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750 mm road traffic cone by Sino Concept

We manufacture our 75 cm self-weighted road cones of pure plastic. Indeed, our hi-reflective cones are ideal traffic control devices used as a visual warning to drivers and pedestrians and to regulate traffic flow.

Thanks to the cone heavyweight (4.3 kg) and black base part, they can not be easily knocked over by high wind or large vehicles such as trucks, buses and cars.

As a result, our 750 mm weighted cone is ideally used on temporary traffic management, worksite protection, highway maintenance, road construction sites, streets and roadways, intersections and other road safety situations.

Moreover, we ensure that our 2-piece road cones are of excellent quality: Before shipping, each street cone goes through various inspection and quality control processes before being packed for delivery.

We mainly ship 75 cm cones throughout the UK (United Kingdom), France, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, even though we have the capacity to export worldwide.

To guarantee our heavy-duty 750 mm traffic cones excellent visibility even during night or low-visibility conditions, we suggest reflective sheeting with a single sleeve or two stripes of:

  • Class RA1 (engineering grade);
  • Class RA2 (high-intensity grade);
  • Class RA3 (prismatic grade).

Are you a traffic safety equipment shop owner or selling traffic signs, no-parking signs, barrier posts, road flares, pavement marking services, construction signs or even safety vests?

You might also benefit from adding our competitively priced 750 mm weighted traffic cones to your product stock.

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Need more information about our traffic safety cones?

Fantastic 750 mm traffic cone (weighted) durability

At Sino Concept, we can ensure that our safety orange cones are of the finest quality.

We manufacture our plastic cones with professional traffic cone production equipment and by pure PVC injection moulding method.

Also, we put high-visibility and durable reflective sheeting to ensure our 75 cm traffic cones comply with European, EU, UK and international standards.

It makes each traffic safety cone by Sino Concept perfect for temporary or long-term use in rural and city areas.

We also have received excellent customer feedback (5 stars) about our traffic cones’ durability and reflectivity.

Would you like to examine the construction cone quality before purchasing?

Then get in touch with our helpful sales team, and we will be happy to send you our traffic cone product sample with just the shipping cost.

Custom 750 mm height traffic control cones are available

Do you have special requirements related to road cones?

If so, we can work with you to develop a traffic cone that meets your needs.

Indeed, our product engineer experts can help design custom PVC cones for use at warehouses, factories, sports stadiums, basketball training, trade shows, schools, airports or any areas where traffic control is essential.

For example, we can offer caution cones in bespoke dimensions and various colours, such as bright yellow, red, green, blue, purple or orange-red.

Please let us know your highway cone requirements, and we would be happy to provide you with more information!

Heavy-duty road safety cones at economical prices

Are you looking to buy 75 cm orange cones in large bulk quantities?

In that case, we are proud to offer our 750 mm traffic cone at factory-direct prices at Sino Concept.

We are one of the few traffic equipment suppliers that can provide premium-quality traffic cones and excellent customer service.

This is thanks to our European management team and direct product manufacturing in Qingdao, China.

Would you be interested in our self-weighted road cone price (no VAT incl.) or in learning more about us?

In that case, please feel free to contact us.

Why make Sino Concept your direct safety cones manufacturer?

Secure reflective cone packing and worldwide delivery

We have been shipping traffic cones, street furniture and other equipment worldwide since 2009.

So you no longer have to worry about logistics – we at Sino Concept manufacture the products and ship them to you in flawless condition.

We pack them precisely into heavy-duty wooden pallets to ensure that our work zone cones arrive in the best possible condition.

And to further minimise damage during shipment, we wrap each PVC cone pallet individually with stretch-wrap plastic film.

Would you like to learn more about our delivery methods, product accessories or price per unit?

In that case, please contact our professional sales team.

Weighted 750 mm PVC safety cones and urban street furniture

Besides 75 cm (weighted) highway cones, we produce road traffic equipment and steel site furnishings.

Our wide selection includes crowd control barriers, parking bollards, cycle racks, outdoor fencing, litter bins, cable covers, speed bumps, road humps, speed cushions, and wheel stops, among many other products.

This allows you to combine traffic equipment and street furniture at one stop when sourcing.

Also, thanks to our space-efficient packing methods and vast product range, you may save time and delivery costs when working with us.

Are you a traffic safety store owner, or are you selling convex mirrors, road signs, guide signs, cone plastic chain sets, floor signs, sign stands, safety signs, parking signs or pedestrian safety barriers?

If so, we could be an ideal supplier to fulfil your stock with our weighted 750 mm PVC cones.

Order 75 cm roadway cones today!

If our 750 mm self-weighted cone matches your requirements and you want to proceed with the order, please fill out our online contact form.

Our helpful team of sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us through LinkedIn chat or by email.

What is more? Thanks to our fast cone manufacturing time, possible product stock and responsive customer service, we can quickly have your 75 cm street cones ready for shipment.

Do you have any questions about our product range, delivery options or price per street cone?

Please contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

And to discover our entire product range of road safety, site furnishings and traffic control devices, feel free to view our product catalogue page.

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