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Specifications and dimensions of our 3-channel floor cable covers

3-channel floor cable cover
  • Length: 4 metres (13 ft)
  • Width: 160 mm (6 in)
  • Height: 50 mm (2 in)
Max. Cable Diameter (1-3)
  • 1 x Ø 40 mm (Ø 1.6 in)
  • 2 x Ø 20 mm (Ø 0.8 in)
Material Premium recycled rubber (no toxic smell)
Compliance REACH compliant
Max. Weight Capacity 20,000 kg (88,000 lbs) per axle
Packing Plywood crate
Additional Information
  • It can be used in an office, in a warehouse, or in any industrial or construction zones where cables and cords need to be hidden;
  • Safe product delivery and respect for shipment deadlines.

The Sino Concept’s 3 channels black cable cover

Our black 3-channels flexible floor cable cover, like the 1-channel floor cord cover, is ideal for protecting, hiding and concealing:

  • Cables;
  • Hoses;
  • Electrical cords, and so on.

We manufacture our cord covers with vulcanised rubber.

Thanks to its carefully selected raw materials, it can withstand up to 20 000 kg and has only a slight odour, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor cable management and protection.

Its anti-slip surface prevents motorists, cyclists and foot traffic from tripping hazards.

This flexible cable protector has three channels for large cables:

  • One 40 mm channel in the middle;
  • And two 20 mm channels on the sides.

The installation couldn’t be simpler: Thanks to a flexible rubber material, roll it out on the desired area and allow a safe cable management system for temporary and permanent cable protection.

Our 3-channel cable protector is ideal for outdoor areas such as:

  • Construction areas;
  • Road maintenance works;
  • Christmas markets;
  • Sports events;
  • Trade fairs, etc.

Are you looking for another type of cable protector for sale?

Then, we recommend viewing our full product selection of cable protectors.

Our product range includes hose ramps and heavy-duty interlocking cable covers of 2-, 3-, and 5- channels. They are specially used for industrial zones or in heavy vehicular traffic areas.

We also manufacture light-duty PVC cable covers and polyurethane drop-over cable protectors, perfect for indoor applications at the office or warehouse.

As an event management and cable protection manufacturer since 2009, we can provide custom cable ramps according to your requirements.

Please get in touch with our European management team. We are more than delighted to assist you.

Purchase flexible cable covers & protectors directly from a manufacturer

Quality ensured for our flexible cable protector ramps

We carefully select our cable protectors’ raw materials to ensure their durability.

Also, we pay careful attention to the smell: Even if the product is made from rubber, it will only have a slight rubber odour.

Indeed, we want to provide superior-quality cable management solutions that withstand frequent vehicle passages and pedestrian traffic at economical factory-direct prices.

High-visibility rubber cable guards and quick installation

We design several types of cable covers:

Our wide range helps to prevent damage to electrical wires, cords and cables: Our flexible floor cable cover is ideal for protecting cables under any circumstances.

Sino Concept as a manufacturer and supplier of floor cable covers

By choosing Sino Concept as your direct supplier, you also benefit from competitive prices and premium customer service.

As a manufacturer, we can offer various advantages regarding cable ramps and protectors for optimal and safe cable protection of electrical cords, cables and wires.

Besides, our cable covers are also self-adhesive on the ground, thanks to a soft but durable rubber material. The high stability on the floor will prevent tripping and falling accidents among pedestrians.

More advantages of our floor cable covers’ management equipment

We are sure that you can benefit from adding our cable protectors to your product supplies if your business is related to cable ties, power cable plugs, cable trays, power cords, patch cords, extension cords, wire clips, wheelchair ramps, wire cable protectors, cable routing, wheel chocks or other cable cord management equipment.

Besides, we can also mix other products into the container, such as safety speed bumps with our industrial cable protectors.

High-performance cable protection covers at low prices

We manufacture our rubber floor cable protectors directly in our factories in Qingdao, China.

Thus, we can produce wire covers:

  • At attractive prices;
  • Without any middlemen.

To discover further information on our pricing of wire management equipment or sales conditions, please get in touch with us.

We can surely adapt our production to meet your expectations if you have specific cable management needs, like a custom-made cable protector or cable cover.

For indoor floor cable protection needs, like in an office or a private zone, we also might be able to provide you with adequate products in case of industrial-scale quantities.

European team and a premium customer relationship

Are you interested in our flexible 3-channel rubber floor cable cover?

Excellent to hear! We always do our utmost to meet your requirements regarding cord management equipment.

Do you have a particular wire and cable protectors project in mind?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: Our adaptive team specialises in custom-made cable guard equipment.

And don’t forget, if you have needs for other types of cables management, we manufacture cable covers used for different purposes:

  • A drop-over cord cover with 1 channel or 2 channels intended for indoor use;
  • A cable protector with 2, 3 or 5 channels that can withstand high weight for the desired length thanks their connectors;
  • A cable cover is used mainly on construction sites.

Logistics and transportation of cord cover equipment

We pack our 3-channels floor cable covers into sturdy, heavy-duty pallet collars to ensure safe delivery worldwide. We also respect delivery deadlines and keep you updated throughout the transportation process until your destination.

Since we have manufactured cable protectors for over a decade, we have developed our customer base in 50 countries worldwide, especially in Europe, from countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Belgium.

Do you have any questions regarding the logistics or transportation? Please contact us. Our team will gladly tell you more about our packing methods or delivery charges.

We perform quality checks throughout manufacturing to ensure top-quality 3-channels floor cable protectors.

In addition, we also carry out a final quality check before any shipment to ensure you receive products with a flawless finish.

Our full range of Cable covers and cable protectors