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Hooped perimeter barriers (with or without crossbar)

This is likely the most popular hooped barriers model we sell. Mainly utilised to secure the edges of urban and rural roadways, they also prevent illegal parking.

Their straightforward and cost-effective installation is appealing, in addition to their durability and strength.

Entirely hot-dip galvanised after manufacturing, our metal hooped perimeter barriers are available in three lengths and can be manufactured in a basic version or reinforced by adding a horizontal tube in the centre.

The hooped barriers with or without crossbars help protect and secure access to designated areas such as industrial sites, gardens, parks or any recreational space, in cities or municipalities managed by town halls.

They can also be installed along parking spaces to enhance pedestrian safety in parking lots or be used as bicycle facilities.

Are you interested in a different model? We also manufacture pole and column protectors, lamp post protector hoops and hooped perimeter barriers low level.

How do we manufacture our hoop barriers with crossbars?

We make our hoop barriers in a simple way. We first get mild steel tubes of the correct thickness, diameter (Ø 60 mm). These tubes are then bent into long hoops at our steel-making facility.

A hot-dip galvanising treatment is used after manufacturing to protect the hoops from rusting. This treatment coats the hoops with a thick zinc layer.

After galvanisation, we take off any extra material from the hoops. They are then safely packed for transport abroad.

Thanks to the hot-dip galvanisation finish, our hoop barriers, with or without a crossbar, keep their quality look for years without rusting.

We can also apply powder coating or zinc plating to the hoops based on your choices with RAL colours.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more details about our hoop barrier-making process or other products. Our sales representatives will gladly answer any questions.



Our hoop barriers, with or without crossbar, are made of mild steel and then they are hot-dip galvanised and can receive a powder coating layer for customisation.

Whether you are a manufacturer who wants to outsource some production or an urban furniture expert, you can provide customers with equipment designed to last over time.

We offer very durable hoop barriers and materials that can resist corrosion, impacts and weathering.

Thanks to our finish options, the hoop barriers help improve safety while protecting lawn, garden or green space edges with manufacturing based on high-quality craftsmanship, durability and resilience.


As a custom manufacturer, we can tailor all of our metal hoop barriers, with or without crossbar, to meet your specific needs.

Our hoop barriers have a diameter of Ø 60 mm and come in various lengths for configurations of 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm.

This allows adjusting the required protection according to the desired area, whether public or private and mostly outdoors.

We also apply the RAL colour of your preference with anti UV powder coating, to make sure the hoop barriers, with or without a crossbar, suit your vision perfectly.

A dedicated team

Sino Concept has been supporting our clients’ project needs for over 10 years.

We know the needs of local authorities, and our team helps you every step of the way, from creating your hoop barriers, with or without a crossbar, to delivery.

Our in-house manufacturing ensures complete control of the production chain and also allows you to combine different hoop barrier references, with or without a crossbar, in a single container to reduce transportation costs.

Installation of hoop barriers, with or without crossbars

You can choose either surface-mounted or embedded hoop barriers, with or without a crossbar, based on your installation needs.

For embedded hoop barriers, you need to make a hole of at least 300-400mm in depth and 300mm in diameter and put concrete in it to hold the base of the hoop. Or, you can attach the hoop to a pre-existing concrete surface or a similar material, if you can.

For surface-mounted hooped barriers, you need to make holes in the concrete surface and use about 100mm long 12mm expanding bolts to secure the hoop, with or without a crossbar, on baseplates.