Specifications and dimensions of our 550 mm Parking wheel stops

550 mm wheel stop
  • Length: 550 mm (2 ft)
  • Width: 150 mm (6 in)
  • Height: 100 mm (4 in)
Material Plastic-Rubber composite
Compliance REACH compliant
Packing Plywood pallet or plywood crate
Reflective Films
  • Colour options: Yellow or white
  • Principle of reflection: Glass beads
Each Wheel Stop Includes
  • 2 galvanised hex flange coach screws & 2 plastic anchors (polypropylene)
  • 2 plastic caps (polypropylene)
  • 2 yellow or white glass bead reflective films on each side

Basic introduction about our 550 mm parking blocks

We manufacture our 550mm parking stops with a mix of sturdy rubber and recycled plastic (Plastic-Rubber composite). Indeed, they are perfectly suitable for any car park lot, indoors and outdoors.

It is quick to deploy and helps prevent parking collision accidents between vehicular traffic, car bumper or motorcycle wheel and obstacles such as walls.

We recommend installing two 550 mm parking blocks to stop each vehicle’s tyre or truck wheels for one car parking space.

Are you looking for tyre stoppers in other sizes?

We also manufacture wheel stops with the following lengths:

Our wheel stops can be a perfect addition to your traffic barriers, no-parking bollards, post barrier guards, convex mirrors, rubber mats, or cycle rack stands for a car park area admired by motorists and drivers of motorcycles, cars, buses and oversized vehicles.

For parking block installation, we recommend contacting a local car park maintenance company for assistance.

For different lengths or customisation requirements, please contact us directly.

Make sure your car park is safe and organised with our high-quality parking stops!

Choose Sino Concept and order yours today. If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us.

And always remember: Your Success is Our Success!

Innovative Material: Plastic-Rubber Composite

Our 550mm Wheel Stop boasts a unique material composition – Plastic-Rubber Composite. This composite material combines the advantages of plastic (PVC) and rubber, delivering outstanding performance and durability.

By blending the strength of plastic with the elasticity of rubber, our parking curbs offer exceptional durability with a high weight capacity. It effectively dampens shocks and ensures a quiet and safe parking area.

The unique design of the Plastic-Rubber Composite enhances your parking experience, providing both convenience and comfort.

Weatherproof Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops with premium quality

Our small size (550 mm) parking stops are intended to be used in any parking area. For example, they are suitable for garage parking, valet parking, airport parking, terminals, warehouses, electric vehicle-charging areas, parking halls, vehicle charging stations, handicap parking, accessible parking bays, and shopping centre entrances, among other car parks.

Besides, product quality is one of our most important aspects at Sino Concept. Thus, we carefully choose the raw materials and monitor each manufacturing process step.

As a result, our five-star-reviewed wheel stop is extremely long-lasting, with almost no rubber or plastic odour, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Also, it lasts under the sunlight, thanks to the special anti-UV treatment. By purchasing from us, you receive superior quality 550 cm wheel stops at competitive factory-direct prices.

Are you interested in receiving a product sample before making a final purchasing decision, or are you interested in the price per item? No worries, we at Sino Concept would be happy to send you our 550 mm wheel stop model for free (delivery cost not included).

In addition, thanks to our broad production capacities, we can offer powder-coated steel products such as crowd barriers or various speed hump and speed hump customisation possibilities.

Custom black and yellow parking curbs

Do you have any special inquiries related to wheel stops? We can offer various tyre stopper customisation options. For example, we can attach any colour reflective strips on the sides.

You can choose colours such as blue, yellow, and red, among many others. On parking areas for people with reduced mobility, blue and black coloured wheel stops could suit perfectly.

Also, we can also mould the logo and text of your choice onto the parking block surface.

Quick-to-install 550 mm parking blocks

Thanks to the integrated underlying handle, the carrying and installation go smoothly.

Indeed, place the parking curb in the desired parking space and drill on the ground for long-term wheel stop placement.

Besides, we carefully select fixings to ensure that the parking blocks stay stable on the ground with minimum maintenance.

Parking curbs with high-visibility reflective stripes

We mould reflective strips on the sides of our tyre stoppers, allowing them to be well-perceived day and night.

Indeed, our car wheel stoppers are perfectly suitable for outdoor and indoor parking areas or places where well-arranged parking systems are required.

For any further information or specific requests, please get in touch with us!

More advantages of our Plastic-Rubber composite wheel stops

Plastic-Rubber composite car park parking stops at low costs

Are you looking to buy car park equipment, such as wheel curbs, directly from a supplier?

We at Sino Concept have manufactured parking lot and traffic safety equipment such as speed bumps, wheel stops, cable ramps and other traffic equipment since 2009 in our in-house factories located in Qingdao, China.

Thus, we offer professional customer service and a direct supply chain without additional intermediaries. Our wheel stop prices are the lowest in the market, with quality made to last.

Are you a traffic safety store owner or reseller of collapsible roadway cones, road signage, recycled plastic cones, driveway markings, paving services, light-duty polyurethane wire ramps, worksite security or cable protector ramp equipment?

In that case, we believe that we could be excellent to work together thanks to our attractive price levels (no VAT incl.) and comprehensive car park garage equipment range. To view our entire product selection, please visit our new catalogue page.

Safe delivery arranged to your destination

Are you worried about long delivery times or that the goods could get damaged during transportation?

Do not worry any longer. We have specialised in logistics and packing for over twelve years.

Indeed, we have satisfied clients from various countries worldwide, mainly from Europe, countries like the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Netherlands.

Our priority is to keep you updated throughout the transportation process and to reach strict delivery deadlines. Do you wonder how we pack our parking blocks for safe delivery worldwide?

We pack our wheel stops with reinforced wooden pallets or heavy-duty steel racks for our customers’ needs.

We want to ensure you receive the goods in flawless condition and that the products are easy to store and unpack. To sum up, we offer reliable transportation services with great care!

To whom our premium parking curbs could be ideal?

Is your company or business related to wheel chocks, parking lot devices, parking spots, pavement or road markings, traffic signs, parking services, parking meters, vehicle parking accessories, public parking, parking spaces, public parking lots or others?

In that case, we are sure you would benefit from adding our solid 550 mm parking curbs to your parking lot equipment supplies.

Moreover, you can add various items from our vast traffic control and street furniture product range, such as steel bollards, pedestrian safety barriers, speed humps, speed cushions, steel construction bike racks, road reflector studs, plastic (PVC) traffic cones, to the complete order.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us for more information on our vehicle park protection products, sales conditions, and delivery methods. We are always delighted to be of your assistance.

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