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Discover what are the different cable protectors types!

Have you ever been to a place scattered with wires and cables everywhere? Walking around such places is difficult, and there is always a likelihood of tripping due to tons of cables. Therefore, this makes it look scary and dangerous.

In contrast, you might have seen some places with organized electrical structures and a seamless environment. The only major difference between both scenarios is cable protectors.

The first scenario has no floor cable covers or protectors, while the second scenario has organized coverings for the wires.

Now, what are these cable protectors? As evident from the above scenarios, these cable protectors or ramps subtly help to conceal all the exposed wires and reduce any possible danger.

Fortunately, cable management systems have evolved over the years, and there has been massive advancement. There are generally quite many types of cable protectors. Each serves a different purpose and have other outdoor or indoor use.

Following are some kinds of cable protectors that each have a slightly different purpose:

  • Heavy-Duty Cable guard
  • Rubber hose ramps
  • Floor cable covers
  • Floor cord covers
  • Sidewinder cable protectors

These five categories are different in nature. Each differs in shape, purpose, material composition, and technical properties.

Fortunately, they all have one basic tenet: to reduce tripping due to cables and keep all the cables and wires organized. Let’s see each of them individually.

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Two used cable covers made of rubber to protect cables and hoses

What is a heavy-duty cable guard?

A heavy-duty cable guard/ramp is a type of cable protector useful particularly for outdoors. This cable guard consists of hinge top covers, making opening and enclosing the cables easy. These hinges keep the entire cable system organized and avoid the tangling of cables.

Also, these heavy-duty cable guards have channels (could be two, three, or even five) determining how many cables can fit in a single cable ramp.

The installation is also quite easy; you must open the hinges and carefully place the wires in the channels, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, they have nylon cable ties or connectors, which makes them easily scalable.

These are very common in events like wedding functions, Christmas, shopping malls, or construction roads. Suppose you’re at a wedding.

There would be a lot of cables due to the sound DJ setup and photography setup. Using these cable guards ensures that cables are kept organized, which can also prevent trip hazards.

Similarly, they are much more useful when there is cable installation on public roads, which can be dangerous. Using these cable guards ensures that they are kept off from the public.

Furthermore, they can also function as speed bumps (traffic management systems). Due to their heavy-duty nature, they can withstand five 450 kg weights per axle. While they protect exposed wires, they also ensure traffic safety.

Cable ramps can also be used as speed bumps to reduce speed

Facts about rubber hose ramps

Like heavy-duty ramps, rubber hose ramps are similar but more suitable for hoses or pipes. Suppose there’s a fire somewhere; hose ramps can be useful for fire trucks or fire departments.

They can roll the hose and organize it through these ramps, eliminating the risk of wear and tear or tripping. These hose ramps can also be useful for cables, and their channels may perfectly fit them. However, mostly, they don’t have hinges to cover.

Following are several facts regarding rubber hose ramps:

  • Since their base is made of rubber, they will be highly flexible and stable. Due to their flexibility, they can adapt to any surface. Similarly, the rubber provides stability, and they’ll remain in one place.
  • They are weather-resistant and won’t wear out due to changing weather conditions.
  • They come with interlocking features, meaning you can add more ramps to increase hose cover.
  • They can support up to a massive 9000 kg, which means they are suitable for speed bumps.
Rubber hose protector made of black recycled rubber and pasted with yellow glass bead reflective tapes for cable hose protection.

Get to know facts about floor cable cover

These are a form of cable ramps or protectors that are similar to heavy-duty cable ramps. While they are also durable and can withstand heavy traffic loads, they can be low in strength compared to heavy-duty cable guards.

Another main difference between the two is that these floor cable covers come without hinges/covers. These floor cable covers are available in many channel options, but you must fix the wires yourself.

Carefully placing the cables or wires in these floor cable covers may be a little difficult without any hinges or external cover.

Particularly, these floor cable covers are much more useful in places with a high footfall of pedestrians. They can withstand road vehicle traffic but are more suitable for sidewalks, pedestrian zones or construction sites.

