Facts about Tuff curb lane separators!

When different kinds of traffic (like cycle traffic, motor vehicle traffic, and foot traffic) exist on a single road, the probability of collisions between them and the number of road accidents will increase.

Therefore, it is better to create a separate lane for each form of traffic, so people feel safe and protected on roads. This is where lane separators come to help. These tools help in creating separate lanes to keep traffic organized and managed. Today, many companies offer this tool, and there are many brands of lane separators.

Tuff curb lane separators are one of the top lane separator brands. This article has highlighted some amazing facts that you should read to learn about this lane separator better.


Interesting facts about Tuff curb lane separators

Tuff curb lane separators are different from other similar products in several ways. They have their own facts that make them unique. Here is a list of interesting facts about these valuable lane separators:

  • Material

Tuff curb lane separators are generally found in PVC material. However, some manufacturers may also offer this product in another material such as rubber or concrete.

  • Size

Tuff curb lane separators come in numerous sizes. You can also join different lane separators together to create a longer segregating line. Tuff curb lane separators are long in shape and may have different elements attached to their base.

  • Customizable section spacing

You can customise the spacing between two Tuff curb lane separators sections to promote water drainage. Depending on your traffic control requirements, you can place them either continuously in a lane or maintain a distance between them.

  • Different base styles

Some Tuff curb lane separators have a fixed base, while others have a quick release base. The fixed base is suitable when you want to install a lane separator for long term usage. On the other hand, a quick-release base is s uitable for temporary lane segregation purposes.

  • Compatible with bollards

Tuff curb lane separators are compatible with different forms of posts, bollards, and signs. You can display traffic signs on them to make your lane separators more effective and beneficial.

  • Valuable features

Tuff curb lane separators have some valuable features that you may not find in other similar products. For instance, they allow users to fit posts or bollards in them to create a stronger barrier between two lanes.


When to use Tuff curb lane separators?

The main purpose of installing lane separators is to segregate motor vehicle traffic, bicycle traffic, or other traffic where it’s necessary.

You can use it to mark a lane for a specific kind of traffic and warn the other forms of traffic to stay out of the marked lane.

The department of transportation uses Tuff curb lane separators to make roads safe for everyone. Whether it is a bicyclist, pedestrian, motor-vehicle driver, or motorist driving on the road, every person should feel protected and valued. Therefore, using Tuff curb lane separators to make lanes or routes for people is one of the best ways of making roads harmless for all.

You can use Tuff lane separators when you want to create bicycle-friendly cycles infrastructure, travel lane, cycleway for cyclists (also can be called protected bike lanes, cycle tracks, bike-friendly bike paths, bike routes for people on bikes, cycle paths for green bicycles, bike paths for bikers, bicycle lanes for cyclists or bicycle riders, bicycle routes for bicycle safety) and two-way roadways for motor vehicles.


How to buy the right Tuff curb lane separator?

When you start looking for the right Tuff curb lane separator, you may find it challenging to select one product out of many available in the market. Keep the following points in mind when purchasing a Tuff curb lane separator so that you can get a suitable product.

Check material type and quality: The Tuff curb lane separator is mostly constructed of plastic. Plastic is a durable material, but not all forms of plastic can be trusted. You should check the type of plastic or the material of the Tuff curb lane separator before choosing a product. The material should be long-lasting and less harmful for the vehicles.

Consider length, width, and height: The size of a Tuff curb lane separator should be according to your bike parking (also can be called on-street parking, bicycle parking, street parking), bike route (also named bicycle lane, protected bike lane, cycle lane, cycle path, side path), cycling culture, cycling infrastructure, sidewalk, and traffic calming needs.

Check colour: You should select a colour of the Tuff curb lane separators that make them visible even when they are installed in a darker area. Common colours of Tuff curb lane separators are white, red, and black.

Check characteristics that enhance its visibility: Some Tuff curb lane separators have reflective tapes on their sides and reflective glass eyes or studs on their surface. These elements make the product reflect when vehicular light falls on it. It is better to get a Tuff curb lane separator that has these reflective elements.

Evaluate durability: Not every Tuff curb lane separator available in the market is durable. You should examine the durability of any product before selecting it.


Is the Tuff curb lane separator the right choice for your roads?

Different types of roads have different traffic management and calming needs. Roads with heavy traffic require more attention because the chances of crashes and collisions between pedestrians, motor vehicles, biking and walking people are high on them.

Therefore, such roads require a particular kind of lane separators to create secure lanes, bikeways, sidewalks, greenways, green lanes, cycling facilities, city cycling tracks, and driveways.

Tuff curb lane separators are good for both heavy traffic and light traffic roads or complete streets. They have their distinct features and qualities, making them unique from other lane separators.

Tuff curb separators have one or two holes on their surface that are designed for the placement of bollards. So, if you want a lane separator that also allows the attachment of bollards and traffic signs, then Tuff curb lane separators are a good option to try.



Tuff curb lane separators are long structures that you can install on roads to physically separate a cycle lane or a bus lane. You can also install different types of traffic signs or bollards on them to make their visibility better.

Tuff curb lane separators are mostly manufactured from plastic which makes them hard enough to stay standing for years and can also absorb pressure. They can withstand heavy pressure and weight. That is why they do not get damaged if a vehicle accidentally drives over them.

Like other forms of lane separators, this form is also very beneficial in reducing the number of road accidents and improving traffic management. They can keep different forms of traffic in different lanes, making sure they do not have any sort of connection with each other. All in all, it helps in saving lives and making roads safe and sound.

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