A comprehensive guide for lane dividers

With the passage of time, the number of road accidents is increasing continuously. There are different reasons behind it, and one of them is creating a common path for different kinds of traffic.

However, you can reduce these numbers of accidents by taking the right precautionary measures. You should use traffic control, traffic calming, and traffic management tools such as lane dividers, etc., to keep different kinds of traffic away from each other.

This article explains everything about lane dividers that you need to learn to understand how this tool is effective in making roads safe.


Introduction to lane dividers

If you are thinking ‘what is a lane separator‘, then here is the answer.

It is a traffic calming, traffic control, and traffic management tool applied on roads and complete streets to separate lanes. It is a multi-use tool that can help you separate the following kinds of routes or tracks:

  • Side path for citizens riding a bike to work
  • Bicycle routes for people going by bicycle
  • Cycle path to use bicycle on
  • Bike parking to keep parked bikes safe
  • Protected bike lane for bikers

Different forms of uk lane dividers are used in different cities of the UK because of their ability to reduce fatalities by making a physically separated bike-friendly bikeway, motor-vehicle track, pedestrian sidewalk, two-way cycle track, walking and biking route.

Forms of lane separators

There are different types of lane divider based on colour, material, shape, and other features. These types of cycle lane dividers) have their own advantages, and they are suitable for different areas. Each type also works in its own way.

Here are different forms of lane separators divided on the basis of different aspects.

  • Similarly, based on the colours of lane dividers, we can say that it exists as a black cycle lane, white lane divider, and red lane defender.

When you select a form of lane separator for your roads, you should consider bicycle traffic, pedestrians traffic, and motorists traffic. Different products are suitable for different types of traffic. You should select a product according to the road traffic where you want to install lane separators.


Advantages of lane dividers

Some people may use alternatives for lane separators to create segregated lines. They may be effective, but there are distinct pros and cons of lane separator as well. If you want to learn the role of lane dividers, read these benefits of lane dividers:

  • Lane separators create a physical boundary between different forms of traffic. For instance, they create a separate lane for buses and keep other vehicular traffic away from them. This makes it easy for buses to travel in a lane at a steady speed without worrying about going at the speed of cars.
  • One of the benefits is also that they can reduce roadside accidents and help save several lives every year in different parts of the world.
  • They can make pedestrians, cycle riders, and bikers feel safe on roads.
  • Creating separate lanes for cyclists and bicyclists promotes cycling culture and encourages people to travel actively more often.

How to find the right lane separator?

You need to consider different things when buying a lane separator. In this purchasing guide of lane separators, you will find the main points that you should keep in mind when buying a lane divider.

  • There are many shapes of lane separators. Lane separators may exist in a narrow form or ellipsoid shape. The former is suitable for heavy traffic areas, while the latter is suitable for low volume traffic areas.
  • There are different lane separator regulations that may vary from one city to the other in the UK. You should learn the regulations of your areas before purchasing lane separators.
  • Many companies in the world produce lane separators. You should learn which the top brands of lane separators are and then select the brand that meets your basic needs.
  • Each form of lane separator has its facts and qualities. You need to learn the qualities of lane separators that you are interested in buying. You should select it only when you think that the qualities of the lane separator match your requirements.
  • As mentioned earlier, lane separators are available in different materials. Some are made up of plastic, while others are made up of rubber. Concrete and steel are also common materials used to make lane separators. You should select the right material while considering the usefulness of each material.

You can choose different products from the top brands of lane dividers – ORCA cycle lane defender, Rosehill narrow cycle lane, Zebra cycle lane separator, Tuff curb lane separator. You can also know facts about lane separator by Armadillo and secrets about lane divider from Sino Concept in our articles.


Lane dividers are beneficial in numerous ways. These traffic control devices can decrease the chances of collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles. If your roads have mixed traffic consisting of cyclists, bicyclists, bikers, and motor vehicles, you need to install lane dividers to create separate paths for cycle traffic, motor traffic, and other traffic.

The department of transportation uses lane dividers to create a bus-only path for buses in order to have more traffic safety, pedestrian safety, and road safety on a roadway, intersection, travel lane, crossing, unmarked crosswalk, and bicycle lane.

You can also install it around roundabouts, bike parking, and bicycle parking to protect the parked vehicle from passersby and other traffic. You should use them around schools, offices, and other heavy traffic areas to create safer roads for people.

There are many advantages of using lane separators. Install them on your roads and complete streets to see these benefits yourself.


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