Specifications and dimensions of our 5 cm speed bumps

5 cm speed bump
  • Middle part: 500 mm (20 in)
  • End cap: 250 mm (10 in)
Width 350 mm (14 in)
Height 50 mm (2 in)
Material Plastic-Rubber composite
Packing Plywood crate or plywood skeleton crate
  • Private driveway, site and road construction zone, parking space, etc.
  • Warning: Speed bumps are not used on a roadway or nearby an intersection,
    crosswalk or roundabout. Instead, you should consider using a speed cushion that will not
    disturb the crossing of any emergency vehicle, motorist or bicycle.
Additional Information
  • Manufactured of Plastic-Rubber composite with an anti-slip surface.
  • Interlocking yellow and black middle and end parts.
  • Glass bead reflectors for enhanced visibility day and night.
  • Convenient built-in interlocking system.
  • Almost no odour, thanks to our premium raw materials.
  • Slow down vehicles up to 12 mph (20 km/h).

5 cm height Plastic-Rubber composite speed ramp by Sino Concept

The 5 cm speed bump by Sino Concept is a necessary piece of traffic calming equipment to calm down vehicles to 12 mph (20 km/h). Our 50 mm height speed ramp is manufactured with high standards to provide enhanced safety on private roads and parking lots.

Used to help speed vehicle reduction, speed bumps and speed humps can be mainly associated with the following:

  • Regulatory traffic and parking signs;
  • Pavement markings.

More specifically, our 5 cm speed ramps are installed on private school zones, neighbourhoods, hospital entrances, and car parks to improve pedestrian safety. A slow speed gives drivers and pedestrians more time to react to possible dangers and hazards.

And in the case of a speed crossing, the impact will be less harmful and cause less damage than with a higher speed bump. But it remains a great way to regulate speed vehicles et raise drivers’ awareness about the speed limits.

Who can buy Sino Concept’s speed bumps and humps?

Are you a road traffic safety product retailer? Do you sell rumble strips, traffic cones, wheel stops, lane separators, speed signs, traffic signs, road signs or other traffic signage or control equipment?

If yes, feel free to contact us; You could be interested in our traffic-control products.

Indeed, we have the know-how to manufacture quality traffic-slowing equipment since 2009 in our factories in Qingdao, China.

And to guarantee that our traffic bumps are flawless, we proceed to strict quality controls at each stage of the manufacturing process.

We provide all our road bumps with the installation kit, including all the necessary: Hex flange coach screws and plastic anchors.

Thus, the speed ramp’s permanent fixing goes easily onto any surface. Enjoy an easy set-up of speed bumps by making Sino Concept your speed ramp supplier.

Our 5 cm height traffic speed bump helps to reduce the speed of the vehicles to 12 miles per hour (20 km/h) without causing harm to the overpassing cars.

Technical details related to our speed bumps

Thanks to the interlocking system of our traffic speed bumps and humps, you can assemble the speed bump middle and end parts for the length of your choice.

The interlocking system prevents the parts from disconnecting in the long run.

In addition, our 5 cm height speed bump and our one-part (modular) road bump have an underlying channel that can be used for cable protection.

If you need a higher speed ramp for a more proactive traffic calming measure, we also manufacture a 7 cm speed bump.

Note: According to local regulations, our 5 cm speed bump is the best for private spaces and car park areas. Indeed, our 5 cm (50 mm) traffic calming curb is often suited for:

Car parking halls; Shopping area entrances; Private driveways; Any other public establishments. It is also one of the best solutions for any private spaces or car park zones where traffic control devices must maintain roads safer.

Manufacturer of high-quality 5 cm Plastic-Rubber composite road bumps

For public roadways and urban areas speed-reducing measures, you should use speed cushions and regulatory traffic control signs.

The advantage of a speed table is that it allows emergency vehicles or any public transportation (like buses) to pass without discomfort, thanks to its narrower width. Indeed, with speed tables, only the speeds of the cars and vehicles are reduced, allowing a smooth traffic flow.

Besides, standard speed bumps can be used in highway service areas, car parks or private zones. Discover the details of our 5 cm black and yellow speed bump below. And for more information on our Plastic-Rubber composite road ramp selection, please feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to help.

You might be interested in our 600mm speed hump and 900mm speed hump for a similar design as speed cushions but for private roads.

Know-how and experience in Plastic-Rubber composite speed ramp manufacturing

By choosing Sino Concept as your speed bumps and car park management supplier, you will benefit from traffic-calming equipment with excellent quality/price ratios. Cut out the middleman from the supply chain and purchase directly from our factory.

To ensure that our speed ramps are flawless, we proceed to quality controls at each step of the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, thanks to our experience in manufacturing safety speed bumps since 2009, we have the know-how to provide premium quality speed curbs to fulfil any requirements in road calming and car park safety accessories.