Plus, their anti-slip technology prevents pedestrians from slipping. Also, they are a flexible form of cable protectors because they can adapt to any surface.

3-channel floor cable cover, made of black rubber, designed to receive three cables for floor cable management.

Get to know facts about floor cord cover

Many people confuse floor cord covers with floor cable covers. However, they can be very different. While floor cable covers are for outside use, floor cord covers are most suitable for indoor use. Almost every house has some form of cord cover because these generally protect from electrical hazards.

These are especially a risk in many homes because exposed wires can generally cause aged people to trip. Using prevention measures sure does have a positive effect.

Every house has power surges, wall-mounted TVs, chargers, jacks, ethernet cables, fuses, circuit breakers, extension cords, etc.

These things have so much wire setup that they can tangle up and be dangerous for people. Floor cord covers secure all these dishevelled wires and assemble them in an organized format.

Following are some more important facts:

  • Floor cord covers are self-adhesive, which means that you can cut these with scissors up to your required length.
  • They are smaller than floor cable covers.
  • They are trip-free and ensure a seamless indoor experience.
Black floor cable ramp made with one channel to protect wires or cables

Interesting facts about sidewinder cable protectors

Sidewinder cable protectors are an innovative cable management solution. They might be particularly useful for indoor use, but their interesting feature is that they follow a bending articulating design.

They can go from left to right and might form a snake shape. Therefore, they are useful because they can cover the entire layout of a room, no matter the room’s composition. Suppose you want to conceal TV cables, power cords, or electrical wires; these unique designs can be an easy fix.

Following are some of the lesser-known facts about sidewinder cables:

  • You can add the cable as much as you want. Connect up to your required length and cover the entire electrical hazard.
  • You can easily reconfigure your setup. If you detect a problem anywhere, removing and solving it is easy.
  • It’s easily customizable, and you can fit any room layout.
  • They are available in rubber and flexible PVC or polyurethane (PU) plastic.
  • They provide tripping protection and are UV resistant.
Black and yellow sidewinder cable protectors used as innovative cable management solution.

What is a low-profile cable protector?

Low-profile cable management ensures that the installation of cables is quick and easy. People install wires in many places; low-profile cable management involves securing and covering them.

Also, the bottlenecks that cover them are easy to remove. So, when there’s a fault, it can be easily detected. These low-profile cable protectors can include multiple cables at once because they have more than one channel.

Also, their ramps tend to be suitable for patients who are in wheelchairs.

These low-profile cable protectors can also include covers and quick-connect steel plates, making it easy to reconfigure wires or solve any electrical issue.

Black and orange ADA low-profile drop-over cable protectors provide a safe crossing for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Different options for floor cable ramps

Floor cover ramps come in various forms.

Some manufacturers produce cover ramps with LED lights displayed in rows. These lights are added to the floor cover ramp to make it more prominent and visible to pedestrians and drivers.

Cable cover ramps covers are constructed of bright-coloured materials to enhance their visibility. Though they are available in many colours, red, yellow and orange are their most popular colours. These colours make them visible to people even when several feet away from the protector.

Some manufacturers can design customised floor cable ramps for businesses that want to have their logo on the covers. Floor cover ramps can also be fixed on the floor to prohibit their movement if they have holes for nail insertion.

A cable ramp with LED lights and cable ramps with different colour lids.


Cable protection holds very crucial importance. If they are overlooked, there’s a high likelihood of power surges or electrical mishaps, leading to malfunctions. Also, exposed wires are dangerous; walking over them is risky because they may even zap a person to death.

To protect and hide cables, it’s important to have a cable management system, as mentioned above. Whether indoor or outdoor, this process is essential to improve safety. Wire covers are essential for home development; electrical fires may also happen without them.

Considering the alarming situations as seen above, it’s essential to keep alert and focus on making your place safer.

If you’re looking forward to improving your place’s outlook and reducing accidents, Sino Concept is the place you need to consult. We provide various kinds of high-quality cable protectors that will handle any electrical mishap.



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