Speed bumps and speed humps

Speed bumps and humps are essential private traffic calming measures to slow down vehicles in low-speed residential areas. We designed our road bumps and humps to be installed on parking areas and roads to reduce drivers’ speeds and improve pedestrians’ safety.

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Speed bumps & humps by Sino Concept

We have manufactured speed bumps and humps since 2009. That’s why we can understand the importance of high-quality traffic management.

It is indeed a necessary piece of equipment to decrease accidents and ensure road safety. Because we offer a wide range of car park accessories, we sure have the right solution for your traffic and private car park management projects.

Are you looking for speed bump suppliers? Then you are at the right place. Choose Sino Concept and have the benefit of buying road ramps with attractive prices directly from a manufacturer. Our wide selection of sleeping policemen:

  • Default colour: Black and yellow.
  • Customisation of the colour and dimensions available.

We manufacture our road ramps with a mix of recycled rubber and PVC (Plastic-Rubber composite). This way, they are resistant to harsh weather and frequent vehicle flows.

Originally coloured in yellow and black, our speed curbs are placed on private roads and car park zones.

Indeed, the black and yellow speed ramp is the most popular in the market, especially in Western Europe in countries like the UK, France, Germany, and Poland. White and black are used in Northern Europe, like in Denmark or Sweden.

Would you like to purchase speed ramps directly from the manufacturer? Contact us for further information: Our expert private road calming and car park equipment team will be happy to help.

For any request regarding customising colours or dimensions, feel free to contact us directly.

Odourless Plastic-Rubber composite sleeping policeman

Are you afraid of a lousy rubber or plastic odour? You do not have to worry because we at Sino Concept take this matter very seriously. Indeed, we strictly select our raw materials to ensure our sleeping policemen will not have any inconvenient smell.

Because they are made from Plastic-Rubber composite material, our curbs will still have some odour without being too intense or uncomfortable.

Choose Sino Concept and benefit from parking and traffic management equipment that will not have any inconvenient smell. Are you interested in testing the rubber or plastic odour before making any purchasing decision?

Or are you interested in knowing more about our prices? Feel free to contact our team for product samples or inquiries regarding road equipment.

To help you make the right choice, we have prepared some purchasing guides with a lot of information. Regulation, dimensions, and brands, you will know everything about that Parking Equipment Accessory!

Which speed bumps & humps to choose for car park areas or private roads?

We offer different types of speed-reducing equipment, such as speed cushions and cycle lane dividers. We have more than ten years of experience manufacturing speed humps and bumps in our factories in Qingdao, China.

During these years, we have learned the market expectations regarding road management. Therefore, we manufacture five models of speed bumps to meet your needs.

Unlike speed cushions and tables, speed ramps cover the entire width of the street. Indeed, they will make emergency and other high-importance vehicles slow down to avoid being impacted by the discomfort of the sleeping policeman.

On the contrary, road devices such as Berlin or UK speed cushions will allow emergency vehicles and public transportation such as school buses to pass easily. Thanks to the cushion’s width, it will not cover the entire traffic lane.

Speed cushions and sleeping policemen have much in common, the only difference being that road humps and bumps are installed on:

  • Private pedestrian zones;
  • Private driveways;
  • Car park facilities.

On the other hand, speed tables and cushions are for public areas, like streets. They may be installed with a speed bump traffic sign so drivers can anticipate braking.

Would you be interested in discovering more about our road cushions range? We offer different road tables according to the UK, Belgium and Europe regulations.

And if you looking for a custom-made speed hump model, please contact us. Our energetic team will happily find the traffic calming measures that match your needs.

Do you have any questions regarding the road ramp type that would be the most suitable for your purpose? Because we have experience in vertical traffic measures, we can help and assist you.

Our priority is finding the right solutions to meet your traffic and car park product expectations.

However, we would recommend getting familiar with the local authorities to gain more information, for example, about the speed bump UK regulations and local speed hump design standards.

Different types of car speed bumps and road humps

Speed bump dimensions 5 cm and 7 cm & Speed hump dimensions 600 mm and 900 mm

Our 5 cm and 7 cm height speed breakers are perfect for use on private driveways, car parks, hospital entrances, shopping centres, or gas stations. Thanks to the height, the vehicle speed is limited to:

  • 6 miles per hour (10 km/h) for the 7 cm;
  • 12 mph (20 km/h) for the 5 cm height speed ramp.

A speed hump is rather a great solution to calm down traffic in private zones. The higher shape of our speed humps forces vehicles to slow down traffic on roadways with higher speed limits.

Indeed, our speed table models of 600 mm and 900 mm height dimensions are used to calm the traffic to reasonable speeds of 20 mph (30 km/h) to 30 mph (50 km/h).

Are you a retailer of traffic safety products such as traffic cones, traffic control lights or steel parking bollards?

Or are you a manufacturer or supplier of road signs, pavement markings, parking signs or traffic signage?

Either way, if you want to fulfil your product selection with our traffic calming devices, then feel free to contact us and have the benefit of buying directly from a factory. Besides, we also manufacture wheel stops and bike racks.

Modular speed bump (one-part speed ramp) to reduce the speed on private roads and areas

Are you looking for a manufacturer of traffic control devices for efficient speed reduction? Installed with traffic signals and speed limit signs, our modular speed ramp (one-part speed bump) is an excellent way to tackle speeding issues.

Thanks to its one-part design, it allows a quick installation in private slow zone areas. Besides, our modular speed ramp middle section has an underlying channel to get cable protection.

Important: The end-cap part of our one-part speed bump does not have a channel.

Our one-part speed bump is one of the most excellent traffic calming and speed control techniques to ensure pedestrian safety. And as a cherry on the cake, it can also be used as a cable ramp.

