Specifications and dimensions of our UK Berlin cushions

Speed cushions UK
Length Options
  • 4 parts: 2000 mm (6.56 ft)
  • 6 parts: 3000 mm (9.84 ft)
Width 1800 mm (5.90 ft)
Height 65 mm (2.56 in)
Material Premium recycled rubber (no toxic smell)
Compliance REACH compliant
Packing Plywood crate
Colour Options
  • Red
  • Black
Each Speed Cushion Includes
  • Galvanised hex flange coach screws & Plastic anchors (polypropylene)
  • Plastic caps (polypropylene)
  • Aluminium H-connectors
  • Embedded white glass bead reflective films
Additional Information
  • Special anti-slip surface to prevent falling
  • Length of 2 meters (4 pieces: 2 right angles and 2 left angles)
  • Length of 3 meters (6 pieces: 2 middle sections, 2 right angles and 2 left angles)

UK standards’ speed cushions for safe public traffic calming measures

Are you looking for British standards’ speed cushions to get efficient and low-priced traffic calming measures?

By choosing Sino Concept, you can benefit from vulcanised rubber road cushions at attractive prices.

We strictly manufacture our UK speed cushions model according to the United Kingdom (UK) laws and standards.

This way, our speed tables can be safely installed as a secure and cost-effective traffic-calming solution, ideally for public driveways and roadways.

That’s why our red UK road table is also an excellent alternative to speed bumps (also known as speed ramps or “sleeping policemen”), which are intended to be placed in private zones.

And thanks to its smoother and larger shape, the cushion requires vehicles to slow down but not as drastically as speed ramps or humps. Still, this traffic calming device helps slow traffic speed to a reasonable limit of around 20 mph (30 km/h).

Our UK type also combines strength, elasticity, and durability, making them long-lasting speed cushions under frequent and heavy traffic flow or harsh weather conditions.

Good to know that speed reduction improves pedestrian safety in pedestrian zones, especially in slow zones such as pedestrian crossings or crosswalks.

Indeed, our red UK speed table is highly visible and durable, thanks to the pure rubber colour and white reflective strips.

The recycled and vulcanised pure rubber material provides a stable and economical traffic-calming solution to reduce the speed in the following public areas:

  • Driveways near neighbourhoods or residential areas;
  • Municipalities administrations, public buildings;
  • School zones;
  • The high visibility of our road cushions helps drivers spot our cushions from a distance. And road pillows minimise the impact in case of collision, thanks to the slower traffic speed.

Are you looking for effective and secure traffic calming techniques to purchase directly from a manufacturer? Take a wise step and choose Sino Concept as your direct UK standards speed cushion supplier.

We are ready to provide your needs with our in-house manufactured premium-quality speed tables at attractive prices.

Work directly with the factory and benefit from our road cushions of uncompromising quality at low prices!

What type of road cushions choose?

Our UK-type road cushions are a great alternative to asphalt, concrete or recycled plastic (PVC) speed tables. Indeed, they will not make as much traffic noise as concrete or asphalt road tables, thanks to the elastic rubber material.

In addition, a rubber cushion is also a more economical and durable choice, combined with easy installation for temporary or long-term traffic management operations.

If you are interested in our road cushions, please contact us. We have over twelve years of experience manufacturing traffic control devices and road traffic safety equipment. Our team will be delighted to help with your traffic-calming projects.

Are you a road construction company, pavement marking, work zone or traffic safety equipment reseller looking to widen your product selection with speed cushions or speed breakers?

You reduce additional middlemen from your supply chain and save costs by working with us.

UK speed table compliant with United Kingdom standards

Speed table quality and high standards by Sino Concept

We manufacture our speed tables in our in-house factories in Qingdao, China. Our UK type of speed pillows is 90% recycled and 10% pure rubber with a vulcanised finish for flawless quality.

Thus, we strictly follow each step of our manufacturing process to ensure the high quality of our road pillows.

Our priority is to guarantee robust and flexible products that will last years without maintenance.

Our UK speed pillows are highly noticeable and safe with white vulcanised reflective white stripes to ensure better visibility for road users.

