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1-piece PVC traffic road cone 50 cm by Sino Concept

If you are looking for construction cones, safety cones or orange cones used for the construction site zone, go with our 1-piece injection moulded 500 mm PVC cone. Indeed, we manufacture our PVC cones of pure and high-quality plastic.

The durable material ensures that our roadway cones withstand traffic and harsh weather impacts.

And since all our street cones go through a final examination before shipment, we are sure they will meet your strict quality requirements.

As a direct manufacturer, we can modify our bright orange cone design, dimensions and colour and let you choose our cone with high reflective sleeves in classes 1 and 2.

In general, our 50 cm cones are favoured by traffic management and construction companies and road cone resellers because of their high visibility, attractive price and lightweight but sturdy PVC material.

Indeed, we have received five stars rated product reviews and feedback from our traffic safety store clients.

We are happy to offer these crowd control cones in large bulk quantities at affordable factory-direct prices (no VAT included).

We can provide plastic cones on time thanks to our quick production times. So please, send us your product requirements and quantities, and we will gladly send you an offer.

And if you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or contact form or directly call our staff! We always reply within 24 hours.

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What to know more about our 50 cm traffic safety cones?

Where are our 50 cm height plastic cones ideal for use?

Our medium-sized traffic cones (500 mm) are ideal for traffic control measures, construction sites and safety applications.

For example, they can be installed in traffic islands, parking lots, intersections, construction zones or for site protection during construction road works.

Due to their moderate height, weight and stability, our roadside cones are a popular solution for outdoor traffic management applications.

Our 1-piece 50 cm road work cones are great for traffic safety measures, like collapsible cones, expandable cone barrier bars, construction signs, parking signs, sign stands, school signs or other types of road signage and equipment.

Hi reflective sheeting traffic warning cones for sale

Our 50 cm height road cone models are available with high reflective sheeting class 1 and high-intensity class 2.

We recommend class 1 striping films for daytime use in low-traffic volume areas.

The class 2 reflective strips ensure that our 50 cm PVC cone stays visible and functional during poor visibility situations such as nighttime.

Please contact our sales staff if you require further assistance with our film options.

Our energetic and professional sales team is happy to help you with your traffic safety equipment needs.

Do you require any further details about our products? Please contact us; We will gladly provide the necessary information.

How do we manufacture our PVC road cones?

We choose high-quality and 100% PVC raw materials for our roadway cones. The raw plastic materials are tested during production, polished and cleaned before injection moulding.

After the injection process and attaching reflective stripes, our road cones are hand-inspected before being manually packed for quality control.

Finally, we pack the products into sturdy heavy-duty wooden crates to ensure safe shipment from our factory to your delivery destination.

Furthermore, we manufacture our road cones UK to comply with European and EU standards regarding the reflective stripes, colour, material and cone dimensions.

So you no longer have to worry about placing an order from the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland etc.

Why choose Sino Concept to purchase 50 cm safety cones?

Orange safety cone supplies at competitive prices

Are you looking to buy PVC cones online at a factory-direct price? In that case, you will discover that our traffic safety equipment is excellent for the money.

Thanks to our local manufacturing, you can cut the middlemen of your supply chain and save money when sourcing goods.

Purchase cones in bulk at low economic costs simply by placing your order online or e-mailing our friendly customer service team.

Are you a product seller or safety store owner specialising in traffic control devices, pavement marking, traffic barrier systems, traffic signs, no-parking bollards, road signs, warning signs or even aid kits?

If so, you can also take advantage of our factory-direct cone prices to stock up your warehouse or road construction projects with excellent equipment.

So, would you like to place your cone order today?

Our 50 cm orange traffic cones will be safely delivered to you worldwide within a short period, thanks to our worldwide delivery service.

Please contact our sales team today for more information on the price per unit or quick product delivery.

More than a road-traffic control equipment manufacturer

In addition to safety orange cones, we manufacture urban steel furnishings and traffic management products.

So, we at Sino Concept can provide speed bumps, rubber base ramps, cable protector ramps, bike racks, receptacle litter bins, and pedestrian crowd barriers at one stop.

Combine our road cones with other traffic management products to get complete traffic safety system supplies.

Another benefit is adding and packing different products in the same shipping container to keep transportation costs low.

Are you a shop owner or a reseller of road markers, caution tapes, bollard posts, crossing signs, street signs, information signs, safety signs or road flares? Then we are made to work together!

Indeed, you may take advantage of our 50 cm plastic cone supplies at factory-direct prices. Also, to view our entire product range, please visit our new catalogue page.

Please contact our friendly and helpful European management team if you have any inquiries regarding our goods or need a price per item.

Place your 500 mm traffic cone UK order!

Our selection does not include a shopping basket or cart, but we can offer UK stackable cones manufactured to your specifications.

So, please contact us today with your list of products, quantities, and reflective tape film types, and we will get back to you with a quotation and affordable safety cone prices as soon as possible.

Is your business related to equipment such as cone kit chain systems, self-weighted cones and barrier systems?

Or floor signs, custom signs, caution signs or security signs?

Excellent, then we are a great match to work together. If you have questions, you can reach us via our contact form, e-mail, call or add us on LinkedIn for a quick chat.

Do you want to know more about our cone manufacturing processes, delivery methods or price per item?

Contact us or get more information about our factories and company through our ”About Us” section.

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