A brief guide for buying wheel stoppers!

Wheel stoppers are used to stop wheels and serve as a physical boundary between roadside obstacles and the cars to restrict them from moving beyond the car stop. These traffic management devices alert drivers and stop them from running over the designated parking space.

As the wheel stoppers stop cars to prevent their intrusion into walkways and protect pedestrians from accidents, they need to be carefully purchased. You must know everything about wheel stops and find out what kind of wheel stops would be the best for your parking zone.

So, regardless of front or rear-wheel-drive cars, get into this guide for buying wheel stoppers, and you will get every query solved.


Key truths that affect the rubber wheel stopper price!

Rubber wheel stops ensure one of the most suitable and highly used wheel stops in parking lots, public parking areas, residential parking zones, and even driveways. You can also find concrete, metal, or plastic wheel stops, but the price of rubber wheel stops could be comparatively more than other materials, but spending a bit higher for rubber wheel stops is worth it.

So, here are some key factors that make the rubber wheel stop price high:

  • Rubber wheel stops prove the best in slippery conditions as they make a firm grip and don’t let anyone fall. On the other hand, plastic, metallic or concrete wheel stops are not as efficient to avoid slipping as the rubber wheel stops.
  • Above all, rubber wheel stops are weather-resistant, oil, heat and UV resistant and have no impact on winter driving. In case of an oil spill or extremely hot weather, rubber wheel stops remain intact with no effect on the product.
  • When it comes to durability, there is no comparison of the strength of rubber. If you place concrete wheel stops, they go well for some time, but after that, they may get cracked due to weather and the wheels impact.
  • 100% recycled rubber is used to make rubber wheel stops, and the extensive processing plus manufacturing makes them a bit expensive.
  • Typically, rubber wheel stops are lightweight, and most of them have a handle to carry from one place to the other. If you want to install wheel stops in a limited space, you may carry them without additional help. While concrete wheel stops are heavier, there will be a need for some extra hands to carry and install them.

Top parking kerb brands!

The top parking kerb brands include:

  • HGV wheel stops

HGV wheel stops are heavy-duty parking blocks with increased durability and longevity. Rubber reduces the risk of accidents, and they are highly visible to make sure they get the truck drivers’ attention. These heavy-duty wheel stops are ideal for articulated lorries, but there will be a need for one wheel stopper for each wheel.

  • XPT wheel stops

XPT wheel stops are made from high-quality rubber and do not chip, crack, or rot when in use, and you can install them directly on concrete or tarmac. The XPT wheel stops are also highly visible that have white or yellow markings.

  • Park-it wheel stops

Park-it wheel stops are made from high-density rubber with white, blue and yellow reflective strips. Park-it wheel stops are easily and quickly installed with a single-person installation requirement. The wheel stops are pre-drilled with holes. You can use them in car parks, glass-fronted buildings, warehouses and showrooms.

  • Ultimate wheel stops

Ultimate wheel stops are UV stabilized and do not fade that do not crack over time. They are manufactured using an ultra-tough high, impact resin that prevents their breakage or rotting. The installation of Ultimate wheel stops is also easy as they are lightweight, and one person can handle the task.

  • Sino concept wheel stops

Sino concept is one of the top parking kerb brands offering rubber wheel stops of varying dimensions. Their product material is 100% recycled rubber, and the yellow and white strips on the black wheel stops make them highly visible. You can have wheel stops of different lengths such as 550 mm, 900 mm, 1,220 mm, and 1,830 mm. In addition to this, you can get any customized colour and size in Sino concept wheel stops.


Where to buy rubber wheel stops?

Finding the best and the correct wheel stops could be a bit difficult task for some people as multiple brands offer their wheel stops with different price tags. You get stuck within a minute because these are road safety devices, and you cannot compromise on the quality. So, you can benefit from the top brands mentioned above and lock one that suits your needs.

Remember, each wheel stop brand is specific to its products, features, and warranty. You have to determine the compatibility of the wheel stops with the tires, like vans, trucks, scooters, bike wheels, and motorcycle wheels have different weight distribution and then make a final selection.

Besides, make sure to check the accessories or fittings you will get with the package. Different wheel stops need bearings, washers, bolts, gaskets, or other fittings for installation.

You can do this by personally visiting their offices or websites, and discussing your drive system. Plus, buying wheel stoppers online is not a big deal but keep in mind the material of wheel stops is the determining factor and the basis of functional wheel stops. So you should always go for anti-slip, and resistant wheel stops.


Do wheel stop installation and accessories add additional cost?

The installation of wheel stops is easy, and you can do it if you have drilling, screwing and clamping tools. At the same time, there are no complex accessories required for wheel stops placement. All you need is some bolts, wheel nuts, flange, bearings, spikes, and similar fittings that, in most cases, you get with the wheel stop package. You get a product manual with guidelines mentioned and need to follow their protocol for the installation.

On the other hand, if you have never been into this or simply the parking layout is quite large, you can hire a professional for quick wheel stop placement, keeping the right spacing.

When there will be wheel stoppers for front wheels or rear wheels, drivers will get a clear indication to stop and park their cars. So, don’t underestimate the power of wheel stops in traffic management and road safety as they can save lives of drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. Above all, quality wheel stops last for years and you need to spend a small budget on their purchase.


Wheel stops are a quick alarm for the steering wheel to stop. When the car wheel makes contact with the parking blocks, drivers automatically apply brakes to their four-wheel vehicles. The wheels are locked, and you can avoid car damage accidents to pedestrians and wheelchairs.

So, whether you have a Honda Civic, Fwd car, Cruiser, a scooter, car truck or any other vehicle, use wheel stops and have better steering control. Additionally, don’t forget to consider car security and go for steering wheel locks for cars or other anti-theft door locks to protect your car from thieves even in the parking zone.


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