Characteristics Metal roadworks beacon
Height 1300 mm
Width 280mm
Thickness 60mm
  • Adhesive Film space 250 mm x 1000 mm;
  • Bottom connection 60 mm x 60 mm;
  • Top connection part Ø 42 mm diameter;
  • Weight: 2.7 kilograms;
  • Material 100% pure high-density polyethene (HPDE) plastic made by a blown moulding technique.

What to know about our plastic roadwork beacon?

The roadworks beacon has various names in the road safety industry.

For example, the PVC road beacon is also known as a traffic delineator, plastic delineator panel, road beacon, and safety beacon, among many others.

Because we at Sino Concept have manufactured temporary traffic control equipment since 2009 in our factories in Qingdao, China, we understand the high importance of durable and competitively priced traffic beacons to succeed in your temporary road and traffic management projects.

Our roadworks beacon design is similar to its little brother, the “Northern Europe delineator panel“. And the smaller road beacon is also essential road guidance equipment in the temporary traffic management product category.

This safety beacon is most common in Northern Europe, for example, in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Why choose Sino Concept to buy traffic delineators?

Where are traffic panels ideally installed?

Ideally, the PVC road beacon is installed on the side of the road or in the middle of the traffic lane to indicate driving directions during temporary traffic control projects, such as federal highways, road construction maintenance services or any construction project.

The beacon panel helps to protect the road work zone from cars and other vehicular traffic.

For example, it is excellent for use on highways, roadways and urban areas to indicate road closures and intersection roads in maintenance or construction work zones.

Enhanced visibility and quality of our roadworks beacons

We offer our roadworks beacons with high-quality reflective films to improve their visibility during night, foggy or rainy weather.

Indeed, thanks to our strict quality control and measurements, our PVC delineator panels will last for years, even through difficult or harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, our plastic beacon has an additional option for attaching a warning or safety lamp of your choice on top of the panel for improved traffic safety and visibility.

Road beacon panel customisation options available

We at Sino Concept are versatile and do our best to adapt to your requirements to help you succeed in your business.

Therefore, we offer a wide selection of reflective films, including film grades of class 1 and class 2.

Moreover, we have numerous customisation possibilities thanks to our company structure and moderate size.

We can adjust the delineator panel colours, for example, from white to black or blue, or stick to the reflective film brand of your choice.

Which type of reflective film to choose for your traffic beacon panel?

We offer and stick retroreflective films of your choice. Our selection of reflective films includes class 1 and class 2 types of reflective films.

  • Roadworks beacon with class 1 adhesive film is ideal for slow traffic areas and instalment on roadways. It offers excellent visibility during the day and is especially helpful on short and temporary traffic management projects.
  • Roadworks beacon with class 2 adhesive film is better for highways or other high-speed traffic zones. It has higher retroreflective values and offers improved visibility day and night, even from long distances.

The design of our traffic delineator panel

We manufacture our plastic road beacon by a blow moulding technique.

The structure is sturdy, with sufficient space for retroreflecting red and white film sheets inclined at 45 degrees. The bottom connection part dimension is a square of 60 mm x 60 mm.

This square size allows easy installation on Europe’s most common rubber or plastic baseplates.

The top part size is a diameter of Ø 42 mm. In addition, we designed the top and bottom connection parts with a special structure for easy grip and handling.

Moreover, we integrated our safety delineator panel with a unique self-locking stacking system for convenient storage.

Also, the Ø 42 mm diameter top part allows easy warning and safety lamps to be installed easily.

For the following reasons, our delineator panel does not include integrated steel or aluminium tubes:

  • In the event of an accident, it could be more dangerous;
  • The recycling of the road beacon will be more convenient.

What makes us say that our traffic road beacons have an uncompromising quality?

To ensure that our delineator panel lasts through challenging weather conditions such as cold winters and stormy days, we have increased the thickness of the plastic in several strategic places.

The sturdy designs allow you to use it for years and benefit from maintenance-free road construction signalling equipment.

What makes our red and white delineator beacon by Sino Concept an economical choice?

We manufacture our temporary traffic management equipment in large quantities to allow low production costs and for you to receive road marking and traffic control devices at low, competitive prices.

The material we use in our PVC road panels is pure, non-recycled, high-density polyethene (HDPE). The virgin plastic HDPE material allows the beacon to return to its shape in case of impact.

What is the main weakness of recycled plastic delineator panels? We at Sino Concept chose to manufacture our safety traffic panels of virgin plastic.

In comparison, cheaper, recycled plastic road beacons are stiff and break more easily over time.

Therefore, recycled PVC beacons are not a good choice, resulting in increased maintenance and road safety material costs in the long run.

Any questions about our traffic delineator posts?

What models of plastic safety beacons do we offer?

At Sino Concept, you can choose between the five following traffic beacon panel models:

  • Film on 1 right side for traffic delineators on the right of the road;
  • Film on 1 left side for the traffic delineators to the left of the road;
  • Film on 2 sides left/left;
  • Film on 2 sides right/right;
  • Film on 2 sides, left/right.

Where is the traffic delineator panel most commonly used?

Ideally used as temporary road guidance and marking equipment on:

  • Driveways with separate traffic lanes;
  • Federal motorways;
  • Highways;
  • Sometimes in urban areas by communities or public works companies.

Please contact us if you need another type of delineator panel or advice. We at Sino Concept are delighted to be of your assistance, and our product customisation possibilities are numerous.

EU-type delineator beacons for temporary traffic management projects

Our EU road beacon helps indicate a driving direction, allowing smooth traffic flow on temporary traffic management projects.

Also, the PVC road beacon is an excellent road dividing alignment and is a vital part of the vertical signage product range.

In addition, our safety beacon is helpful for warning road users of the dangers on the road and helping car drivers to avoid various obstacles, such as holes and fractures in the roadway.