Can you park on a speed bump?

Traffic calming measures like speed bumps are used to encourage safe driving in areas that have a high concentration of pedestrian traffic.

They are more commonly found in parking lots, around schools, and in other busy pedestrian areas. Since speed bumps are quite common, it is a frequent concern of people whether they can park on a speed bump or not.

Will it cause legal issues or not? If you also have the same confusion, this article will provide you with the right answer to help you have a better car parking experience.

We also have a dedicated article about speed bump standards and regulations.

Car speed bump made of rubber with black and yellow colours as a traffic calming device

Is it legal to park on a speed bump?

Speed bumps are widely used around the world to impose a low-speed limit and support safe driving. They are mostly installed in parking lots, driveways, and places where pedestrians are often found.

Speed bumps vary in size, appearance, and construction material. They have some legal installation regulations that must be followed to avoid penalties.

However, when it comes to rules regarding parking your car on a speed bump, there are no strict restrictions regarding it.

There is nothing wrong with parking a car on a speed bump because it has no such legal restrictions. But you should not park a car on a speed bump if it is blocking a driveway or if it is not allowed to park. Parking on such speed bumps can get you fined.

A traffic police is giving a ticket to a car

Is it legal to park on a speed bump with a white line?

White lines that are drawn at the edge of roads and speed bumps often cause confusion about their meaning in terms of parking and stopping.

These lanes along a curb or pavement have different meanings depending on their shape and placement. It is usually considered legal to park your car on a speed bump with a solid white line.

But in some cases, depending on the localized laws, it can be illegal to park on them. It means if you see no parking signs or pedestrian crossing marks on it but still park on the speed bump, you may face a legal issue.

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      Pedestrian crossings are designed for pedestrians to cross a street, etc., not for vehicles to park on it. You should carefully look for the prohibited parking signs and signals or ask a traffic-control guard to avoid violations by parking on a prohibited speed bump.

      What happens when you park at the wrong place?

      If you park a car where you should not, you will receive a Penalty Charge Notice. It is also called a Penalty Ticket. These tickets are issued by Parking Attendants in Scotland and by Civil Enforcement Officers in Wales and England.

      The charges for a parking ticket depend on the area where you get them. You get 28 days after receiving the ticket to make payment.

      However, paying within 14 days can reduce your penalty charges in some cases. If you do not pay the fine within 28 days, you will have to pay the original fine along with 50% more within the next 14 days.

      It is important to look for parking restriction-related signs or markings to avoid these warrants.

      Traffic safety signs to indicate some traffic restrictions and guides

      How to drive over a speed bump?

      Here are the practical tips people should follow to go over a speed bump comfortably:

      • When driving a manual car, you need to control speed and gears well. You will have to select the right gear for speed bumps. Contrarily, if you drive an automatic car, you just need to control your speed.
      • Reduce the speed below 20 miles per hour (mph) to avoid hurting your car’s suspension and other parts. Know that slow and steady wins the race.
      • Look for the speed bump signs to prepare yourself beforehand. These road signs usually have a black hump that is enclosed in a triangle.
      • Low-ground clearance cars have difficulty driving over a speed bump. Avoid the speed bump or speed hump if you can while driving such cars.
      • Adjust your speed from low to moderate before driving over the speed bump. Avoid hitting breaks when you just reach a speed bump. Doing so can make your car’s weight sink. There are three common types of speed bumps that you should know before you start driving.

      Most parking lots also have a speed limit sign to help buses, emergency vehicles, fire trucks, and others maintain speed limits in a slow zone.

      Why is it important to reduce speed over a speed bump?

      Speed bumps are installed to reduce the speed of vehicles, particularly in pedestrian-heavy traffic areas.

      They help vehicles, no matter what their sizes are, to move at a reasonable speed. It is important to reduce speed over a speed bump to avoid damaging the internal parts of your car.

      When you cross a speed bump at high speed, the parts of your car feel like they are being stroked and damaged by a hammer. Even though cars are sturdy and designed to tolerate such strikes, harder and more frequent strikes can make those parts break sooner.

      It can also loosen the parts and make them drop along the way. That is why you should reduce your car’s speed while going over a speed bump on the road.

      When you drive at a low speed, shocks and springs compress and absorb the movement, reducing its negative effects on your vehicle.

      Auto interior parts which can be damaged if the driver drive over a speed bump too fast

      Are speed bumps significant for parking spaces?

      Traffic calming measures like speed humps, speed cushions, and road bumps have great importance in maintaining traffic safety on roads and city streets. Speed bumps make a crucial parking lot item.

      They are required in parking zones for the following reasons.

      • Parking lots have high pedestrian traffic. Speed bumps help people reduce their vehicle’s acceleration and avoid running into pedestrians accidentally.
      • Collisions between two vehicles are common in parking lots because several vehicles are parked in a relatively smaller space. These collisions can be reduced by using speed bumps.
      • Speed bumps are significant in slowing down traffic flow or traffic volume. Pedestrians hit by a high-speed vehicle get more severe injuries and have a low chance of survival. On the other hand, pedestrians hit by a car moving below 20mph mostly get less severe injuries and have a high survival rate.


      Speed bumps are installed in a neighbourhood for public safety. There are some regulations regarding installing them that you must follow. But there are no such regulations regarding parking your motor vehicle on a speed bump.

      You can legally park your vehicle on a speed bump unless it is blocking a driveway, has no parking signage, or has a mark that indicates you cannot park on this speed bump in the road. You can get fined for parking on prohibited speed bumps.

      To avoid fines or penalties, you should always look for a warning sign or parking sign or ask a road traffic guard standing nearby.

      Learn the basic rules of the road or traffic laws enforced by the government while you learn to drive. It will assist you in having a happy driving and parking experience.



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