Range of road and traffic safety supply

We manufacture a wide product range of road and traffic safety equipment and road marking devices.

We manufacture in our own factory the following equipment:

  • Speed cushions: Made from vulcanised rubber and used as a public traffic calming device;
  • Cycle lane dividers: Developed to ensure safety for bicycles;
  • Road studs: Designed to increase visibility on roads.

Range of car park safety management Sino Concept

Sino Concept offers a broad range of Traffic Car Park Equipment made from Plastic-Rubber composite & steel.

At Sino Concept, we do understand the importance of safe and durable car parks and traffic safety equipment.

Since 2009, we design and manufacture a broad range of traffic safety supplies and traffic control equipment made from high-quality Plastic-Rubber composite & steel.

Our speed bumps, wheel stops, parking barriers and cycle racks are produced in our own factories in Qingdao, China.

Thus by choosing us as your supplier of Parking traffic safety equipment, we at Sino Concept guarantee you excellent road safety and car park management products at competitive factory-direct prices.

Range of traffic control equipment Sino Concept

Thanks to our know-how and experience, we also specialized our manufacturing in temporary traffic control equipment.

We offer products like:

  • Roadworks beacon delineators;
  • Sandbags;
  • Traffic cones;
  • And expandable safety barriers.

For any further information you may need, please feel free to contact us directly.

Range of event management

For more than 10 years, we have been manufacturing and exporting event safety products.

We produce equipment like cable management equipment directly from our factory. One of our best-sellers products is our cables protectors, but we also manufacture crowd control barriers to ensure optimal security.

With this wide range of safety equipment for events, we will definitely be able to match any of your requirements or needs.

Speed cushions range Sino Concept

At Sino Concept, we manufacture rubber speed cushions and speed tables since 2009. Our traffic calming equipment are designed to improve traffic safety.

Our rubber speed cushions and speed tables are a good alternative to our speed bumps and humps: They are traffic calming products designed to reduce vehicles speed in public areas.

While our speed breakers on roads force cars to reduce their speed, they have the advantage of not affecting buses and emergency vehicles. Easy to install, our traffic cushions can be positioned in strategic places such as in conurbations and urban areas.

Our rubber speed cushions are designed for public roads

  • Easy to install: Easily fitted into concrete or asphalt roads, our road cushions/tables are immediately ready to use. You can remove them quickly for any road maintenance.
  • Damage-free: Some drivers complain that concrete or tarmac speed cushions damage their cars when they are driving over them. Thanks to Sino Concept’s traffic cushions made of flexible rubber, vehicles will not get damaged.
  • Increased safety: To avoid potential vehicular skids under rainy conditions, we use an anti-slip surface for our rubber speed cushions. We also add retro-reflective films for maximum day and night visibility under any weather conditions.
  • Available designs: Wherever you are from, our speed cushions will meet your National standards. We export our speed cushions to the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Belgium, and other European countries. And also to the United States, Australia & New Zealand.

Our rubber speed cushions are highly visible in any weather conditions thanks to their reflective arrows. For more safety and to avoid vehicle skids, our road cushions are made from anti-slip rubber.

If you need more than slowing down the traffic with our rubber speed cushions, you can also create clear demarcations with our rubber traffic lane dividers.

Range of speed bumps and humps Sino Concept

Speed bumps and humps are traffic-calming devices designed to slow down vehicles. Those products are also known as Plastic-Rubber composite road humps.

As a speed bumps’ manufacturer, we are only using premium raw materials to produce our road bumps: A mix of rubber and PVC (Plastic-Rubber composite) makes our speed bumps easily flexible & durable.

Why choosing our Plastic-Rubber composite speed bumps?

  • Visibility: On top of an alternating yellow and black Plastic-Rubber composite, we have included reflective cat's eyes on our road speed bumps, giving our products a high day and night visibility.
  • Damage-free: Some drivers complain that concrete or cheap speed bumps can damage their cars. It is true that speed bumps are higher than speed cushions and they slow down traffic more rudely, but our speed bumps are totally safe for any vehicle due to their soft material.
  • Innovative interlocking system: We have added a convenient interlocking system, which is moulded into our sections for better stability and durability. This system is also used on our rubber hose ramps.
  • Easy to install: Our speed bumps can be installed and removed very fast. Thanks to different kinds of fixings, our products can be set up on any ground. With Sino Concept, installing speed humps has never been so easy!
  • Efficiency: We have designed our heavy-duty Plastic-Rubber composite speed bumps with a maxi-grip and an anti-slip surface. Their innovative pattern also offers maximum traction and water dispersal, improving safety for people driving under heavy rain or snow.
  • Packing: All our road bumps are safely packed into wooden crates. It will make transportation and storage easier for you and your customers.

