Specifications and dimensions of our 7 cm speed bumps

Speed bump 7 cm
  • Middle part: 500 mm (20 in)
  • End cap: 250 mm (10 in)
Width 400 mm (16 in)
Height 70 mm (2.75 in)
Material Plastic-Rubber composite
Packing Plywood crate or plywood skeleton crate
Additional Information
  • Interlocking yellow and black coloured speed bump middle sections and end-cap parts.
  • Manufactured from premium quality Plastic-Rubber composite material (zero paint used).
  • Anti-slip surface to prevent falling.
  • Glass bead reflectors for enhanced visibility.
  • Convenient installation with a built-in interlocking system.
  • Make drivers reduce their speeds to 6 mph (10 km/h).
  • Warning: A speed bump or hump can be used in a driveway or private space. It is not to be used nearby an intersection, a crosswalk, a pedestrian crossing or a slow public zone. For that, you should use a speed cushion (or speed table), which helps to respect the speed limit without annoying specified road users (motorists, cyclists, bicyclists or buses).

The 7 cm height Plastic-Rubber composite speed bump by Sino Concept

The 7 cm height speed bump by Sino Concept is a traffic-calming measure for private roads and car park areas to slow down vehicles. Indeed, this road bump makes cars drive at a lower traffic speed, around 6 miles per hour (10 km/h).

Our road bumps can also be passed by any other vehicle, like motorcycles, bicycles, emergency vehicles or public transportation, without any harm or discomfort to the vehicle.

Take a wise step and choose Sino Concept to ensure safety in private traffic-calming projects. We manufacture our speed bumps and humps according to high standards.

Thus, we proceed to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process for our safety speed bumps.

Our speed ramps are mainly installed on the following:

  • Private roads: Neighbourhoods, driveways, among many others;
  • Private zones with public access: Car parks, shopping centres, universities, hospitals, parking lots, car parks, shopping centres, and so on.

Are you looking for efficient speed control devices to use in private areas? Are you either retailer or a company specialising in traffic control devices?

If yes, we have the right speed reduction solutions for you at Sino Concept.

Our 7 cm speed bumps or any speed bumps and humps are perfectly manufactured to slow down traffic on private parking facilities and roads, indoors or outdoors. For roadway traffic measures, we also manufacture speed cushions and speed tables.

Are you worried about the toxic smell of our speed ramps?

We take speed curb odour seriously: Our speed breakers almost have no rubber or plastic odour, thanks to our carefully selected premium raw materials.

So choose Sino Concept as your direct supplier and ensure the success of your car park management & road traffic safety projects.

Would you like to check out our other type of speed bump? View our 5 cm height speed bump model above.

For any further information or inquiries, please contact us directly. Our professional team in car park management products will be delighted to help.

Sino Concept speed ramps for a quick and convenient installation

All our speed bumps and humps can be installed easily with standard tools. We integrated a connection system into our speed ramp parts to make the installation even more convenient.

Thus, you can quickly assemble our road bump parts for the length of your choice in private slow-speed driveways. Our integrated connection system also keeps the speed ramp parts aligned even after several years of installation.

We provide our 7 cm heavy-duty speed curbs with the necessary fixing kit, including:

  • Premium-quality galvanised hex flange coach screws
  • Plastic anchors

Are you a company specialised in traffic signs, road markings, public works or pavement markings? And would you like to fulfil your product range with traffic cones, wheel stops, speed cushions, speed humps and other traffic control devices?

Then take a wise step and choose Sino Concept as your traffic management and speed control equipment supplier with the best quality/price ratio in the market.

Are you looking for a shorter model speed bump for a less aggressive traffic-calming solution? We also manufacture a 5 cm height speed bump.

Premium quality road bumps guaranteed by our manufacturing expertise

We manufacture our black and yellow 7 cm height road ramps to withstand frequent traffic and challenging weather conditions.

To ensure flawless quality, we designed our road bumps to last: We have achieved the bright yellow colour of our sleeping policeman by adding three pure yellow layers. Indeed, we do not use any paint in our speed ramps.

