Specifications and dimensions of our Belgium-type speed cushions

Speed cushions Belgium
Length Options
  • 4 parts: 2000 mm (6.56 ft)
  • 6 parts: 3000 mm (9.84 ft)
Width 1800 mm (5.90 ft)
Height 65 mm (2.56 in)
Material Premium recycled rubber (no toxic smell)
Compliance REACH compliant
Packing Plywood crate
Colour Options
  • Red & White
  • Black & White
Each Speed Cushion Includes
  • Galvanised hex flange coach screws & Plastic anchors (polypropylene)
  • Plastic caps (polypropylene)
  • Aluminium H-connectors
Additional Information
  • Fitted with an anti-slip patterned surface for better grip;
  • Length of 2 meters (4 pieces: 2 right angles and 2 left angles);
  • Length of 3 meters (6 pieces: 2 middle sections, 2 right angles and 2 left angles).

Belgium speed cushion for an efficient vertical traffic calming measure

Our Belgium speed cushion, also known as “speed table” or “speed pillow”, is an efficient and economical traffic-calming product to reduce a vehicle’s speed on public driveways, roadways or streets.

We carefully manufactured this product to comply with Belgian standards, making it a perfectly suitable traffic calming technique to slow down vehicular traffic speed on city roads in Belgium.

By manufacturing rubber speed cushions since 2009, we understand the importance of safe traffic calming measures.

Indeed, we manufacture our vulcanised road cushions with 100% rubber to ensure their long-lasting efficiency under heavy traffic flow and harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, we provide all our speed cushions with the necessary fixing kits, including galvanised hex flange coach screws and plastic anchors.

Thus, our road cushions are easy to install and remove, making them an excellent choice for temporary and permanent traffic management and speed control plans.

Ideally, our road cushions are installed in the middle of the traffic lane to calm down exceeding speeds.

Thanks to the cushions’ efficiency, the reduction in speed leads to improved pedestrian safety, especially in slow zones such as pedestrian crossings or crosswalks.

Besides, we attached white vulcanised rubber bands to secure the visibility of our road cushions, especially during dark or foggy weather.

Our road table also has enhanced visibility, thanks to the pure red and white rubber colours. By being easy to recognise, drivers can anticipate their breaking from a distance, day and night.

Very important: speed cushions don’t cause discomfort to high-importance vehicles such as fire trucks or ambulances, improving emergency response rates.

Thanks to the narrow width of our road cushions, which does not cover the entire width of the traffic lane, our Belgium speed tables are an excellent device to slow down traffic speed while allowing ambulances and buses to operate without slowing them down.

Furthermore, to prevent slipping when passing over our Belgian traffic calming cushions, we designed them with a unique non-slip surface.

Indeed, the friction coefficient, measured with an “SRT pendulum” (Skid Resistance Tester), is greater than 0.65.

We recommend getting familiar with local authorities and public establishments to find out information about the regulations relating to road markings and speed limits of the intended public area or street.

This way, you can ensure that the speed table is safe and legal to install.

Buy vulcanised rubber speed tables directly from a manufacturer

By being a direct manufacturer, we can also produce custom-made road tables. For example, we can customise the colours or add a logo of your choice on the cushion surface.

Are you looking for another speed cushion that would meet more general regulations? We also manufacture speed tables complying with European standards and speed cushions for UK (United Kingdom) standards.

Uncompromising quality road cushions by Sino Concept

We design our Belgium road tables with premium quality to allow long-lasting speed-reduction solutions at low prices.

By having over twelve years of experience manufacturing road cushions in Qingdao, China, we understand the importance of economic and safe solutions to calm traffic

Our main goal is to guarantee robust but elastic traffic control devices to improve road safety at attractive prices.

By carefully choosing our raw material suppliers, our road cushions do not have any uncomfortable rubber odour. Instead, our cushions’ material is 90% recycled and 10% pure rubber, finished with vulcanisation treatment.

We also carry out strict quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process. As a result, our road tables are ideal for reducing traffic speed without maintenance needs.

If you want to have a sample of our speed table, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send you a free product sample (delivery fees not included) so that you can confirm the quality before making final purchasing decisions.

Custom rubber road cushions to slow down vehicle speeds

Thanks to our manufacturing expertise in rubber:

  • Traffic calming equipment;
  • Road safety equipment;

We can adapt our rubber cushions carefully to meet your expectations.

We manufacture two models, complying with the standards in force:

  • Red and white;
  • Black and white;

Available in dimensions:

  • 2 meters;
  • 3 meters.

Unlike concrete, asphalt or recycled plastic speed cushions, our rubber speed pillows are durable and easy to install.

Moreover, we deliver our cushions with an installation kit for easy and convenient installation.

Secure shipping of speed cushions and speed tables

We pack our cushions in metal reinforced wooden crates to secure flawless delivery:

  • We fill the cushions in two complete sets per case;
  • With all the elements and necessary fixings.

Besides and if needed, we are happy to arrange the shipping for you from our factory to your final location. And this, without taking any profit from it.

With over twelve years of experience preparing the logistics from Qingdao, China, to Europe and worldwide, we can arrange the delivery effortlessly.

In addition, we can mix different types of products into the container.

Please get in touch with us for further information on our products or sales conditions. We will be delighted to be of your assistance.

Advantages of Belgium traffic calming speed table by Sino Concept

  • We have manufactured road safety equipment in our factories in China since 2009. Thus, you can benefit from premium quality speed pillows at low factory prices. Limit the number of intermediaries in your distribution chain and decrease your costs on traffic safety products.
  • Are you a retailer of traffic safety devices or road signage such as traffic cones, bollards, bike racks or speed signs? Are you looking to buy speed cushions directly from the manufacturer? Then perhaps you would benefit from completing your product range with our road and traffic safety products. If desired, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and give you further information on our pricing of road cushions;
  • Unlike speed humps or bumps, the speed pillow is a better way to reduce traffic accidents on public roads or streets. You may wonder why? Because the speed hump or speed bump covers the entire width of the road, whereas the speed table (or speed cushion) covers only part of the road. Thanks to the narrow width of road cushions, emergency vehicles and busses can drive bypass them without any discomfort;
  • With lower speeds, drivers have more time to react to possible dangers;
  • Compared to concrete, asphalt or hard recycled plastic (PVC) speed cushions, our vulcanised rubber tables are an efficient and economical choice to secure public traffic calming measures. And thanks to the durable and elastic rubber material, our Belgium road cushion makes less traffic noise than concrete or hard PVC speed tables.

Are you looking for traffic-calming speed pillows corresponding to other regulations?

We also manufacture other traffic-calming products, such as speed bumps, speed humps and wheel stops.

Contact us, and our team of traffic and road safety equipment professionals are happy to be of assistance.

We also manufacture parking and road safety equipment, such as speed bumps, lane dividers, wheel stops, speed humps and bike racks.

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