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Specifications and dimensions of our Hooped perimeter barrier low level

Hooped perimeter barrier low level
Available Lengths
  • 1000 mm (39.4 in)
  • 1500 mm (59 in)
  • 2000 mm (79 in)
Height 500 mm (19.7 in)
Tube Diameter Ø 60 mm (Ø 2.4 in)
Material & Surface Treatment Option 1
  • Material: Mild steel tube
  • Surface Treatment: Fully hot-dipped galvanised
Material & Surface Treatment Option 2
  • Material: Pre hot-dip galvanised steel tube
Available Finishing Treatment Anti-UV powder coating
Packing Galvanised steel rack

Hooped perimeter barrier low level

Installed along urban roadsides, hooped barriers serve to safeguard pedestrians while also protecting green spaces by restricting motor vehicle access.

We offer hooped perimeter barriers in 3 lengths, curved and hot-dip galvanised or powder coated for further protection.

Hot-dip galvanising metal hoops aim to defend against common urban hazards like unfavourable weather, heat, scratches and corrosion.

Our galvanised hoop barriers are engineered to withstand impacts and shocks. Creating durable urban furnishings is central to our approach.

At Sino Concept, crafting urban fixtures that stand the test of time is core to our mission.

You can rely on our hooped barriers being of superb quality. Manufactured exclusively in-house, the hoops resist the various external aggressions all street equipment may face.

Hooped perimeter barriers can then better delineate walkways, parking spots or park borders. Is a taller model needed?

We also fabricate basic or reinforced hooped barriers, as well as security pole and column protectors and lamp post protector hoops.

How do we manufacture our hoop barriers?

The production of our hooped barriers is quite straightforward. We first source mild steel tubes in the specified thickness. These tubes are then bent into long hoops at our steel fabrication factory.

A hot-dip galvanising treatment follows to protect the hoops from corrosion. This process coats the hoops in a durable zinc layer.

After galvanisation, any excess material is removed from the hoops. They are then securely packaged for overseas transport.

Thanks to the hot-dip galvanisation finish, our hooped perimeter barriers retain their quality appearance for years without rusting.

We can also powder coat or zinc plate the hoops according to your preferences with RAL colours.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our hooped barrier manufacturing process or other products. Our sales representatives will gladly answer any questions.



Our hooped barriers are constructed from steel and then hot-dip galvanised to resist corrosion. A powder coating can be added to customise with various colours.

As a manufacturer seeking to outsource some production or an urban furniture specialist, you can provide customers with equipment made to withstand the test of time.

Offer extremely durable hooped perimeter barriers and materials that can resist corrosion, impacts and weather extremes.

Thanks to our finish selections, the hooped barriers help boost safety while safeguarding lawn, garden or green space edges with manufacturing built on high quality, strength and resilience meant to last.


As a custom manufacturer, we can modify all of our metal hooped barriers according to your specific needs.

Our hooped perimeter barriers have a diameter of Ø 60 mm and come in several lengths for configurations of 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm.

This allows adapting the essential protection according to the designated location, whether public or private and primarily outdoors.

We also apply the RAL colour of your choosing to ensure the hooped barriers match your vision perfectly.

A dedicated team

For over 10 years, Sino Concept has been assisting with your project needs.

We understand the requirements of local governments, and our team guides you every step of the way, from designing your hooped barriers through delivery.

Our in-house fabrication allows complete oversight of the production chain, while also enabling the mixing of various hooped perimeter barrier references within a single container to optimize transportation expenses.

Installation of hoop barriers

Depending on your installation needs, you can opt for either surface-mounted or embedded hoop barriers.

For embedded hoop barriers, you need to dig a hole of at least 300-400mm in depth and 300mm in diameter and fill it with concrete to secure the base of the hoop. Alternatively, you can bolt the hoop to an existing concrete surface or a similar material, if possible.

For surface-mounted hoop barriers, you need to drill holes in the concrete surface and use about 100mm long 12mm expanding bolts to fix the hoop on baseplates.