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Sino Concept: how did everything start?


Hey, I'm Felix Bizouard, I am French and have been living in China since 2008. I opened Sino Concept in Qingdao in 2009. We have now 3 factories, where we manufacture rubber, metal and plastic products.

Hey, I'm Felix Bizouard, I am French and have been living in China since 2008. I opened Sino Concept in Qingdao in 2009. We have now 3 factories, where we manufacture rubber, metal and plastic products.

Our mission:

We help you to reduce your cost and import Traffic control & Parking Equipment directly from our factories in China.

Our clients:

We help companies looking to grow their business, reduce their costs by buying directly from the manufacturer. If you also want to grow your business, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or online store, feel free to contact us! We export our products to more than 20 countries: 80% in Europe and 20% in the rest of the world.

When you think about importing from China, you might be concerned about the following

  • Quality issues or nonconformities.
  • Unreliable packing & damaged goods.
  • Communication problems & misunderstandings.
  • Logistics & customs clearance problems.

We have GOOD NEWS for you! The reason why we have created Sino Concept is to face all these problems!


Quality first:

By having our own 3 factories here in Qingdao, managed by both European and Chinese people, we can ensure you will get the product you are expecting. Do you want to check our quality? Don't hesitate to ask for free samples!


Reliable packing:

We pack all our products into steel racks, wooden crates or metal pallets. This guarantees safe transportation (China is very far from your place), safe unloading & easy storage in your warehouse.


Reduce your shipping costs:

You don't know how to import from China and deliver the products to your warehouse? Don't worry, our team can arrange your order from our factory to your place!


Overcome communication barriers:

We have sales offices in France, Germany and Finland, so we can easily communicate with you.



If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message below or email us at [email protected], you can also reach our French office on 0033 9 71 39 29 67.


We are always happy to help, as much as we can!

1 piece 300 mm traffic road cone by Sino Concept

We manufacture our 30 cm height traffic cones of bright fluorescent PVC since they are one of our most common cone models sold today. Its standard height of 300 mm, bright orange colour and reflective strips class 1 or 2 make it hard to miss when placed on a private road.

Also, thanks to its flexible PVC material, it returns to its original shape after impacts, making it a durable and long-lasting product.

Moreover, the 200 x 200 mm bottom base dimension provides ideal stability for private areas such as construction zones, parking lots, private roads, driving schools, events, and trade shows. As our 30 cm plastic cone weighs 0.5 kg, carrying it around is easy and convenient. And as a direct traffic safety product supplier since 2009, we can also deliver this 300 mm caution cone worldwide to any country in the world.

Would you be interested in another size or type of product? We also offer you 500 mm and 750 mm highway cones with a weighted base for improved outdoor stability.

Information about our 30 cm traffic and safety cone

Since we are a direct manufacturer, we manufacture 30 cm traffic safety cone, but for higher needs, we can also offer:

Highly visible reflective 30 cm PVC safety cone for sale

We provide our safety orange cone with high-visibility reflective tape strips to ensure it is easy to see at day and nighttime. Indeed, we attach premium quality reflective material sheeting to offer all-around 360-degree visibility. Also, our reflector strips will not fade under exposure to UV rays or sunlight.

You can choose between class 1 or class 2 sleeve films depending on your needs or budget. We recommend choosing class 1 film for use in clear weather or areas with enough lighting, such as street lamps or vehicle headlights. Furthermore, if you need devices that have to be functional in low-visibility conditions, we recommend choosing class 2 high-visibility reflective films.

Custom-made PVC orange cones to suit your requirements

Are you looking for traffic equipment with specific dimensions, colours, reflector stripe tapes, specific text or company logo attached? At Sino Concept, we provide traffic control devices with exclusive features.

It means that we can modify our product sizes, add your logo and offer them to you in fluorescent colours of red, green, orange, purple, blue or yellow. If you are looking for traffic management tools that will not roll over in the wind or staked to the ground, you can check our 500 mm traffic cone and 750 mm road safety cones with weighted base parts. For any further information on our customisation possibilities, please feel free to contact our helpful and professional team of sales representatives.

Competitive prices traffic cone UK for sale

Are you looking to save money when purchasing construction cones? Excellent to hear: We do not offer shopping carts or discount codes, but as a manufacturer, we can provide you with bulk amounts of products at factory-direct prices. We can make products at competitive rates that are hard to beat. How about the price per item? The total price depends on the size, materials, desired quantity and design.

Indeed, we can offer you red-orange warning cones at low costs. To discover more information on our sales conditions, accessories or product prices, please contact us. Please note that our prices do not incl. GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Discover more about Sino Concept’s construction cone

Where to use our 300 mm height traffic control cone?

In general, our roadway cones are essential tools in traffic management and work area protection worldwide.

They can be used for management on roads and highways, at airports, intersections, traffic incidents, or road construction projects.

Instead, we recommend our 0.5 kg weight street cone only be used on private applications such as driving schools, sports events and shopping centres as it is less visible and stable than our warning cones of 50 cm and 75 cm height.

Parking cone supplies UK of the finest quality

We manufacture our stackable cones of 100% high-quality raw materials and premium PVC.

As a manufacturer, we guarantee the durability, stability and functionality of all of our products. Indeed, thanks to our local production in Qingdao, China and precise quality control, we can offer you equipment with a flawless finish.

If you would like to examine our product quality before purchasing, please get in touch with us, we are happy to send you samples for free with just the cost of shipping.

Worldwide road safety traffic cone delivery service

We deliver our products to any country in the world even though we mainly have primarily from the United Kingdom (UK), Belgium, France, Poland, Germany, Netherlands etc. We offer door-to-door delivery service to your destination and keep you informed throughout the transportation.

And to ensure you receive the product shipment without damages, we pack the products into sturdy heavy-duty wooden crates to guarantee their safe arrival and easy storage in your warehouse. If you have any questions about our delivery methods or need more product details, please contact our professional sales staff.

Combine street furniture and traffic safety products from a one-stop supplier

Are you looking to purchase equipment suitable for management on public roads, highways and intersections? Or do you also require urban steel furnishings? Or are you looking to buy bulk amounts of plastic cones directly from the supplier? Or are you a store owner or is your business related to pavement marking, outdoor safety signs, custom signs, parking signs, construction signs, home garden protection, school signs, parking signs, road flares or even safety vests?

Then you are at the right place. Indeed, we have quick manufacturing times and product stock to fulfil your supply needs. If you would like to place your order today, please get in touch with us with your requirements and quantities since we at Sino Concept offer an impressive range of products for sale.

Our urban street furniture and traffic management selection includes steel bike racks, parking bollards, retractable litter bins, recycled rubber speed bumps, speed humps, hose ramps, wheel stops, lane curbs and other types of accessories. This means we can combine many kinds of products into the shipment container, which may allow you to save time and shipping expenses when sourcing.

Are you a reseller of road marking machines, led light power supplies, hand-held warning lights, hose fittings, bike storage systems, fixing kits, water taps or fillable water PVC bags? If yes, we are also sure that our products could be a great addition to your business.

In any case, we are sure that our 300 mm crowd control cone would be the perfect addition to your product range. Add our traffic safety supplies to your stock, and you will be able to offer your customers fantastic quality traffic warning safety equipment at affordable prices.

So if you have any questions regarding our type of products, accessories or delivery conditions, please get in touch with us today as we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

In addition, please feel free to view our new catalogue to discover more about our temporary traffic management goods and accessories.

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