flood water towards storm drains with the help of flood walls, flood barriers, or flood defences.
  • Bags of sand are used in flood zones as a flood gate or flood barrier by the federal emergency management agency.
  • You can deploy a bulk bag in flood-prone areas to prevent flood damage caused by coastal flooding and flash flooding. National flood or national weather service providers give people flood information and inform them about the high-risk of rising tides or storm surges.
  • Big-bags are also used as ballast on a roadway or street for traffic control purposes.
  • Different companies participating in the national flood insurance program may provide a bag of sand when the water-level becomes high in dams or around levees.


You can purchase a reusable big-bag or sandbag from different places, including sandbag manufacturing companies, online stores, local stores, etc. The key benefit of buying it from manufacturers is that you get the product at below-market rates.

It is essential to buy the right kind of sandbag if you want to enjoy its multiple benefits. Buying the wrong sandbag will cost you time, money, effort, and energy.

Look at different properties of sandbags, including their colour, size, material, quality, and manufacturer, before you invest in them. Choose a bright coloured PVC sandbag, so that pedestrians can view it while passing around it. PVC material does not absorb water. Therefore, it will also help you keep the material present inside the sandbag intact and water-free.


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