Specifications and dimensions of our roadworks beacon delineators

Metal roadworks beacon
Height 1000 mm (39 in)
Galvanised steel angle 20 mm x 15 mm (0.78 in x 0.59 in)
Galvanised steel plate 150 mm x 375 mm (5.9 in x 14.7 in)
Reflective Sheeting Options
  • Engineering-Grade (RA1)
  • High-Intensity Prismatic Grade (RA2)
Packing Plywood crate
Additional Information
  • Construction guidance beacon made of galvanised steel;
  • Assembled by 3 solid steel rivets;
  • Sharp chisel tip for quick and easy installation;
  • Manufactured according to European standard.

Why choose our roadworks beacon as construction site equipment?

This type of roadworks beacon is mainly used in France but also in some other countries in Europe.

It is used on construction sites and temporary road maintenance projects to guide and warn road users of the work zone. Limiting work zone areas on public and private roads is also ideal.

To ensure its visibility day and night, we at Sino Concept offer metal roadworks beacons with reflective film class 1 and 2. The T1 reflective film is ideal for daytime road construction projects when the view is clear.

We suggest our road beacon with reflective film class 2 for improved visibility at night or from a long distance. Our high-performance reflective films are excellent for increasing the safety of all road users, including pedestrians.

The small metal roadworks beacon is also the best to protect road construction operators and vehicular traffic near the road work site.

Moreover, we manufacture metal roadworks beacons in Qingdao, China. That allows you to benefit from competitive prices with top-quality traffic beacons.

Also, we manufacture roadworks beacons in plastic and traffic delineator panels for the Northern Europe market.

The use of roadworks beacon allows:

  • To ensure the safety of road maintenance operators in road construction projects;
  • To warn all road users of the restricted construction area.

What to know about our metal traffic beacon type?

Different models of roadworks beacons

We manufacture two models of roadworks beacons with single and double-sided retroreflective films.

The traffic metal beacon consists of a sturdy steel tube and a plate with either T1 or T2 retroreflective films, making it a high-performance road marking device day and night.

Moreover, we finish our reflective sheets with a special anti-UV treatment to enhance their durability against the impact of sunlight. We also manufacture a Scandinavian traffic beacon.

Use of roadworks beacons

Are you a supplier of traffic safety equipment, or do you need road safety equipment for road maintenance projects?

Or is your business related to temporary traffic management equipment to secure work areas?

Excellent! Indeed, we at Sino Concept have been manufacturing road safety equipment since 2009.

That’s why we understand the importance of supplying you with competitively priced road devices of uncompromising quality.

Metal beacon to ease temporary traffic management plans

We designed our metal delineator beacon with a specially structured end to ease the installation.

Indeed, the steel bevelled tip allows quick connecting to the ground.

For further information about construction and worksite equipment and management, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our team specialising in temporary road traffic safety is always ready to help.

Why choose the small roadworks beacon by sino concept?

Direct manufacturer of temporary traffic management equipment

We manufacture our roadworks beacon of hot-dip galvanised steel to ensure quality over the years of active temporary traffic control.

Besides, we connect the base plate and aluminium support tube with solid steel rivets, improving the resistance and safety of the road construction safety markings.

We at Sino Concept carry out careful quality checks at each manufacturing stage to ensure resistant and long-lasting traffic control beacons.

This way, you can enjoy the benefit of providing quality traffic safety equipment for your clients.

Quality roadworks beacons at reasonable prices

Our primary goal is to manufacture all our products with attractive pricing but without compromising quality.

Choosing to work with Sino Concept allows you to benefit from a delineator beacon with the fairest price in the market. Indeed, we manufacture our roadworks beacons at our factories in Qingdao, China.

With our in-house factories, quality control, and European management, you enjoy the benefit of both worlds.

Indeed, we at Sino Concept have more than twelve years of experience manufacturing temporary traffic-controlling equipment and road safety devices.

Please contact us for further information on our manufacturing processes, sales conditions, and products!

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