Pros and cons of floor cable ramps!

Floor cable ramps hide organized wires and cables in each channel to give an easy wire management solution. The messy bundles of wires look odd in a neatly designed house and give an impact of mismanagement.

These cluttered wires not only damage the aesthetic values but are also dangerous for the people living in and around your property. Therefore, make your place safe and know more about the role of floor cable ramps so that you can see different aspects of their usage.

Plus, mentioned pros and cons of floor cable ramps would show practical sides of these cord covers.


Key benefits of using cable protectors!

There are several advantages of cable protectors, but their primary purpose is to hide and conceal wires. All other functions are directly linked to this and are of great significance. Uncovered wires lead to several problems in indoor and outdoor places, including shocks, accidental encounters with the damaged wire, etc.

But the incidence of many hazards decreases when industrial cables, cords of home appliances, computers, screen tv, printers, speakers, and other devices are concealed in cord covers. In addition to these advantages, there are numerous key benefits of using cable protectors such as:

Reduce trip hazard

One of the chief benefits of using floor cable ramps is preventing or reducing trip hazards. When bundles of wires are messed up, they are not safe, and damage to one cord, wire, network cable, Ethernet cable, or power cord is transferred to wires that are in contact with it.

So, the best solution is to hide these electrical cords in floor cable protectors. You can take light-duty or heavy-duty cable ramps depending on the power of cords, as high voltage wires in industries are more vulnerable to tripping than home cables.

Cable management solution

Cluttered wires in the office, house, workplace or any outdoor location give an odd view and messy the surroundings. In this case, you can benefit from the wire management solution and make the space tidy. You can easily place wires in the cord organizer and secure them with the PVC lid.

Just make sure to lose all wires before placing them in the cable ramps, as placing cable bundles can harm than good. So, disconnect all wires from switches, fuses, or circuit breakers and carefully remove them from the messed up bundle. After releasing wires, assemble each wire in the channel, and you will notice the difference of outlook between a well-managed wire set-up and the old, unsightly arrangement.

Protect wires from damage

In addition to cord management, a wire protection system means a lot. As wires are insulated to protect cables to a greater extent, physical pressure in vehicular or foot traffic can harm their outer covering.

The heavy wheels of trucks, forklifts, bicycles and other vehicles, when frequently crossover exposed wires, they get cracked or damaged. So, the damaged wires have the risk of current and give extreme electric shocks. Similarly, cord damage also results in malfunctioning of costly workstations or several electrical devices but the wires sealed in cable protectors do not get broken as the lid withstands pressure.

Increase productivity and trust of employees

Industries, warehouses, and workstations are places where hundreds to thousands of employees work, and single cord damage is a significant fire hazard that can put their lives at risk. Therefore, using cable protectors to hide multiple wires or an individual electrical cable, industrial cable, tubing, electrical boxes, extension cord, or main data distribution line can save many lives.

At the same time, you can interlock several cable ramps with connectors and lock them to extend their length. This interlocking extends the range of cable protection and ensures maximum staff safety. When employees feel safe, they trust and work more confidently, increasing productivity in return.

Ensures kids and pet’s safety

The uncovered wires are a significant risk to children and pets playing around them. As kids have access to various electrical devices such as gaming PC, workstations, lamps, bulbs or wires of wall mounted tv, they can easily touch wires.

Similarly, toddlers or pets can chew a connected wire that is dangerous for them. Floor cable ramps are a great way to tackle this issue, and you can hide wires low profile cable covers and place them under desks or near baseboards, so they remain covered and out of their reach. That is why floor cable ramps are highly beneficial in homes and give a safer place to live in.

What is the risk of using floor cable ramps?

Floor cable ramps also have some risks such as:

  • When wires are covered in the cable ramps, mostly you assume they are safe and ignore their maintenance. Some wires shrink or melt due to overheating and are serious problems that need to be addressed in a timely manner. But you often miss this checking that is a risk of tripping.
  • Crossing a wheelchair from cable protectors is somewhat difficult, and the person either needs some help to cross these covers or goes forcefully.
  • Cable ramps also work like speed bumps to slow vehicles on roads, streets, or in high traffic areas, but on the other hand, over speeding vehicles can get a jump if it does not recognize their presence. This slight jump may become problematic in the pathway of ambulances. Using speed limit signs with the cable ramps is an excellent way to make aware people so they can easily cross these cable covers.

How to prevent trip hazards with cable protectors?

The cable protectors significantly help prevent trip hazards as the organized wires have less damage.

In the case of jumbled up wires, the overheating of one cord transfers heat to others, and as a result, all wires get damaged or have an electrical shock that trip the circuit breaker. This tripping causes a severe fire hazard.

On the other hand, if you properly seal wires in cable protectors, wires neither break nor transfer heat to others.

There will be no risk of tripping when all cords are ideally placed in the cable ramps and have no damage.

Are floor cable covers worth the money?

Floor cable covers are absolutely worth the money. You may find it difficult to manage several cable protectors for all electrical devices such as security alarms, printers, cleaners, home appliance wires, speaker cable, or CCTV set up.

Still, they are economical, and the cost of cable ramps is not more than the overall expense of your property and the electrical devices.

Above all, reusable rubber cable protectors are flame-retardant, and the rubber or polyurethane materials are long-lasting without risk of corrosion.

Thus, investing in this cable management solution can save you in many ways and is worth it.


Cable ramps hide cables, power cords, hoses, patch cords, electrical wires, extension cords and prove one of the best cable management solutions. These cord covers can also withstand a heavy load of traffic per axle because of their robust- anti-slip design and offer no slip or trip hazards.

Above all, cable ramps not only protect wires, it is a complete protection system for your IT equipment, your vicinity and people linked to you.

So, after knowing so many advantages of cable protectors, never think to let the wires exposed and conceal them properly in the channels of cable ramps.


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