Top 4 parking curbs used for car park management!

If you’re a municipal officer, you must have observed that the rampant rise in transportation services calls out for organized car park management. Although car park management is essential for a state, securing all the parking zones is equally important.

Whether storefronts or commercial streets, motorists usually park their vehicles inaccurately, raising the chances of collision and accidents. Although parking-related damages can cause catastrophic damage, there is one effective tool to overcome it.

The one effective tool is none other than parking curbs. Wondering what they are, how will they help in car park management, or how to choose parking curbs locations? Let’s dig up their details and scrutinize the top wheel stops for regulating parking facilities.


Types of parking curbs

There is no perfect wheel stop for your parking lot. Parking curbs differ greatly in terms of their material composition, sizes, lengths, and colour. Therefore, what works for one vehicle type or surface might not work for the other. Hence, you must decide which one of the following types of wheel stops will suit your driveway. Here are the types:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Concrete
  • Steel

Rubber, undoubtedly, is a great material for wheel stops. Adaptable on any surface and durable, you can manage entire public parking lots with these rubber wheel stops. You can usually get them in red and white colour, but they are also available in blue, perfect for facilitating handicapped parking.

Plastic is another popular material to facilitate oversized vehicles such as buses and shuttles in parking zones. Some of its versions, such as polyurethane, are known for exceptional strength, preventing your vehicles from hitting any curbs, pavement, or even pedestrians. Furthermore, you can get it in any colour you like, even white and blue, which are especially for disabled individuals.

Concrete is the sole material that is found in any niche of construction. Be it road construction to buildings; it’s rooted everywhere. You can even use this traditional material to create sturdy wheel stops, which will literally lock your vehicle’s tires from moving forward. Due to their porous properties, they are more suitable for indoors, especially in garages.

Not commonly seen, but steel wheel stops are tough tools for parking spaces. Mostly, they act like concrete in terms of strength, but they are usually more durable. You can even galvanise and paint them with reflective markings, allowing motorists to spot them easier.

Hang on; there’s still one material left, i.e., wood wheel stops. However, it’s not quite popular and usually quite unheard of. Still, wood logs boast a durable way to protect vehicles in parking lots. Due to their nature, they appear more suitable in rural areas.

Till now, you must have a clear picture of different parking curbs. But there’s still something left, i.e., sizes of wheel stops. You can choose sizes from several unique options, which are as follows:

  • The standard size of 1,200 mm
  • Short version of 550 mm
  • Longer version of 1,830 mm

When choosing sizes for wheel stops, it all boils down to motor vehicles. If the area will have huge heavy-duty vehicles, it’s better to go for two short versions for each vehicle’s tires. On the other hand, a long version will suit standard vehicles.

Parking curbs for car park management

Car park management requires detailing and enforcement tools for successful execution. Before you decide upon parking structures in a particular place, you must consider several factors, including:

  • Vehicle types
  • Parking capacity
  • Traffic volume
  • Police enforcement

When deciding the best parking curb for a particular location, you must consider the type of vehicles that will come there. If it’s a regular commercial street, there are probable chances that either bicyclists or motor vehicles will have more visits. Hence, parking zones dedicated to cars parking will be much preferable. The standard rubber wheel stops would work the best for these parking lots because they’ll not wear out soon. On the other hand, if it’s a pub or diner, motorcycles will be the most spotted, requiring a motorcycle parking facility. Motorcyclists can easily spot any type of wheel stop; therefore, even concrete wheel stops will work.

If the place is highly commercial and is a market, there will likely be numerous visitors with different vehicle types. Therefore, you will need a big parking facility to cater to all the visitors, which may increase the chances of parking-related accidents. For countering such incidents, installing standard rubber or steel wheel stops will avoid damages in parking lots. On the other hand, if the place is quiet and is a residential area, a smaller parking area with parking garages will work the best. Since most vehicles in residential areas will be parked in garages, concrete wheel stops will be suitable.Imagine a place with jam-packed traffic and vehicles parking on curbs and illegal parking spots. In such circumstances, a separate parking spot will increase the space on roads, allowing the traffic to clear much faster.

You have increased the parking capacity and provided the best parking options for locations. Now, what else would you need to ensure efficient car park management? Traffic enforcement on lanes will ensure that vehicles drive as per the rules and park cautiously. Furthermore, issuing parking charges and fines will discourage drivers from driving carelessly, reducing chances for parking violations.


Parking curbs for different locations

So far, you have seen what a managed car parking system will look like. However, it differs from location types. Whether it’s airport parking or campus parking, the parking curbs suitable for each location will be different. Here are some best parking curbs effective for different locations:

  • Airport parking: Thousands of people are found at the airport daily. Hence, it’s a place that requires massive parking spots. Indeed, you can find parallel parking systems in airports, providing organized parking for visitors. However, rubber parking curbs are usually installed to avoid vehicles hitting.
  • Offices: If you’re the owner of a big company, you must be vigilant about your employee’s rights, or else there can be lawsuits. Employee parking facility is necessary to ensure protection for their vehicles and give them a reserved parking spot.
  • Campus: University campuses are another place where thousands of people gather. Hence, campus parking safety is also an issue. Therefore, creating protected curbs with rubber or concrete will keep students and faculty vehicles safe.
  • Loading dock: There are heavy-duty vehicles such as forklifts and trailers in docks, which require good precision while parking. Installing heavy-duty plastic wheel stops can enable drivers to park their vehicles without causing any damage.
  • Garages: If there’s one treasured space for car safety, it’s the garage. Most homeowners have one, and parking garages create a designated parking space for motor vehicles. Furthermore, if you want a secured driveway, a concrete wheel stop is what you need.

Alternative tools to wheel stops

There is no doubt that wheel stops are extremely beneficial. However, they cannot work alone. Therefore, there are some other necessary tools to increase parking security and reduce accidents. Here are some of them:

  • Issuing parking permits and tickets will disable the overcrowding of a particular parking facility. Hence, if a particular area is meant for residential parking, permits will cater to the residents of the specific area.
  • Installing curbs, bollards, parking signs, and speed limit signs will help drivers learn about the parking zones ahead. In this way, they will be more careful and will prevent accidents at all costs.
  • There should be an indication of clear parking rules and regulations, and if any motorist doesn’t abide by them, parking charges can be used to discourage them.


If you’re a state officer, employer, store owner, or even an event manager, ensuring effective car park management will increase traffic safety and create an organized parking structure. Even if you are a homeowner, you can play your part by managing your own car park first by securing your driveways.

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