The complete list of Sino Concept wheel stoppers!

Wheel stops, also known as tyre stoppers or parking blocks, are common road safety devices used to limit the movement of vehicles on roadways, driveways and other parking zones. They work as a physical obstruction to prevent the collision of cars and surrounding objects.

In fact, wheel stops increase property value due to the secure car parking area that keeps walls, fences, and doorways safe from accidents.

When talking about parking kerb brands, you can find a long list of wheel stop providers, but you must be very particular about the best brand where you get what you need.

Sino Concept is one of the top brands providing wheel stoppers for traffic safety and giving the best user experience. Here, you can find a complete list of Sino Concept wheel stops.

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Sino Concept wheel stopper made of recycled rubber and pasted with yellow reflective tapes.

What are the qualities of Sino Concept wheel stops?

Sino Concept wheel stops are among the leading UK parking curbs used in parking lots, public parking garages, city streets, and other indoor or outdoor car parking settings. The wheel stoppers are made of 100% recycled rubber and are environmentally friendly.

You can find more qualities of Sino Concept wheel stops here:

  • As the Sino Concept wheel stops neither have recycled plastic nor any low-quality material, they are sturdy enough to bear the traffic flow of steel wheels. Above all, the tires and wheels of motor vehicles remain undamaged.
  • These wheel stops can withstand oil, heat, UV, moisture and harsh weather conditions. If you are fed up with factory chemicals that damage your wheel stops, mark Sino Concept as your first choice.
  • If the ground of your city street or parking garage is uneven, you don’t need to worry about it, as Sino Concept wheel-type stoppers can effortlessly be placed on such surfaces.
  • The wheel assembly of heavy-duty trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles remain undamaged with Sino Concept wheel stoppers because they impact the wheels.
    Sino Concept wheel stops have great visibility, and drivers can observe them from a distance. Yellow, blue and white reflective strips on black wheel stops make them prominent, and you can effortlessly see them from your car mirror.
    You must be clear that – Sino Concept wheel stops don’t lose colour because they are neither powder-coated nor painted. The colour is moulded in the wheel stop manufacturing, so there is no chance of discolouration.
  • When it comes to the installation of Sino Concept wheel stops, thanks to the lightweight material that makes installation DIY a task.
    There is a convenient handle to carry each unit, plus the fixing kit allows wheel stop placement on different surfaces like asphalt or concrete.
A worker is setting rubber material in the mould for manufacturing wheel stoppers.

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    What is the Sino Concept wheel stoppers range?

    Sino Concept wheel stops are cost-effective traffic calming devices, and you can find a wide range of sizes to make the best choice. Here is the complete list of Sino Concept wheel stops with dimensions and their possible uses:

    • The shortest Sino Concept wheel stop dimension is 550 mm. These are around 2 feet long and good to be installed on concrete tarmac asphalt.
      As these wheel stops are short, there are 2 pre-drilled holes for quick installation and easy car parking solutions to avoid car accidents on the walls, neighbours’ sidewalks and other residential settings.
      Typically, you require one unit of these wheel stops for each wheel.
    • Next is a comparatively longer variety of wheel stops, and they are 900 mm. This wheel stops locking vehicles’ tires in warehouses, garages, and parking settings.
    • If you are looking for wheel stoppers for factories, residential, commercial, public or private parking, nothing can beat 1,220 mm tyre stoppers.
      Last but not least, 1,830 mm wheel stoppers are the longest Sino Concept wheel stops ideally used to block buses, trucks wheels, heavy goods vehicles, passenger cars and tyres of other vehicular traffic.
      4 holes allow fixtures to firmly grip the road and ensure wheel stops are not loosely held on the ground. As these wheel stops are longer, you need only one unit for front or rear-end wheels.

    Typically, length is the only factor in wheel stops, and their other dimensions remain constant. The same is the case with the Sino Concept wheel stops.

    The width and height of all the varieties mentioned above are the same, and they are 100 mm high and 150 mm wide.

    Four different sizes of rubber wheel stoppers manufactured by Sino Concept

    What are the advantages of Sino Concept wheel stops?

    If you are looking for the most durable, long-lasting and economical wheel stops, Sino Concept should be your first and last choice. Their huge advantages make Sino Concept prominent and the ultimate choice for road safety products.

    For example, their carefully selected raw material turns into sturdy wheel stops that work for years. In addition, Sino Concept wheel stops have an advantage over recycled plastic, or concrete wheel stops in many ways.

    First, the bright colour of the rubber wheel stops does not dissolve in water. Their colour remains intact in high rainfall, snow or storms to alert drivers. But concrete wheel stops have painted surfaces, and the colours fade due to natural elements like rain, heat, or moisture.

    The same is true with many plastic wheel stops; you must repaint them to make them visible.

    At the same time, Sino Concept’s quality products do not break, crack or rot indoors or outdoors. They are sturdy enough to bear wear and tear on the road.

    A long Sino Concept wheel stopper made of recycled rubber

    Does Sino Concept offer custom-made wheel stoppers?

    Sino Concept is one of a few brands offering custom-made tyre stoppers at an affordable price. Usually, you can order any style from the product range, which will be of excellent quality.

    But if you want to customise wheel stops of any specific colour, dimension, or other variation, you will be entertained with the best services.

    Similarly, all-wheel stops have a Sino Concept brand logo, but if you want to add a moulded logo on the tyre stopper, you can avail of this customization option.

    Remember, all-wheel stops at Sino Concept have premium quality, and the road safety products are equally suitable for indoor or outdoor parking zones. So, contact the Sino Concept team to discuss more details and lock your order.

    It is common for wheel stops to damage vehicular traffic’s custom rims and rubber wheels. This problem arises if the wheel stops are not correctly designed, but Sino Concept wheel stops are made under quality control check.

    So, they cannot affect wheel alignment or brakes, brake shoes, discs, rear brake, brake pad, brake rotors, bolt pattern and even bearings.

    Sino concept wheel stopper made of rubber and can be customized with your log on the surface


    Wheel stops are traffic control devices that stop car wheels, truck wheels, electric car wheels, oversized vehicles and other four-wheel vehicles.

    Sometimes, the drivers are at high speed, cannot access the correct parking spot, and extend the car to the sidewalk or pavement. But wheel stoppers signal drivers that it is the right spot to stop and lock the car.

    When the bumpers of vehicles are not out of the parking range, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and people of all ages will move safely.

    So, ensure a proper parking system for cars, heavy-duty vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles and other lorries for safe parking.



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