Expandable safety barriers

Our expandable safety barriers and scissors barriers are ideal for traffic control equipment and temporary work zone protection and access control on construction sites, as they can be quickly deployed to create a safe work area. Our expanding barriers are made of sturdy steel and can be extended to accommodate a variety of widths.

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Why use steel construction barriers by Sino Concept?

Thanks to our steel barrier manufacturing experience since 2009, we have acquired the know-how to offer long-lasting safety barrier and worksite access management supplies at competitive factory-direct prices.

To meet any requirements in terms of expandable safety barriers, we offer the following barrier models:

  • Expandable steel barrier: Our expandable barrier is highly affordable and versatile for your work zone protection needs. It is easy and quick to deploy on the construction site for the desired length of choice;
  • Manhole safety barrier: Our red-white manhole is an expandable safety barrier specifically designed to protect employees from manholes, utility holes, maintenance holes and other similar hazard areas.

Our expanding barriers are great for blocking pedestrian, crowd and vehicular access to restricted areas such as utility holes or wet slippery floors.

Moreover, the unique design of our safety barriers allows the barrier to be quickly expanded without tools to cover the caution zone width.

Are you a reseller or specialising in barrier systems, traffic signs, steel posts, security gates, steel bollards, security fencing accessories or even wall-mounted bike racks?

Excellent – we at Sino Concept could have the ideal equipment available to fill your product stock!

Do you have questions related to our expandable scissors barriers? Please contact our European sales team or inquire through our contact form.

Please note that we carefully select the raw materials and carry out constant quality checks at our production plants in Qingdao, China, to offer you top-grade portable safety barriers and construction site fencing equipment.

Please keep reading to discover more reasons to purchase our Sino Concept expandable safety or manhole barriers.

Advantages of using our expandable safety barriers

Excellent quality steel construction scissors barriers

We manufacture our temporary construction site fencing products of sturdy steel, making them weatherproof and rust-resistant barrier choices.

We also use advanced welding techniques to make our scissors barriers and construction site fencing equipment durable and withstand corrosion.

Please contact us if you are interested in viewing a product sample before purchasing.

We are happy to send it to you with only the shipping cost. This way, you will check that low-price products don’t mean less quality manufacture!

UV-protected and high-visibility red white safety barriers

We ensure that our expandable safety and manhole barriers are painted with bright RAL powder-coated colours to keep construction site workers safe.

We can attach class RA1, RA2, or RA3 reflective tapes to enhance the access control barrier visibility. By standard, we offer our aesthetic scissors barriers in colours red and white.

All our safety barriers are also provided with an anti-UV coating to protect them from harmful sun rays.

If you need any other colour reflective striping tapes or zone protection barriers, such as yellow or black, please send us your inquiry, and we will do our utmost to fulfil your request.

Custom-made safety barriers available

Are you looking for customised colours, bespoke dimensions or any company logo on the scissors barrier?

We can produce safety barriers with customised length and RAL powder-painted colour thanks to our in-house manufacturing.

Furthermore, we offer the option to add your company logo or any other specific design element to our safety barriers.

This way, you can have a full range of products, for example, collapsible (HDPE) traffic cone supplies, recycled plastic (PVC) pedestrian safety barrier systems, sandbags or traffic beacons.

More information about our red and white steel barriers for construction sites

Competitive price for expanding steel barriers

Are you tired of paying extra costs for industrial safety barrier supplies?

If so, now is the time to switch to our expanding barriers at factory-direct prices.

Indeed, we are one of the most competitive suppliers of safety barrier products. We can offer barriers without unnecessary intermediaries thanks to our in-house manufacturing.

You enjoy a direct supply chain and reduced costs by working with us. This allows us to offer superior customer service and steel barriers at attractive prices (VAT excl.).

Are you a traffic safety products reseller, or is your business related to retractable crowd control and security barriers?

Or temporary barriers, parking lot signage, black velvet rope barrier systems or road-traffic safety equipment?

In that case, we could have the ideal portable scissors barriers available for your needs.

Please contact us for further information on our price per single barrier, sales conditions, or transportation options. Our team is waiting to be of your assistance!

Easy-storage scissors barriers delivery worldwide

We ship our expanding safety barriers and manhole safety barriers worldwide.

No matter where you are based, we can provide an efficient delivery service to your shipping destination since we already have clients from all over the world, especially from Europe, the United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, France, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Germany etc.

And to ensure our expanding barriers arrive in undamaged condition and are easy to unpack and store, we pack them into reinforced heavy-duty steel crates.

We have experienced and professional sales representatives who can provide you with all the information you need, such as the anticipated shipping date, transport cost, etc.

Please contact us through our website or email us directly to get a clear idea of our products’ price range and practical applications.

Portable safety barriers and steel site furnishings

In addition to portable construction barriers, you might be interested in our comprehensive product range, including:

  • Temporary traffic management equipment;
  • Traffic calming products;
  • Street furniture;
  • Road safety and traffic control devices.

Combining various products into your order saves transportation costs and time when sourcing equipment.

Indeed, thanks to our vast product range, we manufacture products such as crowd control barriers and parking bollards.

Or litter bins, speed bumps, heavy-duty cable protectors, plastic traffic cones, and car parking lot equipment like folding steel barriers and wheel curbs.

Would you like to know more about the products we manufacture? In that case, contact us or to view our entire product range, please check out our updated catalogue page.

Where to use our expanding safety barriers?

Our expandable safety barriers and manhole folding barriers can be used in a variety of locations, such as:

  • Construction sites;
  • Road construction project sites;
  • Factory facilities and warehouses;
  • Roadway maintenance projects.

Besides, our folding mobile barriers are well suited for temporary traffic closures, worksite protection, and limiting access to areas where pedestrians would not be safe (i.e. construction zone).

Is your company specialising in retractable belt rope crowd control stanchions, traffic barriers, pavement marking or signs?

Then we could be a perfect match to collaborate, thanks to our vast production capacity!

If you require further information on where to use our expanding barrier systems, send us an inquiry through our website contact form, and we will reach out to you quickly as possible.

To whom are our safety barriers intended?

Order cost-effective expandable safety barriers in the UK today!

If you are looking for an expandable safety barrier supplier, look no further than our company.

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of expanding barriers and temporary fencing for use on construction sites and locations where restricted zone protection is necessary.

Thanks to our economical prices (no VAT incl.) and excellent customer service, we have become one of the most upcoming suppliers of urban site furnishings, especially to Europe and the United Kingdom (UK).

Are you a store owner selling guard rails, sign post stands, perimeter security fences or galvanised steel sign holders?

In that case, as an addition to our safety barriers, you could also benefit from adding our (stackable) PVC safety cones, lane delineation curbs, speed cushions, roadway reflector studs, bike storage systems and traffic control solutions to your order inquiry.

Browse our website to view our expandable safety barriers for sale, and if you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

We also offer a variety of other products, such as black and yellow speed humps and large heavy-duty cable protector ramps.

To view our complete selection, please check out our product catalogue.