We also design our road cushions with a non-slip surface to prevent possible slipping when bypassing with a motorcycle or bicycle.

Indeed, the friction coefficient, measured with an “SRT pendulum” (Skid Resistance Tester), is greater than 0.65.

Are you interested in speed cushions under other regulations? We also produce models that comply with European and Belgium standards.

If you are not finding the product you are looking for, contact us directly: We are always open to suggestions and eager to discuss launching new custom-made equipment to the market.

Our energetic team will happily assist you with our speed control equipment, such as speed bumps, wheel stops or speed bumps.

Custom-made & easy-to-install UK traffic calming cushion

Are you looking for a custom-made speed table?

Thanks to our expertise in manufacturing traffic calming devices, we can produce the type of speed table adapted to your specifications.

For example, we can modify the colours or attach reflective strips of your choice.

In addition, our road table is convenient and quick to install.

Thanks to the elastic and adapting material of our red UK speed tables, they will adjust wonderfully on the installation surface.

We deliver all our speed pillows with the installation kit, including the necessary galvanised hex flange coach screws and plastic anchors.

The installation is quick and convenient with standard tools and provided accessories.

We recommend you get familiar with local public establishments and authorities to discover the regulations related to road tables.

For example, be cautious of the complying speed limits before installing road tables: An installation might be restricted on the roadway or driveway if the speed limit is too high.

Traffic calming speed cushions securely delivered at attractive prices

Are you wondering about the delivery from our factories in Qingdao, China, to your delivery destination, for example, in the UK? No worries:

  • Our first priority is to ensure flawless delivery and respect deadlines.Since we have more than twelve years of experience in exporting from our factories in China to our clients’ warehouses, we can for sure meet your delivery expectations;
  • Our second priority is to deliver the cushions to you at low prices. Therefore we do not make any profit in terms of delivery costs. Please contact us if you are in London or the United Kingdom (UK). We can handle the delivery and logistics on your behalf without profiting from it – because, as we say at Sino Concept: “Your success is our success!“.
  • Our third priority is ensuring that the cushions are carefully packaged and shipped to arrive in perfect condition. We have a team of dedicated delivery personnel who take great care to ensure that your cushions arrive at their destination in good shape, so you can start using them immediately.

Are you a manufacturer or a retailer specialised in traffic slowing devices, and do you need quality temporary traffic management products at attractive prices?

We have the right solutions available for you. For more information on our UK speed cushions or sales conditions, feel free to reach us directly.

What are the differences between a speed bump and a speed table?

Road bumps and speed tables are similar in many different ways:

  • The main difference is that speed ramps are for private use, ideally for private roads or parking areas;
  • On the other hand, road pillows (cushions) are for public roads to calm down the city traffic;
  • One very noticeable difference is the cushion design and size: speed cushions are larger than speed ramps or speed humps. The larger speed table shape allows traffic volume to flow properly. In comparison, speed bumps are for speed reduction in slow zone areas, for example, near a school zone, work zone or other pedestrian zones.

Do you need speed tables that comply with other regulations (Belgium, Europe, UK)?

Our rubber cushions are an economical and reliable traffic-calming solution to secure road users’ safety, especially pedestrians, for example, on the city streets of the UK.

They are easy to remove off the ground and are best for temporary or long-term vertical traffic calming measures.

Do you have clients abroad who need speed cushions under other standards?

We also manufacture standard speed tables corresponding to other countries’ regulations, like speed tables for Belgium, speed cushions for France and many others.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if:

  • You are looking for more details on our traffic-slowing devices;
  • You are interested in our parking equipment or traffic site management equipment;
  • You are selling pavement markings, traffic cones, bollards, speed curbs, traffic barriers, traffic signals or traffic signage such as: stop signs, speed signs, parking signs, speed limit signs, warning signs or other road signs, and you need to get a wider product range with our speed control equipment.

Also note that besides speed cushions, we manufacture other traffic calming devices to slow traffic. Indeed, we have a broad speed curb and speed hump selection, ideally for a private driveway or roadway.

Discover more information on our speed curb product range or contact us directly. Take a wise step and choose Sino Concept as your manufacturer and supplier of UK standards vulcanised Berlin cushions at low prices!

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