Make Sino Concept your Plastic-Rubber composite speed bumps’ supplier. With our team, you can find the product that will perfectly fit your needs and make driveways safer. Do not wait any longer and request a quote for speed bumps and humps!

Wheel stops range Sino Concept

Our Plastic-Rubber composite parking stops, wheel stops and parking blocks are standard pieces of parking safety equipment.

Sino Concept’s wheel stops are also known as car park stoppers or parking blocks

Why should you buy your Plastic-Rubber composite car stops from Sino Concept?

  • Save money: Buy your car park wheel stops directly from a manufacturer and cut out the middleman! Our products are all manufactured in our own factories in China to have competitive prices.
  • Proven quality: Thanks to our premium raw materials, our parking curbs will not chip, rot or crack.
  • Responsibility: We supervise each step of the process from order to delivery. Contact us now and get feedback from our skilled team!

Where to install our parking blocks?

You can install them in an underground or outdoor car park. Depending on the area, we recommend different reflective stripes colours: White, yellow or blue, which can be directly moulded in our parking bumpers. For accessible parking spaces, it is better to choose blue reflective films.

How to install parking curbs? Our parking lot bumpers can be mounted on any ground: Tar, asphalt, bitumen, concrete. Depending on this, there are different sizes of anchors to use: Galvanized spikes or lag bolts with washers for asphalt and metal shields for concrete.

Our wheel stops are light and simple to install. A single person with very basic tools will be easily able to set it up.

Let’s see every step:

  • First step: Choose the location where you want to install the car parking stopper. Mark the location of each hole on the ground.
  • Second step: Remove the parking stop block, drill a hole at each marked location and get rid of the dust with an air compressor.
  • Third step: Place the item in the targeted place and insert the spikes into the drilled hole.

Cable protectors range Sino Concept

Discover our cable protectors and covers range! Made from high-quality rubber or polyurethane.

Our cable ramps and floor cable covers are the optimal solutions to protect cables, cords and wires from pedestrians and vehicles.

Especially needed for shows and events, our heavy-duty cable protectors are easy to install and offer high resistance.

Most of our cable protection covers and hose ramps are equipped with interlocking systems, that you can also find for our rubber speed bumps.

Discover Sino Concept's cable protectors range

  • Cable ramp

It is the best solution to protect cables from heavy vehicles. This channel cable protector is available in 2, 3 or 5 channels.

  • Drop over cable protector

Made from polyurethane, our drop over cord cover is available either in a small model with one channel or in a big model with one or two channels according to your needs.

  • Hose ramp

More precisely known as a fire hose ramp, this piece of safety equipment is designed to resist emergency vehicles while protecting imposing pipes.

  • Rubber cable protector for construction

This type of cable protector is made from high-strength rubber and is mostly used on construction sites and can withstand big vehicles.

  • Floor cable cover or cord cover

This cable cover is perfectly adapted for any outdoor and warehouse environment. With a sober black design, it will protect efficiently cables and wires.

Where can you use our high-quality rubber cable ramps?

  • Events: In festivals, concerts, company events and much more. Our heavy-duty rubber cable protectors are used to protect lighting, sound and stage cables.
  • Private spaces: In garages, homes, offices and industrial areas where cables run across walkways or pedestrian traffic areas. Using industrial cord covers and floor cord protectors will prevent both damages and tripping accidents.
  • Emergency areas: Our rubber hose ramps and heavy-duty cable covers offer you the possibility to protect large cables and fire hoses when fast-acting is required.

Cycle lane dividers range Sino Concept

Traffic lane dividers and lane separators are used on roadways to create clear separations between vehicle and bicycle lanes.

To reduce accidents between cyclists and drivers, cities are attempting to make their streets "bike-friendly".

Because of this, lane dividers are becoming a powerful traffic safety device in almost every big city in the world.

Specializing in traffic safety products & devices, we only use premium recycled rubber to produce our equipment. This makes our lane delineators light, sturdy and easy to set up.

Sino Concept offers you quality traffic lane separators and lane dividers at very attractive prices. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us now!

