3 Finishing Options for Steel Bike Parking Racks!

Rust and scratches are the main enemies of steel bike parking racks. A metal surface’s rust can occur due to its exposure to environmental elements, particularly water.

Similarly, scratches develop when an outdoor bike stand is regularly used and it has direct contact with other surfaces like the surface of bikes, bike locks, bike wheels, bike handlebars, straps and hooks.

To protect the bike rack from rust, scratches and other destructive elements, a finishing material is coated over it. It not only protects the rack but also improves its longevity and appearance.

There are different finishing options when it comes to bike racks. You should know the difference between them to pick the right bike rack. Read the article to learn about the top 3 finishing options for racks before installing bike stands in your parking lot.

To learn more detailed information, we advise you to discover what are outdoor bike stands made of.

Hot-dip galvanised steel bike racks

Hot-dip galvanisation is a technique in which steel is dipped in melted zinc. As a result, a zinc layer is formed over it to protect the layer of steel from corrosion. Therefore, bicycle parking racks or bike stands made of hot-dip galvanised steel are hard-wearing and tough.

The process of the preparation of hot-dip galvanised steel consists of three main steps, which are:

  • Preparation of the surface: The newly formed steel is cleaned thoroughly during this step. It is divided into three stages: degreasing, pickling, and fluxing. Degreasing involves the removal of oil and dirt residues. Pickling reduces iron oxide, and fluxing is about lowering remaining oxides and forming a protective coating over steel.
  • Galvanising: Steel is dipped in a zinc bath. All sides have direct contact with the zinc. Zinc reacts with the iron present in steel, forming zinc-iron alloy layers. Then, a layer of pure zinc is coated above the alloy surface.
  • Inspection and observation: Coating thickness is analysed. It is made sure the consistency is according to the requirements. A visual inspection ensures the whole structure has a protective layer of zinc.

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      Hot-dip galvanised steel bike storage or bicycle storage rack has a zinc-iron alloy layer that sacrifices itself to protect the underlying steel layer from corrosion. This coating is tightly attached to the steel surface, providing abrasion resistance to new bike storage racks.

      The zinc coating of the best bike or bicycle rack makes it maintenance-free and more durable. It ensures that the wall-mounted or floor-mounted bike racks have a complete protective layer all over their surface.

      Powder-coating finish for bike parking racks

      The powder-coating finish is made up of dry powder. The layer of base material, such as steel, is electrically charged. The dry powder then fuses with the layer of your product. It is placed in a curing oven and thoroughly baked to form a smooth protective coating.

      This hard finish is more rigid and sturdier than a challenging paint coating. You can use any coloured powder to give bike racks your desired colour. A powder coat can be formed on various materials, including plastic, steel, and concrete.


      A powder-coated cycle storage rack and bike repair stand can have a protective layer of varying thickness. The good thing is that the coating does not sag, no matter how thick.

      This layer protects heavy-duty bollard racks against corrosion and scratches. It is an economical option and lasts for years.

      The powder-coated bicycle stand or wall rack will have a consistent colour throughout its body. The colour does not fade. You can also have a bike rack in any desired colour to match the frame with the décor of your folding bike, road bike, city bike, or mountain bike storage facilities.

      Zinc plating finish for steel cycle stands

      Zinc has an innate ability to prevent corrosion, which is often called a corrosion-prevention workhorse. A zinc plating finish involves the deposition of a thin layer of zinc above the metal surface. It is a complex process that consists of multiple steps, such as:

      • Preparation of the surface: The metal surface is cleaned correctly with the help of an alkaline detergent solution. Removing debris, dust, and contaminants from the surface is essential so that the zinc layer can accurately stick to the metal surface.
      • Preparation of the plating material: A plating bath consists of zinc metal ionic solution and other chemicals that help the zinc stick to the metal. Acid zinc and alkaline zinc are commonly used to prepare plating solutions.
      • Plating the metal surface: The surface to be plated is dipped in the plating bath present in a tank. It is kept stationary inside the tank to give the plating solution enough time to stick to the surface.
      • Post-treatment: The zinc-plated structure is then rinsed to ensure no contaminant is present in the final product. The manufacturer will rinse the body several times in case of high contamination. In the end, it will be dried completely. A protective layer may also be added if the metal needs more protection.


      Zinc plating is low-cost; zinc-plated cycle parking racks or bike shop racks are also economical. It gives bike parking space or bike locker racks an aesthetically appealing look, helping you create a pleasant-looking bike storage system.

      In addition, zinc protects against corrosion and abrasion. It makes custom bikes or cycle racks last longer.

      Which finishing option is the best?

      All the finishing options explained above have their advantages. They are beneficial in multiple ways. However, hot-dip galvanisation seems more advantageous than others for various reasons.

      Zinc is an abundantly available metal, and the whole procedure of galvanising steel is also cost-effective. It makes this finishing option more convenient and preferred among people.

      Zinc gives strength to the material it is coated on. It is resistant to corrosion, ensuring the material does not rust and stays intact for a long time.

      Moreover, zinc reduces the risk of developing hydrogen embrittlement; the condition of hydrogen diffusion makes metal brittle and increases its chance of breakage.

      All these benefits make hot-dip galvanised finishing options one of the best options. Go for it if you need durable, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing bike stands in your parking lot.


      When it comes to the selection of finishing options for steel bike racks, you get many options to choose from. Hot-dip galvanisation, powder-coating, and zinc plating are three popular finishing options for bike racks. Each finishing option has characteristics that make it different from others.

      The finishing material’s purpose is to make the bike rack last longer. These protective layers do not let water, dust, or other damaging chemicals directly contact the underlying steel layer.

      Besides offering protection, the finish also gives decorative qualities to the rack. Hot-dip galvanised steel racks have a shiny, matte-grey appearance. They look aesthetically appealing whether you install them in an indoor setting or an outdoor setting. 



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