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Specifications and dimensions of our 1-channel floor cable covers

1-channel floor cable cover
  • Length: 10 metres (33 ft)
  • Width: 100 mm (4 in)
  • Height: 30 mm (1.2 in)
Max. Cable Diameter Ø 20 mm (Ø 0.8 in)
Material Premium recycled rubber (no toxic smell)
Compliance REACH compliant
Max. Weight Capacity 20,000 kg (88,000 lbs) per axle
Packing Plywood crate
Additional Information
  • Cost-efficient wire cable cover for indoor and outdoor electrical wires and hoses protection;
  • Vulcanised rubber material to allow 20,000 kg weight capacity;
  • Unique non-slip surface to prevent falling accidents.

1-channel cord cover and protector by Sino Concept

Protect, hide, and conceal wires, cables and cords with our black 1-channel floor wire cover.

We design it to be ideal for temporarily protecting electrical cables up to 20 mm in diameter indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to its flexible vulcanised rubber structure, it quickly rolls out onto any surface. You no longer have to worry about vehicles that could damage electrical cables or wires: our 1-channel floor cable wire covers withstand a heavyweight of 20,000 kg.

Our floor cord covers also have the following assets:

  • The installation is simple: roll out the wire cover on the desired area for the cord protection system layout of your choice;
  • We integrated a unique non-slip surface into our floor cable covers to prevent tripping accidents in pedestrian foot traffic.

Are you considering buying flexible floor cable ramps directly from the manufacturer?

Excellent: Operating with a supplier and a manufacturer saves money and allows you to choose various customisation options. For instance, we can adjust the light-duty cable manager colours according to your specifications.

Good to know: Our heavy-duty rubber cable ramps are our most successful cable protection equipment, as we manufacture over 50 000 cable protectors early.

Are you interested in different cable ramp model designs such as industrial vulcanised rubber 2-, 3- or 5- channels cable protectors? In that case, please have a look at our product pages or contact us.

Or if you either have a company related to nylon cable ties, power cords, wire covers, electrical cords, surge protectors, electrical boxes, extension cords, cable clips, cable trays, wire clips, or flexible PVC cable cord protectors, we are sure you can benefit from adding our cable protection management to your supplies!

What to know about our black floor cord covers?

Floor cable and cord protectors directly from a manufacturer

Are you looking for an efficient layout to cover cables or wires at low costs?

We at Sino Concept have manufactured durable cable and wire protection equipment since 2009 in our in-house factories in Qingdao, China.

By choosing Sino Concept as your supplier of flexible floor cable covers, you benefit from sturdy cable cover equipment to protect cables at factory-direct prices.

And we also have numerous customisation possibilities if you are interested in the following:

  • Locking cable management solutions or indoor cable guards made of polyurethane or other materials to be used in an office, for example;
  • Moulding the text of your choice into the wire cover or changing the rubber colour according to your request.

Ideal equipment to ensure cable management

With our 1-channel floor cable protectors, you benefit from a durable cable protection layout indoors and outdoors.

Since our floor cable protector adheres to any surface, our cord covers are ideal for temporary and permanent cable management systems and applications.

Also, our cable ramps reduce:

  • Pedestrians’ tripping accidents in foot-traffic areas;
  • Motorcycles’ slipping risks, etc.

Choose Sino Concept as your direct manufacturer and benefit from a secure layout by protecting cables with our 1-channel flexible cable covers.

Superior quality flexible cord cover and protector

At Sino Concept, one of our main priorities is to produce cable protection supplies that are durable and long-lasting.

We carry out careful quality checks throughout our manufacturing process to ensure you receive excellent products.

Besides, if you are interested in samples of our product, please get in touch with us.

We can send you samples for free (delivery charges are not included).

Our main priority is to ensure optimal quality for maximal safeness of your cable arrangement and wire management setup.

Want to get more information about cable management and cord protectors?

Would you be interested in purchasing our vulcanised rubber floor cable covers?

Then, please get in touch with our team and check our different products: small drop-over cable covers, large drop-over cable protectors, cable protectors 1200mm or 2-channels cable ramps, 3-channels cable ramps and 5-channels cable ramps.

We at Sino Concept are happy to be of your assistance. Besides, we can complete the shipment with our other products, such as safety speed bumps or steel bike racks, to reduce the container transportation costs per item.

High-visibility black wire and cable protectors

We manufacture our black floor cable protectors of bright rubber to ensure visibility on the spot.

Thanks to its high-visibility characteristics, employees have a reduced risk of falling onto the cable ramp.

Are you looking for cable management system equipment in different colours?

Excellent to hear – we can also modify the colours according to your specifications at Sino Concept.

Anti-slip surface cable cover to prevent tripping hazards

Are you looking for a safe way to hide cables?

We designed our flexible ground cable ramps to prevent slipping hazards with an anti-slip surface.

Thanks to its unique anti-slip structure, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists enjoy crossing our cable ramps safer.

Indeed, with our floor cable protectors, you are assured of safe cable arrangement.

Delivery of floor cable ramps handled easily

Are you considering arranging the delivery to your destination?

We also specialise in logistics from our factories located in Qingdao to your destination.

Since we perfectly comply with EU and European standards, most of our clients are from Europe in countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Canada, France, Poland, Netherlands, and Belgium.

But we also export worldwide, like in Australia, for instance.

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