Sino Concept's traffic lane dividers and road safety equipment

Our lanes separators are most often used for bicycle lanes. They are equipped with reflective stripes and cat’s eyes for excellent day and night visibility. Our cycle lane delineator is standardly available in red or black, but can also be manufactured in other colours.

Why should you buy your lane dividers from Sino Concept ?

  • Affordable: High-quality does not always mean high prices. We guarantee traffic lane separators with very good pricing, thanks to our in-house production.
  • High-quality: At Sino Concept, we are using premium materials to produce our traffic lane divider bumps and all of our traffic safety products. We can guarantee our products will last for many years.
  • Safety: Drivers will quickly notice they are overflowing the way when driving over the rumble bars. However, they will not damage their car thanks to the lane separators’ rounded shape.
  • Clearness: Our traffic lane separators are a lot more visible than a basic lane marking on the pavement. We increased the visibility by adding reflective strips and cat’s eyes.
  • Easy to install: Our traffic lane dividers can be set up with lag screws much faster than any other lane delineator.

Bike racks range Sino Concept

Sino Concept’s outdoor bike racks will help you to be prepared for the growing bicycle culture.

As a manufacturer, we offer a broad range of stylish bike parking and custom bike racks to accommodate the needs of a modern cyclist society.

Our parking racks are manufactured to keep bikes safe from thieves when locked.

Do you have a particular project in mind? We specialize in custom design specifications and would be happy to produce your own bike floor stands.

Why choose Sino Concept's metal bike racks?

  • Great quality and durability: Our expertise extends far beyond floor bike racks to many other kinds of street furniture equipment. We specialize in manufacturing both quality steel and stainless steel bike racks. Both of these materials are proven to be sturdy and durable. Adding post-fabrication surface treatments enables them to resist corrosion and UV rays making them maintenance-free while securing your bike from thieves.
  • In-house production: We manufacture all of our steel products in our own factories. Every step from manufacturing to packing and shipping is performed 'in-house' to ensure that each one of our products is meticulously checked, providing you with the highest possible quality and competitive prices.
  • Installation: Our lightweight metal bike racks can easily be bolted to the ground or mounted to another surface. Also, they are specially manufactured to be combined if needed.
  • Personalisation: We are always looking to improve our products to satisfy our customer’s needs. To meet all customer’s requirements, we can adapt any product to your specific requests. Whatever you want to customize (size, colour, shape, design, etc.) our designers are ready to take charge of your projects and create the floor bike racks you need.
  • Cost-effective: Because all of our manufacturing and finishing processes take place in our own factories in China, our products are very affordable and meet almost any budget!

Expanding barriers range Sino Concept

Our expanding barriers are ideal for protecting indoor and outdoor areas. We manufacture expanding barricades that can be quickly set up and taken down.

If you want to know more about our manhole guards and expandable safety barriers, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

  • Expandable steel barriers Expandable barriers are designed for quick deployment and easy storage. Our expandable safety barriers are made of high-quality steel to ensure robustness and also durability.

You can choose between two different powder coating finishes: Red and white or yellow and black expandable barricades.

  • Manhole guard Our manhole guards are durable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free. Sino Concept’s manholes barriers are made from high-quality steel and produced in our own factory for attractive prices.

Our manhole barricades are available in 6” x 6” (150 x 150 mm) square.

6 reasons to buy our expandable and manhole barriers

  • Easy to carry: Our expanding barriers are very simple to set up and remove. One person can carry them, and a lot of barriers can be stored in a small area!
  • Foldable: Our barrier can be also quickly removed and easily stored, which makes it very useful in factories or for street maintenance.
  • Easy to store: Our expandable safety barriers can be collapsed into a smaller form and stored with ease in factories, cars, warehouses, and supermarkets where space is limited.
  • Versatile: Our expandable barriers are perfect for quick and temporary use.
  • Heavy-duty: Made from mild steel and then powder coated, our expandable safety barriers will not deteriorate and will last for years. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, our product is hard-wearing and work-ready.
  • Economical: We produce and assemble our manhole guards in our own factories. Cut of middlemen and buy our products at factory prices!

If you have any questions about our expandable barriers, feel free to contact our team!

Ballast sand bags range Sino Concept

Our orange ballast sandbags are designed to hold temporary traffic signs.Because temporary signs are not fixed to the ground, they need to be held down by heavy duty sandbags.

Our sand sacks are specially designed to endure extreme weather conditions and last for a very long time. As a sandbag supplier, we manufacture our sandbags with heat-sealed edges (custom made) and double stitched.

