Get to know rubber wheel stops for garage!

No home is complete without a garage or a driveway. They are an important part of a home’s structure because it’s the only place your vehicle is untouched and will be kept safe from theft or collision.

However, have you ever hit your car with your garage’s curb while parking them? Or are you scared that you would hit your vehicle due to limited space in your garage?

If these things are bothering you, then there’s one tool for which transportation engineers deserve credit.

The Rubber Wheel Stops! According to the parking curbs locations, the wheel stop will obstruct your car wheel and the obstacles, preventing any collision and harm to your vehicle.

Read along and learn all you need to know about protecting your treasured possession: your vehicle.

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A black rubber parking block with yellow reflective films used for parking management.

Are rubber wheel stops suitable for garages?

Not only rubber wheel stops are suitable for the garage, but they can work well in any place. Here are some of the features that make them an impeccable option:

  • They are made from recycled rubber wheels, making them environmentally friendly and kind to nature.
  • Rubbers go through vulcanization, making them stronger and harder to deform. These rubber wheel stops will withstand any load no matter what type of vehicle hits them.
  • If you have a rough surface on your garage floor, don’t worry. Rubber wheel stops are highly adaptable and will fit on any surface.
  • You can get them in reflective colour, making them visible even in dark surroundings. On the other hand, they are available in blue and white for handicapped parking spaces.
  • They are lightweight, and installation is simple. You can install them with a hammer and several bolts within no time.

The above features make rubber wheel stops great protection for any parking lot. Rubber wheel stops are a good option even for garage parking because they will last long.

Furthermore, they will increase the appeal of your driveway, complementing your overall home’s exterior.

When choosing rubber wheel stops for your garage, you should consider the number of vehicles you park there. Secondly, check whether a long 1,000 mm wheel stop or two small wheel stops would suit your vehicle.

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      Installing them in your garages will create a designated parking space for your vehicle. Furthermore, rubber wheel stops will complete your driveways and indicate that the area is reserved for you.

      Black and yellow parking kerbs used to stop cars when parking.

      Other wheel stops for garages

      Besides rubber, several other materials are available for parking options.

      Some of the most notable include:

      • Concrete
      • Recycled plastic

      Concrete wheel stops have been around for quite a while now. Most companies strengthen these concrete slabs with reinforced bars to withstand any collision impact.

      They are even perfect for garages because indoor installation of concrete slabs will ensure they will last a long time.

      Concrete has a permeable structure with porous openings, making it susceptible to snow and rain. Concrete slabs will break if they are exposed to outside elements for a long time.

      Hence, indoors will protect them from outside damage and ensure their durability.

      On the other hand, plastic is another useful material to create a strong version of wheel stops.

      Polyurethane and polypropylene will create a strong version of wheel stops that can withstand the weight of heavy-duty emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, and police vans. Since they are strong, you can also use them for your garage.

      Plastic wheel stops have considerable strength and long-lasting life, making them a perfect tool to create the reserved parking lot you’ve dreamed of.

      You can even purchase them in colour markings suitable for handicapped people, facilitating disabled parking. Some have a reflector igniting in dark surroundings, making spot wheel stops easier.

      Concrete and recycled plastic raw material.

      Wheel stops for other locations

      Look around you! Garages are not the only place for parking vehicles, but parking spots are indispensable in any place. Be it a storefront for public parking or sidewalks on a roadway, a parking lot is required in any place with high traffic volume.

      Due to their increased demand, wheel stops are important for traffic and pedestrian safety. Here are some places where you can find wheel stops.

      • Airports are where thousands of people flock daily to either welcome their loved ones or see them off. There are heavy parking zones with parallel parking systems to cater for these individuals.
        Due to the influx of vehicles, rubber or steel wheel stops will protect these vehicles from any collision. Such wheel stops will be durable and will not wear out soon.
      • Another commonplace for parking zones is storefronts and supermarkets.
        If superstores don’t have ample space for vehicle parking, there will be roadblocks and concerns over traffic safety.
        Therefore, wheel stops are common in supermarkets to protect vehicles in parking lots.
      • Many might be unaware, but wheel stops are crucial in a loading dock. There are huge trailers for transportation, and it’s difficult for a driver to park accurately.
        Hence, wheel stops can enable drivers to reverse their vehicles and park them securely without any worries.
        Plastic wheel stops are preferable because vehicles operating in loading docks are heavy-duty, such as buses, forklifts, and trailers.
        Using plastic wheel chocks will withstand the heavy weight of these vehicles and allow them to park safely.
      • One area untouched till now is related to public parking. No matter the type of commercial street, there should be street parking facilities for all visitors.
        These parking spots reduce traffic problems and provide a safe way for motorists to park their vehicles. Since they are widespread, wheel stops can work in these places to reduce parking accidents.
      Black and yellow wheel stops used to stop vehicles when parking.

      Alternative tools for parking spots

      Wheel stops are great for parking mishaps. But they are not the only way to create safety in parking spots.

      Here are some alternative traffic control devices that many authorities implement to counter parking damages:

      • Using signages on a roadway or parking centre, such as stop signs, parking signs, and speed limits will encourage motorists to slow down and drive cautiously.
      • Using traffic cones and bollards as indicators will signal a driver about a parking zone, and they will get vigilant while parking.
      • Police enforcement should issue parking permits for parking regulation. Plus, illegal driving behaviours such as speeding must be dealt with fines and regulatory actions.


      Wheel stops are a blessing that can reduce unwanted fatal accidents, roadblocks, and traffic disruption. Are you excited to personalize your driveway and increase your home’s appeal? Or you bought a new zero-meter vehicle and want it to be scratchless in your garage?

      In either situation, you must install wheel stops to safeguard your vehicles.

      Furthermore, you can install it for other locations, such as your office and business venue, to create a secured employee parking facility.

      Are you wondering where you can get high-quality wheel stops that won’t cause wear and tear to your vehicle?

      Look no further because Sino Concept has got you covered. We have rubber wheel stops made from high-quality rubber and available in several colours.

      You can even customize it to facilitate handicapped parking. We have wheel stops and other traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, speed humps, speed cushions, and ramps to give you complete protection. Visit our website to check our products.



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