Wheel stops and parking blocks

Wheel stops, also known as parking blocks, tyre stoppers or parking curbs, are the best to help road users to stop their vehicles at the correct place when parking. Indeed, wheel stops, as a car park safety equipment, have the purpose to prevent collision accidents and damages between cars, pedestrians, sidewalks, high curbs and buildings.

We manufacture our tyre stoppers from vulcanised rubber to ensure durable parking blocks that are also weatherproof. And thanks to the low rubber odour, they can also be used for any indoor applications such as warehouses, parking or factory facilities.

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Why choose Sino Concept’s parking blocks made with rubber instead of concrete or PVC wheel stops?

Rubber parking stops are the winning choice for sustainable and optimal safety parking. If you are looking for quality wheel stops at low costs for the following reasons:

  • Moulded rubber wheel stops require minor maintenance.
  • They are weatherproof and also look the best.
  • The fewer damage to vehicles compared to concrete or PVC tyre stoppers.
  • Rubber can be recycled, whereas concrete parking curbs cannot.

As you can see above, we manufacture and supply a wide range of wheel stops and parking blocks, including:

Discover our wheel stops guide to help you make the right choice. Regulation, dimensions, and brands, you will know everything about that Parking Equipment Accessory!

If you need another dimension of wheel stop or traffic control device, don’t hesitate to contact us. Indeed, we at Sino Concept are delighted to offer various custom-made options, including modifying colour, dimensions, and reflective strips.

What about concrete or plastic parking blocks?

They are heavier than rubber ones and always require more work to install when compared to rubber or plastic wheel stops. Also, concrete wheel stops are only available in one (grey) colour or painted afterwards.

In contrast, rubber parking curbs are available in various colours with reflective strips, making the parking layout more user-friendly and ideal for parking area safety.

Besides, plastic and concrete parking blocks are more fragile to break down than rubber parking curbs.

So their only advantage is the low unit price, which you can also have by making Sino Concept your direct manufacturer.

Is your business related to wheel chocks, parking services, traffic signs, street parking, garage parking, parking meters, signposts, and parking options?

In that case, we are sure you would benefit from adding our rubber parking wheel stops to your vehicles’ parking equipment supplies.

Premium quality for wheels stops and parking safety

Superior quality rubber wheel stops

Our priority at Sino Concept is to supply you with durable, easy-to-install parking blocks at low factory-direct prices.

Indeed, we carefully select the raw materials and do constant quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure you receive top-quality parking wheel stops.

Our parking blocks are anti-UV and weatherproof. And thanks to the vulcanised rubber, our tyre stoppers can withstand frequent impacts of vehicles, including forklifts and heavy goods vehicles (HGV).

That’s why they can be installed in any car park or public parking lot to increase the safety of parking areas.

Are you a car park owner, and do you have a big parking capacity that needs equipment to ensure safety? Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote; as a direct manufacturer, we are used to working with car park equipment wholesalers.

Easy-to-install vulcanised rubber parking curbs

Thanks to their lightweight and integrated carrying handles, our rubber parking stops are conveniently installed in the desired parking area.

Also, we provide fixings kits with our wheel stops to ensure a secure installation onto different surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.

That makes our wheel stops a convenient way to improve the safety of any car park setting, like any product of our speed-bump range.

For further information about parking blocks’ installation, feel free to ask!

You can also ask for parking information and regulations from councils that recommend increasing safety or improving accessibility in your parking structure.

High-visibility wheel stops to increase traffic safety

Are you worried that pedestrians could fall over the speed stops? No worries: To allow the high visibility of our wheel stops, we stick reflective strip films on the sides.

This way, our parking blocks are easily noticed, and road users enjoy smoother and safer conditions at any car parking area.

In addition, reserved or special parking spaces can be marked with different colour wheel stops such as blue or yellow.

Don’t hesitate to get recommendations from local authorities to know more about colours’ rules for handicapped parking spaces, for example.

For full pedestrian safety, don’t hesitate to ask free sample from us (delivery fees not included) of a speed bump, a cable protector or any bollard since they can be implemented near any parking facility.

Protect your charging stations with our wheel stops

Charging infrastructures for electric vehicles are rapidly expanding in public spaces such as parking lots. However, these charging points are still exposed to the risk of collision with moving vehicles.

To enhance their protection, some local authorities are putting wheel stops around charging points. Solidly fixed in the ground, these stops clearly mark the parking space.

In case of a collision, even at low speed, the bumpers effectively cushion the impact and maintain the integrity of the charging equipment. This protective measure significantly prolongs the service life of the charging station.

They also avoid expensive repairs and ensure long-term service availability. In this way, they protect public investment in recharging infrastructure.

For drivers, these protected charging stations provide a safer, more reliable charging experience. Stops also help electric vehicle owners to identify equipped parking spaces.

By securing their equipment over the long term, towns and local authorities can play an effective role in the development of electric mobility in their area. Protective bumpers and bollards are thus key partners in this energy transition.

More information about Sino Concept’s rubber parking blocks

Where to use rubber parking blocks or parking stops?

Are you looking for suitable tyre stoppers for private and public parking places? Our wheel stoppers are best used in any car park, indoors and outdoors.

They are perfect for increasing safety in parking facilities, warehouses, factories, parking halls, parking spots, industrial facilities, parking garages and parking lots.

Moreover, our parking stops are UV and oil-resistant, so there are no worries about the colour that could fade away under the sunlight.

Also, parking stops are intended to help trucks or buses park, especially backward, as truck drivers can have limited perceptibility. This way, they feel when they hit the wheel stop and know the correct place to park.

Lower parking curbs are also ideal for residential or commercial car parks, where standard vehicles can hit their bumpers into the wheel stop.

If you are unsure which type of parking curbs to choose, we at Sino Concept will be happy to assist you.

Advantages when acquiring parking lot supplies from Sino Concept

You can conveniently purchase products from different categories at factory-direct prices as we manufacture parking space equipment, traffic control devices, and traffic calming products.

For example, when buying car wheel stops, you can add traffic management equipment such as speed bumps, bright orange safety cones, speed cushions, light-duty traffic cones, speed humps, heavy-duty cable ramps, or cycle racks into the order container.

Adding products from various categories can reduce the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and decrease transportation costs.

Besides, we at Sino Concept safely handle the delivery to your destination while respecting transportation time deadlines.

Make accessible parking facilities as good as possible, and don’t hesitate to ask us for any advice you need regarding parking spot equipment and parking space management.

Custom-made tyre stopper options and low costs

Are you looking for a specific wheel stopper model that we do not have in our product range or requires minor adjustments?

Excellent – in that case, we, as a direct manufacturer, can offer various customisation possibilities.

For example, choose different colours, dimensions, and materials or add your logo to the vehicle stopper.

And because we produce parking stop supplies directly in our factory, we benefit from superior quality wheel stops at competitive prices.

Working with us allows purchasing parking curbs among the lowest prices on the market without compromising quality.

Please contact us for further information about our car park wheel stops, prices or sales conditions.