Everything you need to know about Checkers speed bumps

With the increase in road accidents, traffic control and traffic management devices have been a necessity. Federal highway administration and municipalities should install speed bumps, speed humps, reflective traffic cones, speed ramps, flashing regulatory signs, speed cushions and other traffic safety tools to make roads safe for pedestrians and vehicular drivers.

Compared to other traffic control devices, speed bumps have a deflective raised surface that discourages high speed and helps management impose speed limits.

If you are looking for a speed-bump for your roadway or driveway, you may come across many speed bump brands, including Checkers speed bumps. Read this article to learn about this brand and determine whether you should invest in it or not.


4 ft recycled plastic speed bump

These road bumps are manufactured of 100% solid plastic and have a solid yellow colour. So they don’t need paint or other reflective elements. These simple structures are more suitable for parking lots and garages where drivers and pedestrians are close to each other.

They are available in different forms. Some have the hardware, while others don’t have it. Speed bumps with hardware can be installed on concrete or asphalt pavement with the help of lag bolts or steel spikes.

They can slow down the speed of a motorist, cyclist, bicyclist, and emergency vehicle driver to promote pedestrian safety and traffic safety.


6 ft recycled plastic speed bump

Characteristics of 6 ft recycled plastic speed bumps are the same as the characteristics of the speed bump product explained above. They just differ in their sizes.

If you think 4 ft speed bumps are shorter for your city streets, warehouses, and bike lanes, you can choose 6 ft speed bumps.

You can install stop signs, traffic signs, speed signs, parking signs, speed limit signs, and traffic control signs with these speed bumps to warn drivers of their presence in advance.


9 ft recycled plastic speed bump

Easy Rider speed bumps are made up of recycled plastic and have a channelled bottom to protect cables or facilitate drainage. They have cat eyes to enhance their visibility at night.

They are somewhat flexible, thus helping reduce traffic noise. You can install them in areas where you want to decrease vehicular speed from 2 to 5 miles per hour (mph).

They are bolted to the ground and are available in different forms, slightly varying from each other on the basis of their installation procedure.


Alley speed bump

Alley speed bumps are constructed of recycled rubber. They are available in two sizes – one is 4 inches long, and the other is 6 inches long. There is another version that comes with an end-cap attached to each end.

They have yellow stripes that increase their visibility and reduce tripping hazards. They also have a high life expectancy because of their resistance to a number of environmental factors like UV radiation, sunlight, and chemicals.

You can place them strategically spaced apart with a speed hump, speed table, signage, rumple-strip, speed cushion, bollard, and stop-sign to increase their efficacy and better manage motor-vehicle speed.



If you want to calm traffic or reduce traffic volume in a slow zone, unsafe roundabout, two-way intersection, crosswalk, sidewalk, parking space, or any heavy duty neighbourhood, you should consider installing Checkers speed bumps and other traffic safety products.

Traffic calming measures, including wheel stops, sign-posts, road signs, yield signs, bollards, traffic signals, car stops, speed breakers, rumble strips, traffic barriers, pavement markings, and wheel chocks, are important for roads and streets where speed reduction is required.

Install them on your own if you are the property owner, or request the municipality or the department of transportation to install them to reduce accident hazards in your area.


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