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Ballast sandbag

  • Sturdy and fillable empty PVC sandbags.
  • Ideal for ballasting temporary traffic management equipment to secure any sidewalk, crosswalk or intersection.
  • Double-stitched seam for long-lasting usability.
  • Bright orange-coloured sandbag for enhanced perceptibility.
  • UV-resistant treatment to withstand the impact of sun rays.
  • Holds up to 15 kg weight of sand.


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Specifications and dimensions of our ballast sandbags

Ballast sandbag
  • Width: 400 mm (15 in)
  • Height: 600 mm (24 in)
Material PVC
Fabric Weight 640 g/m²
Capacity 15 kg (33 lbs) – delivered empty
Packing Plywood crate
Additional Information
  • Double-stitched seams
  • 8 aluminium eyelets and heavy-duty ropes
  • UV-resistant treatment

Fillable PVC sandbags by Sino Concept to make temporary traffic sign stands more stable

We at Sino Concept manufacture sturdy double-stitched PVC sandbags. Our sandbags are ideal accessories for accompanying temporary traffic management and construction site equipment.

The bright orange colour makes our sandbags suitable for road maintenance and construction projects.

Moreover, we offer sandbags with special anti-UV treatment to make them withstand long periods of sunlight.

So the sturdy design and UV protection make our fillable sandbags an excellent choice for long-term applications, such as road works and roadway control plans.


In addition, using our orange sandbag has two advantages:

  • A very convenient closing mechanism with a rope through the eight metal eyelets;
  • A convenient handle allows easy handling of our sandbags, making it efficient equipment for adding weight to traffic signs on roadsides, highways, etc.

Discover our sandbag guide to help you make the right choice. You will know everything about that traffic safety accessory, including regulations, dimensions, and brands!

What to know about our ballast sandbags intended for road work management?

Ideal use of our heavy-duty PVC sandbags

We supply all our sandbags unfilled. For optimal stability, we designed them to stand up to 15 kg weight of filler.

This way, our UK sandbags are suitable to ballast any temporary traffic control equipment or on-road construction signage in traffic management projects.

Commonly, the sandbag is used to add weight to road signs and barriers, improving the stability of the road marking equipment.

However, our empty sandbags can be used almost on anything to add more weight.

Trustworthy UK sandbag manufacturer and supplier

Are you looking to purchase empty sandbags directly from the manufacturer? In that case, we at Sino Concept are delighted to be of your assistance.

Since 2009, we have been specialising in manufacturing temporary traffic management equipment.

Having our own factories in Qingdao, China, combined with our careful in-house quality control and European management team, benefit from quality UK sandbags with attractive factory-direct prices.

We invite you to discover the various advantages of our sandbags below!

What clients acquire our unfilled sandbags in the UK?

We have different types of clients worldwide.

Our clients vary from retailers and resellers of traffic safety products to pavement marking, road marking, roadworks, temporary traffic management equipment rental companies, and construction businesses.

Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring our traffic control sandbags. We can surely supply you with our in-house manufactured low-cost empty PVC sandbags.

As a traffic-controlling equipment supplier, we know your requirements and can undoubtedly adapt our production to your expectations.

Why choose empty sandbags by Sino Concept?

Custom-made sand bags available

Would you be interested in unfilled sandbags with other colours, or would you need a logo or text integrated on the sandbag surface?

In that case, as a direct manufacturer, we at Sino Concept have various customisation possibilities available.

Contact our sales team if you need sandbags for flood protection, flood control, flood management, flood defence, or other flood prevention purposes.

We are always happy to do our utmost and produce or design suitable sandbags according to your specifications.

As we manufacture our sand sacks in-house, we are at your disposal to study any customisation inquiry (colour, dimensions, customisation, filling method, etc.).

Sturdy fillable PVC sandbags supplies

We manufacture our PVC-coated sandbags to be durable and UV resistant. Indeed, we at Sino Concept ensure that our plastic sand sacks are excellent for accompanying traffic management equipment.

Would you need another type of traffic safety product? We also manufacture temporary traffic control devices such as road delineators and expanding steel manhole barriers.

As a quality control, we test all our sandbags to ensure their resistance: Before launching our sandbags to the market, we filled them with sand and dragged them over a long distance on asphalt.

Even after multiple runs, the bag stayed functional without any damage. Also, the eight eyelets did not tear off.

PVC sandbags to stabilise temporary traffic management

Unlike standard traffic signs, temporary road warning signs are not fixed to the ground.

Therefore, our sandbags are ideal for adding weight to the temporary road control equipment and stabilising the road signs while ensuring efficient traffic control.

Moreover, we integrated a convenient handle into our sandbag model, making it more convenient to carry around the work zone.

For any further information you may need about traffic signs and marking equipment or hazard prevention, please contact us!

More information about traffic signs’ sandbags

Should you choose a sand or water-filled sandbag?

Several weight bags are used for different purposes. Apart from our traffic control sand sacks, some sandbags can be filled with water.

The water sandbags are ideal for camping tents to keep the tents steady on the ground.

Besides, water sandbags’ structure and design differ from our plastic sandbags. Indeed, Sino Concept UK sandbags are ideal equipment to ensure the success of any traffic control plan.

Our high-resistant sandbags will complete the stability of traffic signage by combining strength and resistance, thanks to their ability to hold up to 15 kg of sand.

Moreover, our manufacturing know-how allows the perfect solidity of our sandbags filled with sand.

Delivery and logistics of our heavy-duty sandbags

We at Sino Concept import from our in-house factories located in China worldwide.

So by ordering sandbags from us, you benefit from flawless delivery, attractive factory-direct prices, and uncompromised product quality.

Indeed, we are professional in packaging and always be sure that you receive the products in optimal condition. Would you be interested in purchasing PVC sandbags?

Please contact our sales team for more information on our traffic management sandbags, sales conditions, and delivery or if you want to know more about us as a company.

Besides, we can also accompany the order and load freight containers with other traffic safety products of your choice.

UK traffic management sandbags for sale

Thanks to our in-house and careful quality control, we ensure our sandbags are sturdy and durable.

Indeed, we designed our orange sandbags to have double-stitched seams, making them a safe and long-lasting choice even under heavy use or difficult weather conditions.

Do you have any questions about construction site equipment, pedestrian safety on sidewalks, or road traffic signs?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also manufacture products such as crowd control barriers, beacon signs, traffic cone ranges or speed bumps that can be installed in work zones.

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