Modular speed bump features

Characteristics Modular speed bump
  • Mid sections: 1830 mm (6 ft)
  • End-caps: 190 mm (0.62 ft)
Height 50 mm (2 in)
Width 300 mm (0.98 ft)
Material Plastic-Rubber composite
Max. guidance speed (mph) 10 mph
  • Private driveway, site and road construction zone, parking space, etc.
  • Warning: Speed bumps are not for use on a roadway or nearby an intersection, crosswalk or roundabout. You should consider using a speed cushion that will not disturb any emergency vehicle, motorist or bicycle crossing.
Product information
  • Convenient built-in interlocking system for quick installation.
  • Eight integrated cat-eye reflectors for enhanced visibility day and night.
  • Two integrated underlying channels for cable protection.
  • Skid-proof surface manufactured from Plastic-Rubber composite.
  • Matching American standard regulations (IFE, FHWA) and European standards.

Plastic-Rubber composite speed ramp on sale for efficient traffic calming measures by Sino Concept

Set up with regulatory road signs and traffic signals, our one-part speed bumps are an essential piece of traffic calming and private car park equipment. They improve pedestrian zone safety by reducing the exceeding vehicle speeds.

Indeed, the maximum speed allowed by our road ramp is a low speed of 10 miles per hour (about 15 km/h). And by regulating speed limits, road users can cross the speed ramps without discomfort.

Are you looking to purchase speed bumps or humps directly from a factory?

At Sino Concept, we have been manufacturing one-part road bumps for more than ten years.

This equipment is an economical but efficient choice to secure pedestrians’ safety in private areas. We recommend our speed table or speed cushion models for public traffic calming measures.

Please contact us for further information on our road safety products or sales conditions.

Good to know our speed ramps are resistant to heavy traffic volume and frequent vehicle passages. And this is thanks to our manufacturing process based on premium Plastic-Rubber composite materials.

In addition, our one-part road ramp will help slow down drivers and vehicles, just like our road bump or speed hump.

Indeed, our speed ramp is a must-have product for convenient speed reduction in private low-speed areas.

Are you looking for safe traffic calming devices directly from a manufacturer? We combine quality and design at competitive prices, and our road ramp fulfils all the following advantages:

  • A solid solution to reduce vehicles’ speeds on private roadways, parking lots and other parking facilities;
  • Thanks to its eight integrated cat-eyes and colours, yellow and black, improved visibility. Therefore drivers can anticipate their braking and slow down from a distance before driving over the speed breaker;
  • We also integrate two underlying channels for cable protection. Our one-part speed ramp can be used as a cable protector while decreasing vehicle speeds. Thus, ensure road traffic safety and select Sino Concept as your supplier of traffic calming products and road safety devices.

Discover below more details about our traffic speed bump. Please contact us if you are interested in our one-part road bump or other models like the 5cm speed bump or 7cm speed bump.

We also manufacture complementary products like 600mm speed humps or 900mm speed humps.

We are delighted to give you any advice on your parking equipment or temporary traffic control products.

Our road calming equipment is mainly intended for:

  • Traffic signage manufacturers offer regulatory signs such as speed limit signs, parking signs, or traffic control signs;
  • Road and traffic safety equipment retailer of products such as traffic beacons or street signs;
  • Any company selling speed control equipment or car park management equipment, such as wheel stops or traffic lane dividers.

Why choose the yellow and black one part speed bump by Sino Concept?

Heavy-duty speed ramps with flawless quality

The quality and durability of our road bumps mainly come from our suppliers’ raw materials we choose wisely.

This makes the speed ramp economical, durable and less noisy than those made from hard pure plastic (PVC) or concrete.

Are you worried about the lousy rubber or PVC odour? We have carefully selected our raw materials at Sino Concept to tackle the smell issue.

That’s why our Plastic-Rubber composite one-part ramps do not have any uncomfortable odour.

