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Specifications and dimensions of our 5-channel cable ramps

5-channel cable ramp
  • Length: 900 mm (35.5 in)
  • Width: 500 mm (20 in)
  • Height: 50 mm (2 in)
Max. Cable Diameter Ø 32 mm (Ø 1.26 in)
  • Base: Premium recycled rubber (no toxic smell)
  • Cover: Polyethylene (PE)
Compliance REACH compliant
Max. Weight Capacity 9,072 kg (20,000 lbs) per axle
Packing Galvanised steel rack
Additional Information
  • Modular heavy-duty cable ramp made of vulcanised rubber;
  • Convenient carrying handles for fast cable management;
  • An integrated locking system allows a simple layout of the cable ramp parts for the desired choice length and shape;
  • Yellow highly visible lid with a non-slip surface to improve pedestrians’ and cyclists’ safety;
  • Especially ideal for event management, construction sites, low-speed traffic, and pedestrian zones;
  • Could also be used as a speed bump to slow down traffic.

The 5-channel heavy duty cable protector by Sino Concept

We at Sino Concept manufacture our black 5-channel cable ramps of vulcanised and sturdy virgin rubber with the following assets:

  • The high-visibility and high-density yellow PE cover has a unique anti-slip surface to prevent pedestrian slipping and falling accidents;
  • Our rubber cable ramps have only a slight rubber odour thanks to our carefully selected rubber raw materials and manufacturing process;
  • To ease the carrying, we integrated convenient carrying handles into our modular black and yellow cable protectors;
  • By having our in-house factories, we can ensure robust cable protector equipment at competitive prices.

Our five channels’ industrial cable covers are ideal for use outdoors and indoors for temporary and permanent cable protection and management.

By choosing Sino Concept as your supplier of 5-channel cable protectors, you no longer have to fear damaging cables or electrical wires when heavy vehicles are crossing over: Our cable ramp weight capacity is up to 9072 kg per tyre.

Are you planning to acquire cable and hose protection equipment suitable to use in events, work zones, road construction sites, warehouses, sports events, music events, or other applications where cable wire protection is needed?

For your information, we manufacture 2-channel cable covers, 3-channel cable protectors and heavy-duty hose ramps.

And for specific indoor cable and wire protection purposes, we can provide flexible polyurethane light-duty cable covers.

In addition, we provide various cable ramp customisation and channel possibilities.

So if you are looking for another model of custom cable protectors or more information on our flexible rubber cable protectors, please contact us!

5 channels industrial cable covers for sale directly from a manufacturer

High-resistance and low-price cable protectors

To ensure that our 5-channels cable protectors are high-resistant to withstand frequent vehicular traffic, we carefully choose our rubber raw materials and conduct constant quality checks throughout our manufacturing process.

Moreover, we produce each part of our wire cable protectors from superior quality materials in three separate pieces:

  • The yellow cover lid is made from polyethylene (PE);
  • The black base is made from vulcanised virgin rubber;
  • The connecting parts are made of nylon.

Thanks to our factory’s location in Qingdao, China, we can assure you of receiving competitively priced cable protectors while maintaining superior quality.

Indeed, our cable protectors are extremely durable and made to withstand years of passing vehicles.

By working with a direct manufacturer and cutting intermediaries of your distribution chain, you benefit from factory-direct prices!

Convenient installation of our resistant warehouse rubber cable ramps

We manufacture our expandable modular design cable ramps with convenient carrying handles to ease cable management projects such as temporary traffic management operations.

Our cable ramps are sturdy, lightweight and easily connected for your desired cable protection layout and length.

Moreover, to ease cable management, we integrated an interlocking connection system to our cable covers to easily attach the modular cable ramp parts.

And if you want to stabilize the installation, our black cable ramp has four holes in the black base part to allow temporary fixing on the ground.

It means that our five channels cable covers can be securely utilised, even during heavy rain weather.

Do you have larger-diameter cables or hoses that require cable protection?

We also offer cable covers with different channel dimensions to ensure the success of your wire and cable management system supplies.

Superior quality flexible cable protectors for optimal safety

Besides our cable protectors protecting your cables, it also improves pedestrian and car or any vehicle traffic safety. Indeed, we provide sturdy cable ramps ideal for use in busy pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas.

To ensure optimal security, we chose the cover lid to be bright yellow coloured with a unique anti-slip textured surface, preventing slipping accidents and falling risks.

Perfect to use wherever cable protection is required. We suggest accompanying our five channels’ cable ramps with the ”speed bump ahead” type of warning symbols and road signs for improved visibility and safety.

Are you working for a company where cable protection system equipment is required, with products such as:

Cable cords, electrical cables, cord covers, cable ties, cable trays, electrical cords, wire covers, workstations, guard dogs, extension cords, and electrical boxes?

Or cable clips, tv cables, surge protectors, wall anchors, wheel chocks, power cords, wheelchair ramps, cable bundles or other cable management solutions and accessories?

Then our superior quality and low-priced cable protectors and cover equipment can benefit you.

More to know about Sino Concept’s cable protectors offer

Our sturdy industrial cable ramps are perfect for hiding, protecting and managing cables on roadways or construction sites. Also, our cable ramps are suitable for any events and other cable cord and hose protection purposes.

You might be interested in mixing our other products with our heavy-duty cable protectors to decrease transportation costs. For example, our cable ramps, speed bumps, and traffic cones can be included in the same container for cost-effective freight, MOQ, thanks to our vast product range. View our catalogue for our complete equipment selection. For any further information, contact us.

Driveway speed bump and cable ramp at the same package

In addition to cable management, our traffic cable protectors are used as speed bumps.

Indeed, this rubber cable cover is also suitable to slow down vehicles while allowing a maximum guidance speed of 5 mph.

Its raised top shape and low profile design prevent road users from exceeding speed limits, making it ideal for road construction areas or foot-traffic zones, where calm driving and wire management are necessary.

Custom-made cable ramp and cable bridge

We can also manufacture custom-made cable protectors according to your specifications to perfectly meet your cable protection requirements.

For example, we can mould your logo or text of choice directly into them or modify the colours of the black base or the yellow cover lid.

Also, in case of specific customisation needs, please contact us. We at Sino Concept are direct cable protector manufacturers and do our utmost to meet your expectations.

Secure delivery of heavy-duty cable ramps overseas

To ensure safe delivery, we pack our cable channels into sturdy heavy-duty metal stacking racks, which also are easy to store in your warehouse.

Thanks to our over twelve years of experience handling logistics and transportation from our factories in China to worldwide, especially in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, etc.), we can effortlessly arrange the delivery to your desired destination.

If you have any questions related to the packing or logistics, please get in touch with us.

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