So choose wisely: Select Sino Concept as your speed bump supplier and take a competitive advantage with quality road bumps at factory-direct prices.

Indeed, our one-part safety speed ramp is resistant to frequent vehicle crossings, such as motorcycles or heavyweight trucks.

Contact us for further information about our modular traffic calming curbs or sales conditions. We will be delighted to give assistance.

Traffic calming speed ramps and road humps by Sino Concept

The built-in connection system of our speed bumps saves much time when fixing the speed ramp parts to the ground. And thanks to this interlocking system, speed ramp middle sections and end-caps stay aligned for years after the installation.

Would you like to check out the quality of our car park accessories?

Then, feel free to ask for a product sample of a speed hump or ramp. You will be able to see the quality & simplicity of installing speed breakers in action by yourself.

Traffic safety secured by speed bumps

Speed humps drastically slow traffic and decrease accidents in pedestrian zones and nearby crosswalks.

Also, our safety bumps have a non-slip surface, making the passage of motorcycles and pedestrians safer with an anti-slippery effect.

The pure yellow and black colours and the glass bead reflectors will ensure better day and night visibility.

Since we manufacture speed breakers with a mix of premium recycled rubber and PVC (Plastic-Rubber composite), they will last much longer than those speed ramps manufactured with pure recycled plastic (PVC) or concrete.

Moreover, our speed breakers are less harmful to cars than concrete, plastic or asphalt speed bumps.

For driveways with higher speed limits, our speed humps allow cars to pass with fewer impacts and less traffic noise than regular concrete, asphalt or PVC plastic speed tables.

Installing system of the modular one-part speed bump

To guarantee the resistance and stability of the sleeping policeman, we integrate a connection system directly into it.

Also, its reinforced structure guarantees optimal support and fixing on the ground.

We provide modular one-part speed bumps with the following:

  • The installation kit (galvanised hex flange coach screws and plastic anchors);
  • Instructions to ease the fixing on the ground.

Indeed, our one-part road ramp is easily bolted on any surface without breaking a sweat.

Thanks to the durability of the Plastic-Rubber composite material, the one-part speed bump easily withstands heavy traffic volume for years with no need for maintenance.

Fixing our modular speed breaker is quick and convenient to install with standard tools in less than 10 minutes. Thus, our modular speed bump is the perfect solution to slow down drivers in different car park areas or private roads.

Heavy duty speed bump easy to install

Thanks to our heavy-duty speed ramp’s integrated connection system, you can quickly assemble the speed bump parts for the length of your choice: The installation of our speed ramp goes with ease.

We provide all our speed ramps with an installation kit, including all the necessary galvanised hex flange coach screws and plastic anchors.

Indeed, our safety bumps are quick to install and easy to remove.

This is perfect for long-term and temporary traffic management needs in your private parking zones and roads.

By purchasing speed humps from Sino Concept, you benefit from solid fixing accessories to the ground.

Are you worried about the maintenance?

In any case, you can take it easy: Road curbs will be securely fixed to the ground with our installation kit.

Why choose our Plastic-Rubber composite speed ramps and traffic humps?

Are you a reseller of traffic control equipment or a road sign manufacturing company that would like to complete a product range with speed-reducing devices?

We have for sure the necessary manufacturing know-how to fulfil your expectations in terms of speed-reducing equipment.

Feel free to contact us directly. Our team of car park equipment experts will be delighted to help.

Guaranteed quality of safety speed bumps and humps

Concrete, asphalt and hard recycled plastic (PVC) speed bumps deteriorate over time. To avoid this, we manufacture our speed ramps with high-quality Plastic-Rubber composite material at Sino Concept.

The raw material is soft and flexible and guarantees better elasticity and longer durability, long-term speaking.

In addition, we proceed to strict quality controls at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure optimum quality.

Important to know: Our speed bumps last over different weather conditions, outdoors or indoors.

We also guarantee a safe delivery: We pack all our different speed humps in a pallet collar or steel cage pallet.

In case of any questions regarding our manufacturing processes or standards of quality, please contact us.

With more than ten years of experience in manufacturing car park equipment, we can meet any expectations regarding quality parking space and traffic calming equipment.

Vulcanised road speed bumps with competitive prices

Do you wonder about our UK speed bump price?

More than offering an inexpensive solution, we strive to manufacture flawless traffic-slowing devices in our factories in Qingdao, China.

Would you like to work directly with a factory and save costs on the car park and road calming equipment?

Choosing Sino Concept as a sleeping policeman’s supplier will considerably reduce the supply chain.

This way, you will benefit from purchasing speed ramps with unbeatable quality/price ratios straight from a manufacturer.

If you are interested in checking the quality of our safety bumps before making the purchasing decision, feel free to contact our team.

We will be happy to send a product sample for free (only the delivery fee with VAT to pay).

Contact us directly for further information on the characteristics of our sleeping policemen or questions about our sales conditions.

Traffic calming devices packing and logistics

Do not worry if you don’t have a logistics team. We have been managing our clients’ logistics for years and have a great experience of exports to Europe and worldwide.

And the most important is that we are not taking profits from the transportation since our goal is to be as competitive as possible.

And that, to take advantage of the market and help you grow your business. As we say at Sino Concept: Your success is our success!

We deeply understand the importance of safe delivery. Therefore, we pack our speed humps and bumps with steel collars or steel cage pallets to ensure safe transportation from our factory and warehouse facilities to your delivery destination.

Are you thinking of completing your order with other road-slowing devices?

As a manufacturer, our advantage is that we produce a wide range of road control and car park equipment.

Thus, you can choose & mix different types of products into a container. In any case, take a step and select Sino Concept as your supplier to cut middlemen.