Outdoor cable covers – buy or hire?

Cable protectors are cable organiser devices that allow one to several cords management. The sleeving of expandable equipment holds patch panels, cleaners, appliances, and other high-voltage wires and cords to organise them to remain well-managed and prevent hazards.

In addition to cable, electrical, hard, and security alarm wires, these cable ramps give management solutions to outdoor hoses.

If you cannot decide whether to buy or hire cable protectors, it is necessary to carefully go through this article.

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A man is carrying a rubber cable protector that has a convenient handle

Should I buy or hire a cable protector?

Cable protectors are a protection system that prevents any trip hazard for their non-conductor material and saves from much trouble. But whether you should buy your own or hire from suppliers is a matter of concern.

So, here are some conditions you can face in hired cable protectors:

Limited benefit

Hiring cable protectors allows usage for only a short period, and you get a limited benefit. Some suppliers or companies offer different packages per hour, day or week, and you must return them according to their conditions.

In such conditions, you must pay extra or renew the plan for an extended time. For example, managing an emergency event will be difficult if you organize events and protect extension cords with hired cable protectors.

More responsibility

Taking good care of hired cable protectors is vital as you are accountable to the providers. You have to follow the instructed care guidelines to return wire covers in their original condition.

If you fail to do so or products are damaged, you must pay the repair cost. Similarly, the replacement cost can blow your budget away if it is highly damaged and cannot be repaired.

Risk of loss or theft

If you hire cable protectors for events or weddings to hide or conceal electrical wires, electrical cords, extension cords, TV screens, speaker cables, electrical boxes or Ethernet cables, there would be chances of loss or theft. You cannot recognize someone in the crowd and never determine whether it is lost or stolen.

Police inquiry

One of the significant downsides of hiring cord covers is the involvement of the police, as some suppliers require you to notify the police and give reference numbers in the particular time frame. They hardly allow one to two days in which you have to do this.

Used cable protectors with yellow covers

What are the advantages of personal cable protectors?

You must have noticed that there are many restrictions on the use of hired cable protectors, but if you think it suits your requirements, you are good to go.

But, if you want long-term benefits, you must consider investing in buying personal cable protectors. Here are some advantages of personal cable protectors:

Unlimited usage

Personal cable protectors are one of the best cord management solutions for unlimited time. You can manage clutter and tidy the room, office, workstations, or warehouses by properly organizing wires with non-metallic cable protectors.

There will be no clock ticking behind with the reminder to return the product to providers.

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    Care as per your wish

    There is no doubt that light-duty or heavy-duty cable protectors need proper care, but caring your way is different. You can use your tested care practices and keep them functional.

    No risk of damage, loss or theft

    Heat-shrink, pedestrian foot traffic, and raceway vehicles can damage cable ramps or floor cable protectors. If it is damaged despite care, you will not be accountable for depositing an extra fee or getting a damage waiver. Similarly, there will be no risk of loss or theft.

    A 3-channel rubber cable ramp hides and protects electrical cords.

    Quickly deploy and move to any location

    Cable protectors are usually extended with connectors such as dog-bone connectors and L or T-shaped connectors to extend wire protection. Similarly, different end caps, washers, hangers and wire ties help them be at their place and deploying personally bought cable protectors would be stress-free.

    Rubber cable ramp, also called rubber cable protector, designed with convenient handles for easy operation.

    General care practices for using cable covers

    Anti-slip cable protectors serve as cable organizers, and caring for them is necessary to keep them functional. If a fault comes in this equipment, their withstanding and protecting power may be affected.

    So, follow these care practices to keep the equipment undamaged:

    • The first thing to consider is not to overburden cable protectors; if you have bought a 2 or 3-channel cable protector, use it for the same number of cables.
    • Secondly, install cable covers where they are intended to be. For example, using light-duty cable protectors under heavy-duty traffic destroys organisers and can lead to tripping.
    • Keep the equipment clean. You will find this less of a problem if you clean it regularly. Otherwise, we will not be able to undo the damages.
    • Do not expose this cable ramp and protection equipment to dangerous or corrosive chemicals.
    • Avoid contact with hot items, as it will be dangerous for you and the equipment.
    • When not used, store the equipment somewhere clean, dry and safe.

    So, regular care and proper maintenance can add life to your equipment. Therefore, don’t miss these easy-to-follow guidelines and get the long-term benefits of cable protectors.

    Rubber cable ramp combined with its cover by a hinge

    How to interlock multiple cable covers?

    Individual cable protectors are of a certain length, and you can hide or conceal wires up to a certain length. If you want to extend the protection to long cables, connecting multiple protectors is the best approach, and you can go as long as you want.

    But, to achieve this extension, you require different connectors to hold cable protectors so they do not move from their place.

    These connectors have varying load capacities, and you can select them as per your requirement or the load they withstand. The dog-bone connectors interlock heavy-duty yellow jackets, making them capable of bearing a high load.

    Similarly, medium or light-load capacity connectors can interlock several protectors.

    Such as L-shaped connectors feature a modular-interlocking design, making them ideal for public and commercial venues where cable protectors need to be set up and broken quickly to move from one place to the other.

    Rubber cable protector made of black vulcanized rubber and yellow plastic cover designed with a convenient interlocking system.


    Cable protectors for pedestrians and light or heavy traffic are no less than a favour. Their wire management solution favours smooth and risk-free movement on the road and in industries where massive power load is divided into multiple cords.

    Plus, it becomes even more dangerous when trucks or other lorries constantly move, and if the wires are not covered, their metallic properties become conductive and result in an electricity disaster.

    So, whether it is your home, driveway, workstation or road construction project, don’t let cords and wires jumbled up. You have to ensure everyone’s safety.



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