Specifications and dimensions of our 900 mm Parking wheel stops

900 mm wheel stop
  • Length: 900 mm (3 ft)
  • Width: 150 mm (6 in)
  • Height: 100 mm (4 in)
Material Plastic-Rubber composite
Compliance REACH compliant
Packing Plywood pallet or plywood crate
Reflective Films
  • Available colours: Yellow, white
  • Principle of reflection: Glass beads
Each Wheel Stop Includes
  • 2 galvanised hex flange coach screws & 2 plastic anchors (polypropylene)
  • 2 plastic caps (polypropylene)
  • 2 yellow or white glass bead reflective films on each side

900 mm Plastic-Rubber composite parking block by Sino Concept

The 900 mm parking wheel stop is the most popular wheel stop model. Its convenient size is ideal for helping people park their cars in the right place. We manufacture our wheel stops from a mix of recycled rubber and plastic (Plastic-Rubber composite).

Thanks to the premium raw material and anti-UV treatment, our parking blocks are durable when installed outdoors or indoors. Compared to concrete or plastic (PVC) parking curbs, our Plastic-Rubber composite parking curb is superior.

Indeed, Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stoppers will not crack or break, and the colour will not fade, even after long periods.

Our 900 mm tyre stoppers can be used in parking garages, warehouses, electric vehicle charging, airport parking areas, or any car park setting.

They are ideal for preventing accidents between vehicles, cars and obstacles such as walls by stopping wheels.

Moreover, related to its length of 900 mm, we advise placing two parking blocks per parking bay to cover the entire width.

In addition, we offer a wide range of reflective strip colour options for our wheel stops.

Are you working for a traffic safety store or reselling products such as traffic barriers, barrier post guards, garage mats, convex mirrors or cycle rack accessories?

Then our car park equipment could be an ideal match for your business! If you have questions about our wheel stops, feel free to contact us today.

What to know about our Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops?

Sturdy tyre stopper supplies at low costs

As a manufacturer, we produce Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks at factory-direct prices (no VAT incl).

Indeed, you can cut any intermediaries of your distribution chain and buy car wheel stops at the lowest prices in the market.

Also, to ensure you receive high-quality parking stoppers that last well in use, we carefully monitor the manufacturing process and examine the product before shipping.

Besides, if you want to receive a product sample for quality checking, we can send you one (delivery fees are not included).

Custom-made parking blocks

We offer various vehicle parking bay stopper customisation possibilities. For example, we can add a logo or text of your choice on the parking block or modify the reflective film colours.

Also, we manufacture traffic calming and parking lot equipment such as speed cushions, speed humps and speed bumps. Thus, our product customisation possibilities are numerous to fulfil your parking space and parking lot area protection requirements.

Please contact our sales team for further information about our custom garage parking blocks or delivery options.

Wheel stops quick-to-install

Our 900 mm parking block is quick to deploy and install in the desired parking area.

The Plastic-Rubber composite material ensures a maximum grip on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Our lightweight wheel stops are easier to carry and install than concrete parking blocks.

To make carrying even easier, we designed an underlying carrying handle into it. Besides, we provide the required fixing screws for stable wheel stop fixing on the ground.

Why choose Sino Concept’s Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks?

High visibility yellow and black parking blocks with reflective strips

With our highly visible 900 mm parking curbs, parking facility security is no longer an issue.

Indeed, the bright yellow reflective strips ensure optimal visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

Certainly, our parking stoppers are highly visible, even at night or under cloudy skies.

If you want to buy wheel stops that are easy to spot, then our high contrasting black and yellow parking curbs are just the right equipment for you.

Parking bumper delivery arranged

We offer wheel stop transportation services conveniently.

Since 2009, we have managed transportation from our factories located in China to worldwide, even though our customers are located mainly in Europe, for example, in the United Kingdom (UK), France, Italy, Germany and others.

To ensure you receive the 900 mm parking blocks in flawless condition, we pack them into reinforced wooden pallets or heavy-duty steel collars, depending on the needs. Moreover, they are easy to store and unpack.

Buy wheel stops directly from a manufacturer

For any further information about parking block packaging or delivery methods, please get in touch with us. Please note that you can also mix different lengths into the purchasing order of parking curbs.

For example, you can install 550 mm parking curbs, 1220 mm parking blocks and 1830 mm parking stops simultaneously.

As we manufacture traffic control, traffic calming and temporary traffic management devices, you can add safety cones, steel bollards, crowd control barriers, light-duty polyurethane ramp covers and cable protector ramps to your order.

This way, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) can be reduced, and you may save on shipping costs.

More questions about our car park equipment and wheel stops?

Where to install our 900 mm parking curbs?

Our 900 mm wheel stoppers are ideal for any car parking area. Because Plastic-Rubber composite is a flexible material, it can be deployed on different surfaces, whether asphalt or concrete.

Also, our wheel stops are weatherproof and come with anti-UV treatment. This means that parking curbs can be installed outdoors and indoors.

Indeed, our wheel stops have almost no rubber or plastic odour, and this feature makes our parking blocks compatible for use in many car parks.

For example, our car park wheel stops can be used in parking garages, public parking lots, valet-parking, visitor parking, hotel or retail car parks, car parking facilities, industrial warehouses, vehicle charging stations, parking services, homes and on public parking spot property.

Moreover, parking curbs are ideal for parking bays, parking spots, parking spaces, and lanes.

Why choose Plastic-Rubber composite parking stoppers instead of concrete or steel?

Compared to concrete, Plastic-Rubber composite is a light and flexible material. This makes our wheel stoppers easier to carry and install than their heavy concrete counterparts. Moreover, they are a more environmentally friendly option.

Also, because we manufacture our parking blocks of a mix of recycled rubber and plastic (Plastic-Rubber composite), thus our parking curbs have a very low carbon footprint.

To sum up, Plastic-Rubber composite is a flexible and durable material that will assure you great benefits for an affordable price.

At Sino Concept, we can offer complementary products if your business is related to speed hump or speed bump accessories, collapsible traffic cones, recycled plastic cones, pavement markings, road reflector markings, wheel chocks, bike racks, traffic signs or road signage.

You can benefit from our vast traffic control, roadway safety and street furniture product range.

Is a 900 mm wheel stop suitable for your requirements?

The choice of wheel stops is directly related to the car park’s size and usage.

If you are looking for Plastic-Rubber composite parking curbs to cover only one parking bay, installing two 900 mm wheel stops will do the trick.

Do you need help choosing the correct wheel stop for your car park layout? We are at your service.

Contact us, and we will help you select parking curbs to suit your needs and budget. We also manufacture 550 mm, 1220 mm and 1830 mm parking blocks.

If you have any questions about parking curbs, delivery methods, other products or prices, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us to provide you with all the information you need.

We are at your complete disposal and always happy to be of your assistance. And don’t forget to look at our entire product selection and check out our new catalogue page!

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