We deliver empty sandbags to be filled with sand or similar materials.

Our orange sandbags are usually used to hold temporary traffic signs and also other traffic control equipment. Because temporary signs are not fixed to the ground, in order not to fall they need to be held down by a heavy sandbag.

Our product is specially designed to endure extreme weather conditions and last for a very long time.

The implementation of a successful traffic control program relies on attention to detail, this is why we produce our own range of sandbags to make sure we deliver great quality safety products.

Our brightly coloured PVC sandbags are suitable for holding down roadsigns, canopies and forming temporary barriers.

The bright orange PVC is designed to be highly fluorescent, UV resistant and tear-resistant to ensure a long life.

Sino Concept specializes in a large number of traffic safety products. If what you are interested in is not listed on our website please feel free to contact us!

Traffic safety cones range Sino Concept

We at Sino Concept produce traffic safety cones according to European standards.

Because every European country has its own traffic regulation, we can also customize road cones conferring to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any projects concerning traffic control cones and road construction cones!

5 reasons for buying Sino Concept's traffic safety cones

Working with Sino Concept, you can fully expect sturdy, efficient and top quality traffic safety cones. As we are experts in traffic safety supply, we attach great importance to providing great quality products.

The hard-wearing nature of our cones allows them to be used in any number of situations, from the highway to construction to parking.

  • Unbeatable robustness: We provide ultra-flexible, unbreakable and top quality PVC cones. Not only do our traffic cones resist high-impact and repeated shocks but also UV rays, chemical products and a wide range of temperature changes.
  • Perfect visibility: Our safety cone resists fading and can be provided with engineering-grade (Class R1B) or high-intensity reflective vinyl stripes (DES2). Then, the fluorescent orange PVC ensures the utmost visibility and safety, day or night.
  • Easy installation: Of course, a cone is very easy to install. But our product is manufactured with a gripping system with grooves for high traction. This is very useful when laying out large numbers of cones.
  • Compliance with established standards: Sino Concept traffic cones are manufactured according to the US, Australian and European standards. We can offer a range of shapes and sizes, so whether you require tall traffic cones or mini traffic cones, please contact our experts who will be happy to assist you.
  • Meticulous quality control: At Sino Concept, we appreciate high-quality work and beautiful design. That’s why each of our cones endures a “draconian” quality control at the end of each manufacturing process ensuring we can offer you the same high-quality traffic cones every order.


Learn more about our factories in Qingdao, China
and see behind the scenes photos of our rubber,
plastic or steel product factories.



Our factories in China and the European management team offer you the best of both worlds. We offer you excellent and understandable customer service with the benefit of buying directly from the manufacturer with a reduced distribution chain.


We at Sino Concept are a young, dynamic and adaptive team that is delighted to help you succeed in your business. Indeed, our main priority is to offer you solutions that satisfy in terms of price and quality. We can design and manufacture customised products according to your specifications and are flexible with our minimum order quantities.


We have over twelve years of experience in arranging the logistics from our factories to our clients worldwide. We offer centralised logistic service to reduce delivery costs, ensure easy tracking of goods, and offer you products at low, competitive prices.


We carefully choose our raw material suppliers and carry out quality control at each manufacturing process step. This way, we ensure you receive the products in optimal condition. We also pack our products in a space-efficient manner, and we make sure that they are easy to store.

Uncompromising quality at attractive prices with Sino Concept!

Are you working as an importer or wholesaler? Are you a supplier of local authorities, or are you a professional in urban planning or a company offering road safety solutions and road construction and traffic management equipment?

We at Sino Concept offer you the uncompromising quality of road traffic safety products, event management and parking lot equipment at competitively low pricing. Indeed, for us at Sino Concept, your success is our success!

Would you be interested to hear more about our products, sales conditions or pricing? In any case, our European management and customer service team is delighted to be of your assistance.

  • We carry out systematic quality control to check product resistance and quality before shipment.
  • Take advantage of attractive factory-direct prices without compromising on service or product quality.
  • Have the benefit of our responsive and enthusiastic professionals who are attentive to your needs and your budgets.
  • We manufacture more than 2,000 speed cushions every year, more than 50,000 cable protectors, 10 miles of speed bumps, or 60,000 anti-parking bollards. Work with a direct manufacturer and benefit from attractive prices!

To learn more about our products, production process, standards, installation, etc., we invite you to check our product guides.