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An easy guide for buying cable protectors!

Cable protectors, also known as cable covers or cable ramps, are the most effective means to protect and organize messed wires. It is a cable management solution and hides wires and extension cords for a tidy look.

These covers also protect electrical cords and wires that would otherwise be risky to the users, appliances, and property. They prevent trip hazards and other electrical problems at homes, offices, workplaces, and even on the roads.

Cable protectors give the dual benefit of preventing trips and lowering the speed of vehicular traffic, cars, and motorists with ramps. So, you must know everything about cable protectors to get maximum advantage and know what factors you must consider before buying ideal cable protectors.

Black cable protector with a yellow cover made of rubber to protect cables

Questions need to be considered when buying cable protectors

Cable protection can save many lives from electricity trip hazards. It is mostly neglected, and people don’t notice that their TV cables, cable ducts, cable routings, speaker cables, and industrial cables get heat-shrink or trip due to clutter.

They try using wire hangers or cable ties instead of cord management.

This problem commonly arises at workstations and warehouses where different crew members remain busy with their work. Therefore, you must hide wires and protect cables to avoid such mishaps.

But remember, don’t go thoughtlessly and consider these things before buying the best cable protectors:

1. When buying a cable protector, you must first consider the site where you want to use it. For example, indoor appliances, outdoor areas, and industrial or construction units require different types of cable protection.

2. Buy light-duty cable protectors to hide cables of cleaners, printers, speakers or other low-power machines. Consider modular cables if it is intended to conceal cords on driveways or roads. Similarly, use heavy-duty protectors to prevent hazards at construction projects.

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      3. The number and thickness of wires are other determining factors. You must know how many cables need to be concealed and take an approximate estimation of their diameter.

      4. Don’t forget to look at the suitable material, sleeving colour, size, and number of cable protectors’ channels.

      Choosing cable protectors that meet your needs would be ideal, such as seeing how many cables you want to protect with a single cable protector. You can estimate the number of protectors with their channels by finding 2, 3, and 5-channel cable protectors.

      5. Ensure to buy highly visible cable protectors, especially if you want to install them on roads so everyone can get their presence.

      6. Decide whether you want to include accessories, fixings, or fittings along with the product.

      Three channels cable protector made of rubber used to manage cables

      Outdoor cable covers – buy or hire?

      Outdoor cable covers or ramps provide exceptional protection for wires and cable networks. Here, you have two choices: buy your own or hire for a specific period.

      The first option for buying protectors is to select protectors as per your desires and buy without any time limit. But in hiring outdoor cable protectors, you choose the particular package of cable ramps and hire for short or long-term use.

      There are some things you must know before hiring cable protectors so you can make a better choice between buying or hiring:

      • Hiring a cable protector may give a temporary solution to wire management and provide trip or hazard safety, but you are also responsible for product damage, loss, or theft. In fact, you are liable for the cost of repair or replacement if it is incredibly damaged and cannot be used again.
      • Some suppliers offering these products add damage waiver fees to the plan, and you must be very careful in their usage. In contrast, others keep it optional, but returning the product in its original condition is your duty.
      • You have to clean and conduct routine maintenance as per the instructions properly. Any neglect, misuse or deliberate damage to the product will cost you.
      • Reporting damage, loss or theft to the provider is mandatory, and any dishonesty or fraud will make you accountable.
      • Hiring may cost per hour duration, per day or per week, and you have to pay accordingly.
      • If the cable protectors’ loss involves theft, some suppliers require you to notify the police and give crime reference numbers within a specific time, 24 or 48 hours.

      So, if you can take care of the products and fulfil their additional requirements, go for hiring; otherwise, buy your own.

      A used rubber cable ramp was put on the street to protect cables

      Where to buy floor cable protectors?

      Buying floor cable protectors is easy if you have adequately researched the product and analyzed your needs. Many online suppliers or companies offer a vast range of floor cable protectors.

      You can see the package details, products’ specifications, size, number of channels, and load capacity to select your favourite product.

      Similarly, sort out the most suitable material that can meet your demands. The assemblies with floor cable protectors such as washers, end-caps, fixtures, and cord covers may vary in different packages, so check to see what they offer and what you want.

      Secondly, if you don’t want to purchase online, get in touch with the company and personal visit to select cable protectors. This way, you can discuss with the provider team and consider their suggestions.

      Black rubber cable ramps with yellow lids manufactured by Sino Concept are packaged together.

      Factors that will affect the price of floor cable ramps

      The price of floor cable protectors varies and highly depends on the product quality and features. You can find several firms delivering cable management solutions, but these factors can affect their price:

      • The excellent quality material of the cable protectors may affect them, but it is worth it. These cable organizers mainly contribute to protection. If you buy cheap or low-quality cable protectors, it will be a risk to your property and electrical cords, baseboards, extension cords, cable bundles, and cable trays of warehouse rails, homes, and workstations.
        Polyurethane and rubber are considered reliable for their durability and non-slip features. These covers also allow electrical wires and cables to withstand heat shock and prevent trips.
      • If you buy a cable protection system with accessories, it may cost more than one without accessories. These accessories include end caps, left or right turns, or cross intersections to ease installation steps.

      Besides the above, you must also consider the delivery fee and labour cost to install the cable protectors.

      A 5-channel black and yellow cable cover ramp made of recycled rubber.


      Cable protectors are the best means as cord organizers for home and industrial cables, plus they provide expandable braided sleeving to accommodate different wires and hoses.

      If you previously used wire clips, wire ties, tapes, hooks or fasteners to clamp messy cable networks, get the benefit of these reusable protectors to replace unsightly surroundings with a well-organized space.

      Just accommodate electrical boxes, interconnect cabling connection Ethernet cable or any wires that get tangled and give a terrible experience. After using this equipment, you will see an evident transformation of a cluttered site into a neat area.

      Above all, there will be no risk of cord or appliance damage due to trip or wire heating issues.



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