A complete purchasing guide for speed bumps buyers

In almost every state of the world, including the UK, speed bumps or speed breakers seem like the main solution to reduce the discomfort of traffic flow at roadways. Many municipalities and traffic engineering authorities are looking for dealerships of speed bumps and traffic cones with insurance rates.

In addition to this, the need for stop signs and other traffic-calming measures is increasing because it increases pedestrian safety.

A little research and analysis about the Bankrate, salesperson, extended warranties, manufacturer, brand, and speed efficiency are necessary. Accordingly, the following guide will help you get your hands on the perfect speed bump or speed hump for your locality in the UK.

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Famous speed bumps brands!

Choosing a reliable and famous brand for speed bump is also a headache for most buyers. Not all brands of speed bumps are available with properties to satisfy the buyers and the traffic control authorities. That’s why it’s suggested to consider a long list of options while choosing the right brand of the speed bumps in the UK.

You must know about the efficiency of the brand in providing speed bumps with reliable quality to the municipal committees around the UK. However, the shipping methods, prices, quality of materials, and the versatility of the speed bumps are some other factors that must be present in the chosen brand. The speed bumps of famous brands are fully inspected and perfectly made to easily drive the emergency vehicle on the crosswalk.

Anyhow, there’s a long list of the famous speed bump brands. You can reach them out pretty quickly and get the most appropriate types of speed bumps. In the section below, there’re 6 famous brands for speed bumps:

  • Easy Rider
  • JSP
  • Checkers
  • Seton
  • Traffic Logix
  • Sino Concept

How to choose the right speed bump for private roads?

If you’re looking for quality speed bumps for private roads, you must look for many other factors than the reliable brand and suppliers.

Speed bumps are versatile, including rubber speed bumps, concrete speed bumps, metal speed bumps, etc. Thus, the right choice of the speed bumps depends on the need and the scenarios of installation.

Once you get your hands on the best manufacturer or supplier of speed bumps in the UK, the next step is to contact them. You can reach out to the supplier through their website or contact number. The support team will get back to you with answers to your questions.

Besides the types, speed bumps can be temporary or permanent depending on the locality you’re installing these traffic restrictions. Both temporary and permanent speed bumps come with their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the buyers should evaluate all factors before getting their hands on the correct speed bumps.

How much do speed bumps cost?

If you talk about the cost of the speed bumps, different manufacturers offer different speed bumps prices depending on the type, quality, material, labour cost, delivery fee and etc. Many factors alter the cost of the speed bumps.

Overall, the price of the speed bumps is pretty high to install and even more expensive to maintain. You can bargain with the supplier for some negotiation on the purchase of speed bumps. However, it’s pretty cost-effective for all the municipal committees to install the bumps on every turn and road in the UK.

The Traffic Regulation Order also justifies the price of the speed bumps. But the Traffic choices can alter the purchasing and installation cost.

The buyers can also get a discount on the bulk purchase of the speed bumps from the manufacturers. Thus, if you’re looking to get the reasonable cost of the speed bumps, it’s preferred to purchase in bulk.

Where to purchase speed bumps?

The importance of maintaining the traffic measures and lowering dynamic speed for better emergency response in all states of the UK has made the authorities concerned to take serious actions about lowering traffic volume and slow-down the motoring. That’s why buyers’ demand for a reliable yet reasonable supplier of the speed bumps is increasing day by day. There’s a long list of trustworthy manufacturers or suppliers that provide a good deal of speed control speed bumps without scams when it comes to the UK.

Many buyers get bewildered about choosing the right place to buy the speed bumps for street, roadway, privately owned walk-away, pedestrian crossing, and highway. If you’re searching for the same, don’t worry! The process is pretty simple. When looking for the perfect place for purchasing speed bumps in the UK, you must know the type of speed bump or speed table you need.

Once you get your hands on the best manufacturer or supplier of speed bumps in the UK, the next step is to contact them. You can reach out to the supplier through their website or contact number. The support team will get back to you with answers to your questions.

The intersection or speed control bump in the road improves traffic safety, issues traffic limits, controls the speeding of vehicles, and gives a safe driveway to emergency vehicles by limiting collision. In addition to this, buyers should consider the proper spacing between the traffic control devices lowers the traffic volume, reduces the wear-and-tear caused by speeding, and improves speed control.


Speed bump suppliers in the UK

Getting your hands on a reliable brand of speed bumps isn’t enough. You should also look for reliable suppliers offering the highest quality of speed bumps in the UK. When looking for long-lasting speed bumps, a supplier or a manufacturer is the first need you should go for.

The UK has many reliable suppliers who’re famous for providing speed bumps around the globe. The prices are also reasonable, so you don’t have to explore further to get speed bumps for the streets or roadways. The following section contains several top suppliers in the UK who go the extra mile in satisfying their customers with the best services of delivery, installation, and maintenance of the speed bumps. These suppliers include:

  • The Ramp People
  • Barriers Direct
  • Pittman Traffic
  • Street Solutions UK
  • Start Traffic
  • The Workplace Depot
  • Rosehill Highways

Factors to consider while choosing the speed bumps

There’s no need for you to get bewildered by the large variety of speed bumps at the supplier’s site. You can select the right option by considering the following points in mind:

  • Make sure about the traffic restrictions of the area where you need to install the speed bumps
  • Don’t forget to look for the speed limit of the area before choosing the right speed bumps
  • Look for the availability of traffic lights before purchasing the speed restrictions
  • Check the quality of the materials used in the construction of speed bumps
  • Choose the appropriate type of the speed bump
  • Consider the installation and the maintenance factor before spending your money on speed bumps
  • Inspect the acceleration limit and motorist speed in the parking lots


Speed bumps or calming traffic measures play the leading role in improving pedestrians’ safety and slowing down the speed of the vehicles. Both residential and commercial areas in the UK contain small and large speed bumps.

However, purchasing the best speed bumps is not a big deal now. The above guide contains some essential factors that you need to consider while selecting the best speed bumps.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re purchasing speed bumps for worksites, residential areas, roadways, or highways; you can follow the above guidelines to make your money worth it.


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