Moreover, we also carry out systematic quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process.

You can then receive flawless speed bumps for private parking areas & traffic calming measures.

Would you first be interested in checking the quality of our one-part speed bump? We can also send you product samples for free (shipping fee not included).

Visibility and robustness of one-part speed ramp

Sino Concept’s one-part speed curbs ensure optimum visibility on the road. Indeed, the eight cat-eye reflectors help drivers to notice our speed ramp day and night.

We also recommend setting up speed bumps and humps with traffic warning signs for improved speed reduction. This will help drivers to anticipate their braking before driving over the sleeping policeman.

Are you looking for a way to reduce speeding in car parks or private areas?

By choosing Sino Concept as a safety ramp supplier, you will benefit from flawless quality products resistant to heavy traffic and weather conditions, even in the long run. Indeed our road ramps are resistant to the following:

  • Heavy traffic flow;
  • Any weather conditions.

Our Plastic-Rubber composite heavy-duty ramps are flexible and won’t harm cars the same way as concrete, hard plastic PVC or asphalt speed humps.

Plastic-Rubber composite speed breakers also make less traffic noise than speed ramps made of other hard materials.

One-part speed breakers at competitive prices

Are you looking for a quality one-part speed curb with the prices of a direct manufacturer?

Work with us and profit from factory-direct prices by buying straight from a manufacturer.

We have manufactured speed reducers in Qingdao, China, since 2009.

Our experience shows us the importance of economic but quality traffic calming measures.

Making us your direct supplier means:

  • Reducing the number of intermediaries in the supply chain;
  • And benefit from the lowest prices in the market.

You can also mix different types of traffic and street furniture products (plastic, metal, steel) into a container to reduce costs.

Please feel free to discover our wide selection of speed ramps or humps.

Sino Concept manufacturer of premium quality road bumps

Would you be interested in viewing our other traffic calming equipment and car park accessories? Our products are intended to:

  • Factories manufacturing regulatory traffic signs such as stop signs, speed signs or pavement markings companies;
  • Retailers of road construction equipment such as reflective traffic cones or road beacons;
  • Any companies related to the selling or using of private or urban areas equipment.

We at Sino Concept serve buyers who need quality traffic safety products. We also manufacture complementary products such as speed humps and speed ramps. And we manufacture speed tables and cushions for public vertical traffic calming measures.

Please, contact us for further information. We will be happy to help!

Custom-made road ramps

You are a retailer, a manufacturer or a rental company of road safety products, and you would like traffic calming equipment at attractive prices?

To adapt our products to private roads and car parks, we can customise our speed bumps at Sino Concept.

Thanks to the know-how of our specialists in the field of Plastic-Rubber composite manufacturing, we can provide tailor-made speed bumps.

For example, we can add logos or design signs on the speed bumps and humps.

If you are interested in our traffic control devices, feel free to share your ideas with us, we are delighted to support you in your traffic calming equipment operations.

Easy-to-install one-part safety speed bump

Easy to set up and remove, our road bump is an efficient solution to slow down vehicles on parking facilities or private roads.

We provide all of our safety bumps with the necessary installation kit, including:

  • Steel bolts;
  • Washers;
  • Plastic anchors.

Indeed, our speed bump is quickly bolted with standard tools.

By choosing Sino Concept as your heavy-duty speed ramp supplier, you will benefit from a solid speed ramp fixed to the ground.

Logistics and shipping of traffic calming devices

To ensure flawless delivery, we pack all the one-part sleeping policemen into pallet collars. The careful packing provides safe transportation from our factory to your destination.

Are you unsure how to handle the logistics from our factories in China to your destination?

We have the know-how and experience in exporting worldwide, especially to Europe (UK, Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Finland, etc.) since 2009.

Important: We manage the supply chain as a service and do not profit from it.

So take advantage of buying one-part speed ramps directly from the manufacturer to fulfil your traffic calming device supplies!

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