All our car speed bumps benefit from an integrated locking system that allows you to assemble your speed bump parts easier.

Also, in the long run, and thanks to its bottom shape, our speed ramp will absorb shocks and impacts with the following:

  • Less traffic noise;
  • Without harming the crossing vehicle.

Indeed, driving over our sleeping policeman makes much less noise when compared to hard recycled plastic (PVC), asphalt or concrete speed ramps. It is one of the disadvantages of speed bumps made of materials other than Plastic-Rubber composite.

Logistics and transportation of our heavy-duty speed bumps

We have over ten years of experience in exports from our factories in China. Working with Sino Concept, you do not need to worry about how to handle transportation.

Indeed, with our expertise and know-how, we can arrange the complete delivery from our factory to the location you need. Are you in the UK, France, Germany or anywhere else in Europe or the world?

We can arrange the delivery for you since we have vast transportation possibilities. And that, thanks to our customers all over the world.

So that our speed bumps arrive safely, we pack our 5 cm heavy-duty speed bumps into sturdy pallet collars to ensure safe transportation over the sea.

Please take advantage of our traffic safety products delivered to you at attractive prices!

Are you wondering about the pricing? Or would you be interested in discovering more about how our speed breaker stock is managed in our factory and warehouse facilities in Qingdao, China?

In any case, feel free to contact our team for further information about the availability of our traffic-calming products. We will be delighted to manufacture the right traffic-calming solutions for you.

Custom-made road Plastic-Rubber composite speed bumps

Are you a reseller of car park equipment or a road sign manufacturer?

Do you want to complete your range of products with our speed bumps and humps? Or do you want your company logo to appear on the speed ramps?

At Sino Concept, we have manufactured Plastic-Rubber composite safety road bumps since 2009 and have the know-how to customise our products according to your requirements.

For example, we can:

  • Add your logo to any product;
  • Change the colours according to your specifications, and so on.

If you are interested in customising our speed hump or bump, feel free to contact us – we have plenty of options to offer.

Are you wondering about road speed bump prices, or are you interested in purchasing speed ramps directly from a manufacturer?

Then choose Sino Concept to work with a team of experts in car park products & road calming equipment.

5 cm height road safety speed bumps adapted to your private roads and car park facilities

Do you have any questions about our 5 cm Plastic-Rubber composite speed hump or car park management products? Or would you be interested in checking out our 7 cm height speed bump or our one-part speed bump? Or are you looking for public space equipment? We also manufacture different models of rubber speed cushions and tables.

Did you know we manufacture steel products such as parking barriers and bollards?

View our product pages for further information, or contact us directly. Besides, we also manufacture 2-, 3-, and 5-channel cable protectors & hose ramps and lane separators.

Quality of the 50 mm height speed ramp by Sino Concept

Are you worried that speed exceeding could cause fatalities?

We do know the importance of efficient speed control measures. That’s why we manufacture our road safety bumps from a mix of anti-UV rubber and PVC (Plastic-Rubber composite).

And thanks to our carefully selected raw materials, the speed ramp has almost no rubber or plastic odour.

Our speed curb is made of premium material to provide optimum durability against frequent vehicle crossings and harsh weather.

Our 50 mm speed ramp also has a non-slip surface. It provides solid friction and prevents slipping while driving over it, meaning more safety for a cyclist or for motorists and car drivers.

Choose Sino Concept and gain from working directly with a factory. Contact us for any information on the quality of our speed ramps.

Enhanced visibility of our 50 mm sleeping policeman and road bump

Did you think about possible damage or hazard caused by a lack of efficient traffic control measures?

It is indeed crucial for any pedestrian zone safety that drivers can anticipate their braking. Therefore, our yellow and black safety ramps are easily spotted on the road for optimum protection, thanks to their bright colour.

Our speed bumps are also highly visible since they have built-in glass bead reflectors, which provide enhanced visibility day and night, even under rain or dark weather.

Indeed, our road bumps are a safe solution to reduce speed in any private area or road.

Furthermore, thanks to our speed bumps’ excellent visibility, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists enjoy safe walking or driving around crosswalks.

Sometimes, a sleeping policeman is set up with warning signs to improve its visibility even more.

Convenient installation of our car speed bumps

Our 5 cm speed reducers are easy to install on the ground. Indeed, our road ramps guarantee a solid and quick fixing to the ground with no need for maintenance.

Thanks to the integrated connecting system, you can quickly assemble the speed bump middle section and end-cap parts to get the length of your choice.

This way, our wide range of speed bumps improves the safety of car park facilities and private spaces.

Take a step and choose the speed ramps by Sino Concept to benefit from quality traffic calming equipment at competitive prices.

Contact us for any further information about private traffic control equipment.

Would you like to see the quality of our 5 cm Plastic-Rubber composite speed breakers before purchasing? We will gladly send you free samples (delivery fees and VAT not included).

Our full range of Speed bumps and speed humps