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All that you need to know about Broxap Sheffield cycle stands!

The use of cycles and bikes is increasing in some societies because these vehicles offer many physical and environmental benefits. People use them to reach their destination without fuel and polluting their environment.

42% of people living in the UK own a bike or have access to it. Seeing this increasing interest, parking lot owners and many people are now installing bike racks in their garages or parking facilities.

However, they often struggle to select the right or famous bike rack brands.

This article discusses the popular Sheffield bike stand by the famous brand Broxap. Go through the article to find out if this rack type is the right fit for your garage.

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Two black Sheffield-style bicycle racks provide secure parking and storage for bicycles in public areas.

A brief introduction to Broxap

Broxap is a UK-based company that supplies street furniture, bike stands, parking control equipment, and picnic tables throughout the UK.

The company was established in 1946, and it has since been producing quality products to make parking lots, roads, and playgrounds secure for people.

They have an extensive collection of cycle racks and even cycle shelters that people often buy together to design and build a durable bicycle parking area. Broxap produces quality products in different sizes and from other materials. It gives its purchasers many options to choose their desired product.

Some red Sheffield-style bike racks with bicycles parked on them.

Broxap Sheffield cycle stand

Broxap Sheffield cycle stand is a quality product to secure your bike or cycle in different ways. It is available in various sizes and finishing options.

You can request the manufacturer to provide you with a rack with a finish from any of the following options:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Polyester powder coated
  • Polyurethane coated

You can also get it in any colour of your choice. These options help people select a rack that suits their needs and parking lot décor.

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      Key features:

      • It has two fixing types: base-plated and root-fixed.
      • It can be used to store or lock two cycles.
      • The width of a standard unit is 715mm, and the height is 800mm.
      • The diameter of the tube of a standard cycle stand is 48.3mm.
      • The company recommends that users maintain a spacing of 800mm between two Sheffield cycle stands.
      Orange Sheffield cycle stands used for bike parking.

      Broxap Sheffield cycle rack has five stands

      This bicycle rack can secure up to 10 cycles or bikes simultaneously. It provides different ways of locking the bike in a bike storage area. You can secure the bike frame and its front wheel from any side of the bike rack.

      A standard Broxap Sheffield cycle rack has five stands, but you can ask the manufacturers to provide a frame with 3, 4, or 6 stands. Its bolt-together design allows the user to replace a perspective if it has become nonfunctional or damaged.

      Generally, it is hot-dip galvanised for rust protection, but you can also get it coated with polyester powder. The size of each stand can also be customised.

      Key features:

      • The width of a standard stand is 715mm wide, and the height is 800mm.
      • It is available in different colours, including jet black, traffic red, traffic yellow, and holly green.
      A Sheffield bicycle rack with a rail underneath, with a dark gray bike parked on it.

      How to install a Sheffield stand?

      Installing a Sheffield stand is simple, but people often get it wrong. Follow these instructions to establish a bicycle or cycle storage area rack correctly.

      Step 1: Dig two holes in the hard surface you want to install the bike rack. Make sure the distance between these holes is according to the distance between the legs of the Sheffield stand.

      Step 2: Clean those holes with no concrete, dirt or debris.

      Step 3: Insert the legs of the Sheffield bike rack into holes. If the stand is 1000 to 1100 mm high, at least 350 mm of its legs should be inserted in holes.

      Step 4: Concrete stand legs into place by pouring freshly prepared concrete into each hole. Let the material dry.

      A 3D illustration displaying the dimensions and installation requirements of a Sheffield bicycle rack.

      What are the different types of bicycle racks?

      Cycle racks are manufactured in different forms to fulfil the diverse needs of the cycling community. Here are the standard conditions of the best bike storage rack you can find in the market.

      Grid rack: It consists of two horizontal metal bars. There are different numbers of vertical bars connected to horizontal bars. You can secure your bike’s wheel from either side of the grid rack. However, it does not let you lock both the wheel and the frame.

      Spiral rack: It has a spiral formation. Although it looks good aesthetically, it is not as functional as other forms of racks in cycle parking. The user must lift the bike wheels to lock them to the rack.

      Bollard: They are bollards but have one or two arms people can use to lock their bikes or bicycles.

      A black grid-style cycle rack, a steel spiral rack, and some bollard style bike racks used for bike parking.

      What kinds of bike locks are used to lock a bike with a Sheffield bike rack securely?

      People use a variety of bike locks to secure their bikes onto bike racks in parking spaces or cycle facilities. But the most common forms of locks are:

      U-locks: As their name suggests, these locks have a U-like shape. They come in varying arm lengths. You can get a lock according to the tube size of your storage racks and the size of road bike frames or tires. When you purchase a U-lock, ensure it does not have excess slack, as it gives a lock breakage opportunity to thieves.

      Cable locks: They have a chain and cable style. They offer more flexibility compared to U-locks. However, they are not considered as reliable and protective as U-locks are. It is chiefly because cable locks are easier to break compared to U-locks.

      A bicycle is locked with a red U-lock onto a red Sheffield-style bicycle rack, while some other bicycles are secured with cable locks onto steel bicycle racks.

      How to choose the right location for a Sheffield bike rack?

      The installation site of bike lockers and folding bike racks should be carefully and logically selected. It should not cause inconvenience to vehicular traffic as well as foot traffic.

      If you plan to install a single Sheffield bicycle stand for cyclists, ensure it does not disturb the pedestrian flow or nearby infrastructure.

      Similarly, when planning to install a series of Sheffield bike stands for secure parking, give enough space to bikers and bicyclists to park and remove their vehicles without colliding with the neighbouring bike storage rack, bicycle frame, bicycle frame or bollard.

      Black Sheffield bike stands mounted on the ground for bike parking.


      A Broxap Sheffield bike stand is used for bicycle safety in the bike parking space. You can use it for various bikes, including mountain, custom, and indoor cycles. It can be customised according to the unique needs of the user.

      Cycling or bike storage facilities provide convenient ways of securing bikes and cycles. They are designed to ensure cyclists and bikers have enough space to park their vehicles.

      Bike racks, including Broxap Sheffield cycle stands, have many valuable features that you can use to make your bike parking garages bicycle-friendly. Analyse these features wisely to select the right bike rack for your parking needs.



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