Thanks to the premium recycled material, our 7 cm road ramp lasts under different weathers, UV-light and heavy traffic volumes.

This makes our speed ramp a solid solution to calm traffic in private low-speed areas.

Are you a retailer or manufacturer of traffic signage, road signs, work zones or highway road construction equipment? Or a company specialized in temporary traffic management or traffic control projects?

Custom-made speed ramps to match vertical traffic calming measures

Set up with parking and traffic control signs, our speed ramps are an efficient solution for private traffic calming.

Indeed, to make sure our speed bumps can perfectly adapt to your private road calming needs, we also offer custom-made speed ramps and, for example:

  • You can choose the colour of the speed bump;
  • We can integrate any logo.

With over ten years of experience in manufacturing and designing traffic and road-calming products, we have the know-how to adapt to your road bump requirements.

For any custom-made speed bump inquiries, feel free to contact us directly. Our expert team in car park management products will be happy to be of your assistance.

Did you know we manufacture complimentary traffic calming products such as 600 mm speed humps, 900 mm speed humps, road speed tables and road reflector studs?

Sleeping policeman with competitive factory-direct prices

Are you looking for a quality Plastic-Rubber composite road bump supplier with attractive prices? Take advantage and work directly with the factory.

Contact us for further information on our 7 cm height speed bump pricing.

As a speed reduction equipment manufacturer for more than ten years, we at Sino Concept can undoubtedly meet your expectations.

Indeed, our speed breakers have one of the market’s best price/quality ratios.

So cut the middlemen in your supply chain, choose Sino Concept as your direct heavy-duty speed bumps and humps supplier, and enjoy premium quality road bumps at factory-direct prices.

For any questions about our sleeping policeman quality, please contact us directly.

Plastic-Rubber composite road bumps by Sino Concept for increased safety on private roads and parking areas

Premium quality of our traffic calming devices

We manufacture our speed bumps and humps from a mix of recycled rubber and PVC (Plastic-Rubber composite).

We carefully select raw materials that guarantee resistance to UV rays and harsh weather.

Indeed, it can withstand heavy traffic passages with no maintenance required.

All these are thanks to our premium raw materials and strict manufacturing quality control.

Good to know:

  • Our speed ramp is suited for any private indoor and outdoor setting;
  • Its integrated anti-slippery surface decreases the risk of falling and slipping when driving by;
  • We manufacture our speed ramps with precisely selected raw materials to ensure that the odour will not be too strong.

Yellow and black speed bumps’ enhanced visibility

Our speed-reducing curb is an efficient way to calm down traffic on private parking areas and roads. The embedded glass bead reflectors and bright colours make it highly visible day and night.

And thanks to this enhanced visibility:

Drivers can anticipate braking from a distance; Cars can pass our speed breaker without harming the vehicle with a maximum guidance speed of 6 mph (10 km/h).

Whether you want to reduce the speeds of regular cars or heavy vehicles, our speed breakers are a safe solution because of their optimised visibility.

Are you looking for a safe solution to ensure safety in private pedestrian zones?

Accompanied by traffic signals and road signs, our speed bumps are a great way to slow traffic to secure pedestrian safety, for example, on crosswalks.

Durable speed ramps with less traffic noise

With our robust and evident 7 cm speed bumps, drivers will regulate their speed limits and ensure the safety of the vehicles and pedestrians.

Our great-designed speed ramps will not harm vehicles thanks to the flexible Plastic-Rubber composite material.

This is not the case with concrete, asphalt, and hard recycled plastic (PVC) speed humps which are way more harmful to vehicles and noisier.

For additional information on our traffic-calming equipment, feel free to contact us. Also, we will be happy to send free samples (delivery fee not included) if desired. Besides speed bumps, you might be interested in viewing our speed hump models.

Do you have any questions regarding our sleeping policeman? Feel free to contact us directly; We will be happy to give you more information about private parking lot accessories and traffic calming equipment.

For your information, we also manufacture a one-part speed bump model.

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