Interesting facts about sidewinder cable protectors

Wires, cords, and cables are found everywhere. They run the machines, computers, devices, fans, bulbs, and whatnot. Since they have tremendous applications, they can also have severe repercussions, which mostly involve severe accidents.

For instance, you can trip due to getting in between a cluster of messy cables, which can be fatal. For addressing this cause, there are different cable guard protectors types that can keep you safe from tripping hazards.

However, these cables may come in between and may not appear good in the centre of the room. Fortunately, there are sidewinder cable protectors which can change their shape to fit the room’s layout. Do you know about their uses and purpose? Let’s get down with unveiling this amazing cable protector.


What is the purpose of sidewinder cable protectors?

Sidewinder cable protectors are a versatile type of cable management solution because they can work anywhere. They are perfect for both the indoors and outdoors and can fit any room’s layout. They can be made from flexible PVC plastic, but they are commonly made of ABS plastic.

Sidewinder cable protectors keep all the wires, cords, and extensions in a tidy and organized way. This helps to avoid any tripping hazard due to the chaotic cables. Therefore, they are trip-free and can protect you from any type of injury.

Sidewinder cable protectors also conceal all the cords and cables, which can cause electrical fires if they are exposed. CPSC estimates that electrical accidents cause around 40,000 residential fires. Many people may use tapes and floor mats for concealing these cables.

However, it can still cause damage to them, making them prone to severe incidents. Therefore, installing a sidewinder cable is important to prevent any mayhem.

How to install a sidewinder cable protector?

Sidewinder cable protectors come in various sizes, ranging from small to large. Therefore, these sizes can have different installation processes. If you choose a medium or large sidewinder, you can simply use them as drop over.

You can drop them over the power cords, coaxial cables, TV cables, and rubber cables. There are rubber tabs in the sidewinders that can prevent these cables from slipping away. It’s an easy installation process and will take less time.

Secondly, there can be manual work involved if you install a standard sidewinder cable protector. Fortunately, you don’t need to use knives to cut these because they aren’t self-adhesive. You can use the segments and unlock/lock them according to your desired length.

Before installing, you’ll have to identify the area where you want to install it. Secondly, you have to add the wire or cable extension manually into the rubber tabs. Now, the entire setup will be complete, and you have to place it in the area you want to.


What are the uses of a sidewinder cable protector?

Sidewinder cable protector is quite a versatile innovation. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Following are some of the common places where you can see them:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

You can use them in homes for securing most of the wires and cables. There are sockets and plugs with jacks, HDMI cables, data cables, and ethernet cables running everywhere. Plus, you can have your electronic accessories like laptops that are connected to a charging station. All of this can be a great mess. Using sidewinders can ensure that these wires are kept organized in your room.

Secondly, you can also encounter them in offices. There are flat-screen TVs in the conferences room and many computers in the cabin are connected to a single server. Plus, there can be CCTVs and wall-mounted TVs that can have many wires running around places. Installing sidewinders across the lobbies and floor will ensure that the wires are protected, and the office employees are safe.

You can even find them in classrooms. There are bulbs, projectors, connectors, which make use of a lot of cables. Many classrooms are using smart technology in their learning methodology, which means there can be several computer cables. Installing a sidewinder can streamline the process and hide cables.

Sidewinders are also prevalent in factories and warehouses. There can be a forklift in a warehouse for transporting goods. These sidewinders have high density and can withstand heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, they are a perfect fit for factories as well.

What are the unique features of sidewinder cable protectors?

Sidewinder protectors are unique from other cable covers because they have different designs. Following are some of their features:

  • ABS plastic
  • Articulating designs
  • Easy connection
  • Accessible

Firstly, they are mostly made from an ABS polymer. ABS plastic is strong and can provide unparalleled protection. It can withstand up to 14,500 kg per axle, which is tremendous. Due to such high tensile strength, they are perfectly suitable to act as speed bumps or ramps because they can withstand the load of heavy vehicles. Plus, they have rubber tabs on their bottom, which reduces their sliding and makes them anti-slip.

Secondly, they have high flexibility and can turn into different shapes. Sidewinders are famous for their articulating designs, which means they can run from left to right (or vice versa). You can put them in a straight outline or change their shape to fit the room’s layout. Suppose you have to turn corners in a room to protect wires, only sidewinders can conform to your requirements and take any snake shape form to align with the room’s design.

Sidewinders are also quite scalable. Generally, they are available in a 3 ft length option, but you can always add more by purchasing extensions. The sidewinders have 1.5-inch segments, which connect to form a big protector. Furthermore, they are easy to configure because you have to just “snap in” to add more segments. You can remove any segment and check for any faults or damages.

Are they perfect for street and industrial use?

While it appears that they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, they may not work well in industrial settings. Firstly, there are large industrial cable assemblies that may not fit into these sidewinder cable protectors. Also, these sidewinders might not be strong enough to withstand the weight of vehicles on the streets. There can be wear and tear over time, which can damage them. Therefore, they are suitable for light-duty usage.

Therefore, cable guards or cable covers can be useful in industrial settings and workstations to protect power cables, hoses, and wires. In contrast to sidewinders cable protectors, these cable guards use nylon cable ties and dog bone interlocking connectors for connecting more series. Also, some types of wire covers may even use Velcro and hook-and-loop.

Cable guards can withstand up to 40,000 kg per axle, making them much more suitable for factories. Also, the cables are large, which means that they can easily fit with cable guards. On the other hand, sidewinders cable protectors can be small and may not completely fit any big cable.

Similarly, you can even use cord covers for cord organization for your rooms. They are slightly similar to sidewinders, but they cannot change their position according to the room’s layout. Cord covers are smaller and perfect for home appliances, including desks lamps, switches connections, and power outlets.



Sidewinder cable protectors are an innovative design in the cable management industry. They provide excellent protection to wires, cables and people, making them one of the most useful and accessible tools in the cable management industry.

Do you also have an office, factory, or warehouse with scattered wires, and they need some protection? Or is there any place that has wires in multiple directions, and you cannot get them straight?

If you are going through any of the problems, you need to invest in these flexible and durable sidewinder cable protectors.


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