Get to know the Jaybro sandbags

There are many sand bag manufacturers available in the market, making it challenging for the buyer to select one.

Jaybro is one of the top suppliers in New Zealand and Australia. From handling tools to underground utilities, you can find several products on the Jaybro website. In addition to offering other products, it also supplies a wide variety of bags of sand, so that customers can buy the one that best meets their needs.

If you are interested in purchasing Jaybro sandbags, keep reading the article to learn the features of these sand bags and determine whether you should invest in them or not.

Jaybro sandbags features

The main features of the Jaybro sandbag are:

  • They come in both filled and unfilled forms, so you can find what you think is perfect according to your needs.
  • They are made up of two different tough materials – hessian and heavy duty polyester.
  • You can purchase them in a set of 100 bags.
  • The size of all kinds of Jaybro bags is 830mm x 340mm.
  • They come with a stitched-on-tie, which helps the user close bag mouth easily.
  • Their leak-proof stitching allows this bag of sand to be used for multiple purposes.

Tips to know

If you plan to use sandbags for a long time period, it is better to buy a synthetic and unfilled bag of sand. This will make it easier for you to fold and store the bag in a small storage space for future use.

Aside from holding traffic signs, bulk bags can be used for erosion control, flood-control, flood-protection, sandbag training, fire-station fencing, flood prevention, stormwater management, sediment control, soil reinforcement, strength-training, and functional fitness. Therefore, find your purpose for using a sand sack before purchasing it.

Try not to use substitute bags like a polyester feed bag, timber sand box, tensile duffel-bag, polyethylene potting bag, and woven polypropylene weed bag for sandbagging. Even though they are made up of the same material, they can cause handling and stacking issues.

What should be filled inside a sand bag?

An empty sandbag for floodplain, parkway, roadway, driveway, landfill, or garage gym can be filled with a variety of filler materials depending on what it is going to be used for.The most popular material is sand, topsoil, gravel mixed with sand, and similar material. Some people may also use garbage or debris containing vegetation, timber, cypress, etc., depending on their needs.You can fill these bags either with a shovel or with an ultimate sandbag filling machine sold by Jaybro. Filling the bag yourself will help you save money, while filling it with a machine will help you save time.

Should you purchase sand bags?

There are many benefits and uses of non-woven sandbags. Therefore, you should certainly purchase it if you want to use it for any of the following purposes.

  • To redirect wastewater, flash-flood water, and storm-water from the wetlands towards storm drains or drainage sewers.
  • To perform core training, resistance-training, strength coach training, and functional training exercises to burn fat, gain brute strength, improve core-strength, or lose bodyweight.
  • To support traffic or construction signs as ballast or heavy material.
  • For the management of soil erosion in areas that experience frequent rains, storms, and floods.


The public works department uses nonwoven sandbags around a traffic sign, silt fence, flooded playground, dam, etc., to provide people safety during a rainy or stormy season.

Jaybro sandbags are manufactured of different materials. You should select the one that matches your needs well. Their sandbags are easy to use and handle. They come in filled as well as unfilled forms.

If you need a sandbag for temporary purposes, you should go for the filled bag. On the other hand, if you want to use the sandbag for a longer duration, it is better to select an unfilled sandbag.


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