Hoop Barriers & Lamp Post Protectors

We at Sino Concept offer you sturdy hoop barriers and lamp post protectors made of mild steel with a hot-dip galvanized finish treatment for car park safety management. They will protect your lamp posts against vehicular impacts and keep them looking great for years.

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Where to use our pole protectors?

Lamp post protectors or pole protectors can be used anywhere lamp posts are installed, for example:

  • On lamp posts in public parks and slow zone pedestrian areas.
  • Along roads and busy parking areas.
  • Around lamp post lights along driveways, pathways, walkways and private roads.
  • On lamp posts in residential areas.
  • Anywhere that lamp posts or fire hydrants may require additional protection.

If your work is related to outdoor lighting, motion-sensor bulbs, landscape lights or wall lights, then our pole protectors could be an ideal addition to your product range.

Do you need advice on where to use our lightning column protection barriers? Please contact our team of experts today; We are happy to help.

Why use lamp post protectors or impact protection barriers?

There are several reasons why using lamp post protectors is essential:

  • To keep lamp posts in good condition and prevent vehicular traffic damage.
  • To increase the lifespan of lamp posts.
  • To improve lamp post safety.
  • To offer lamp post protection without compromising on aesthetics.

If you are looking for lamp post protectors that offer all of the above at attractive prices (no VAT incl.), then we at Sino Concept are the right manufacturer.

Does your product range include glass panels, outdoor LED systems, lighting fixtures, security lights, or walkway lantern lamps?

Then our lamp post protectors could be a perfect complement to your existing products!

What are the benefits of using steel column protectors by Sino Concept?

There are many reasons why our clients choose our Sino Concept galvanised mild steel column protectors:

  • Hot-dip galvanisation for increased durability and rust resistance.
  • RAL-powder coating in any colour (optional).
  • All of our products are made according to international quality standards.
  • Our steel column barriers offer great value for money.
  • We are a direct manufacturer, which means we can offer competitive prices.
  • We have a team of experts who are always happy to help.


Discover below the different types of hoop barriers & lamp post protectors we manufacture at Sino Concept:


Do you sell stainless steel parking bollards, security barriers, anti-slip mats, car park mirrors, or anti-collision systems?

Excellent, then we might be made to work together. Please contact our Sino Concept team to acquire your pole protectors at factory-direct prices.

Worldwide Lamp Protector Delivery Available

Thanks to our strategic cooperation with logistic companies, we can ship our pole protectors worldwide. We have clients, especially in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

So whether you are from the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway or Poland – just lay back, and we can arrange the protection barrier transportation without any additional administrative fees.

Are you familiar with anti-slip matting or equipment such as Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops, cycle hoop racks, or standard floor bike racks?

Then our urban street furniture and car park range may also interest you.

Also, our careful packing ensures that the goods arrive at your destination in excellent condition. Please contact us today for further information on our packing ways or delivery conditions!

Weatherproof and Impact Resistant Pole Protector Quality

When choosing the most durable and weather-resistant materials, we only use high-quality mild steel, hot-dip galvanised after manufacturing to produce our protector hoops and lamp post protectors.

This surface treatment increases our products’ rust resistance and lifespan, which is especially important for outdoor use.

And to ensure that our products are of the finest and most stable quality, we carry out constant quality checks at our factories before shipment of the goods.

Do you want to purchase our lamp post protectors or other products at the factory-direct prices? We also offer bike racks, cycle rack hoops, safety bollards, Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops, speed control devices, and fluorescent film delineator panels.

Please check our catalogue page or contact our team for further information to view our complete product selection.

Custom Impact Protection Barriers Available

We understand that each client has different needs and requirements regarding steel column barriers or lamp post protectors. That is why we offer customisation options for our products.

Our impact protection barrier customisation options:

  • RAL-powder-coated colour of your choice.
  • Logo or company name laser cut into the steel.
  • Bespoke dimensions (height, thickness, length, width)
  • Finishes: Hot-dip galvanisation of mild steel or zinc coating.

We might be made to work together if you specialize in hanging lights, outdoor lighting, lampposts, light posts, gardening lightning or solar-panel services.

Do you have another customisation idea in mind? Our team of experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

Indeed, please contact us today for more information on our products or services.

Protect your electric charging stations with our hoop barriers

The number of public charging stations for electric vehicles is growing every year in our cities, as electric vehicles become more popular. However, these stations are vulnerable and exposed to accidental shocks, especially from vehicles.

To protect these infrastructures, which are essential for the development of electric mobility, more and more local authorities are installing protective hoops around electric charging stations. These sturdy structures, usually made of galvanized steel or concrete, completely surround the station on all sides.

Thanks to their wrapping design, the hoops provide an effective barrier against collisions, even at low speeds. In case of accidental impact from a vehicle during manoeuvres or when leaving the car park, they cushion the shock and prevent any material damage to the charging equipment.

This enhanced protection significantly extends the lifespan of the stations, which would otherwise be subject to significant risks of premature deterioration. It also avoids costly repairs and ensures the availability of charging points in the long term.

For users, these safety hoops ensure the proper functioning and integrity of the infrastructure. They offer peace of mind about the durability and reliability of the charging service in the city.

How to install our crash & impact protection barriers?

Our anti-crash protection barriers are embedded directly on the ground surface for the best stability. It can be installed on different terrain types, including:

  • Asphalt,
  • Concrete,
  • Tarmac.

Are you a street furniture wholesaler or manufacturer specialising in garden lights, pole lights, anti-corrosion bollards, ceiling lights, cabinet lights, step lights or street lamp systems?

Then our lamp post protectors might be an interesting product for you to sell in your store!

Moreover, we recommend contacting local road work specialists and/or a qualified engineer to install the product to ensure the best stability of our protective barriers. Also, for further advice on installing our round lamp post protectors – please contact our helpful Sino Concept team today!