Top cable protector types that most event companies will use!

Event organisers use different electrical devices, such as speakers, microphones, lighting sources, etc., at events to make them successful. Most of these devices are connected to long wires that should not be left on the floor unprotected.

If these wires are left in an area where pedestrian and vehicular traffic will pass, they may cause unwanted falls and accidents. That is why most companies use event cable protectors to ensure their guests, visitors, and devices stay protected and safe.

Since many cable protectors are available in the market, it might be difficult for you to select the best ones. Due to their high effectiveness, here is a list of companies’ top cable protectors.

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Three rubber cable protectors are connected together to protect cables

5-channel cable protector of Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket is one of the top cable protector brands that event organisers consider when buying cable covers and wire covers for different events. Though Yellow Jacket offers different cable cover options, one of this brand’s most suitable wire covers is a 5-channel yellow cable protector.

It can protect hoses, cords, and wires up to 1 inch tall. It has a thick yellow lid that offers great cable protection, while the black base is also sturdy to reduce the impact of heavy vehicles and keep wires of events fully protected.

The hinged lid makes placing cables like electrical cables, power cables, data cables, industrial cables, Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, and coaxial cables inside the cord cover.

Each protector unit has dog bone connectors to allow the user to connect as many units as he wants to get the desired length of the cable cover for proper cord management.

Yellow jacket cable ramps and angle parts used for cable management

4-channel Linebacker cable protector by Checkers

Checkers is another well-known brand that provides several cable organisers and cable management solutions to event organisers. One of its cable protector types that event organisers prefer is a 4-channel Linebacker cable protector.

As the name suggests, this type of cable protector has 4 channels that can accommodate 4 hoses or cables that are 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide. They are beneficial in protecting and managing thick cable bundles connected to heavy machinery and appliances.

They contain a reinforced hinged lid that is easy to open and close. It is made up of durable material that makes the product last. There is a red base that is made up of equally sturdy material.

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      The T-shaped connector makes customising the length of the cord organiser easier. It is suitable for heavy equipment areas of events to protect wires and cables against the destructive effects of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

      Red and yellow cable ramps with different shapes by Checkers

      5-channel ADA cable ramp of Yellow Jacket

      Another liked product of Yellow Jacket is the 5-channel ADA cable ramp. It has a cable protector consisting of 5 channels. Each channel can accommodate wires and hoses of height up to 1.325 inches.

      This product has built-in ADA accessibility ramps that provide foot traffic and vehicles with a safe crossing while passing over this cable protector. The ramp has a patented 5-bar tread surface, which makes it non-slip.

      The hinged lid allows you to install a rubber cable, electrical wire, custom cable, control cable, network cable, and cat6 wire cable quickly, which can help organisers save time and effort.

      It also has dog bone connectors that can connect different units or protectors of the same size to get a cable protector of your desired size. These cord covers make a great wire management solution for sporting events, amusement park events, business events, and entertainment venues.

      Yellow jacket cable protectors coloured in black and blue, with wide ramps and yellow covers

      5-channel cable protector by Sino Concept

      If you want something that can be used at outdoor and indoor events, this is your go-to product. This 5-channel cable protector by Sino Concept can withstand up to 9,072 kg per axle, making it suitable for various events.

      It has 5 channels that can accommodate home cable, cat5e cable, and all types of cabling, tubing, and sleeving that can fit well in 35mm. This cable protector is made up of high-quality pure vulcanised rubber that shows great resistance against the heavy weight of carts, foot traffic, etc.

      The yellow lid is constructed of PVC. Its bright colour makes it visible even in the dark. The base is made of rubber, which helps the protector stay where it is placed.

      Some connectors help with interlocking. In addition, it has a carrying handle, making it convenient for people to carry the cable protector from one place to another.

      The good thing about these cable protectors is that they are dual-purpose, meaning you can use them as speed bumps to manage traffic speed while managing cables.

      5 channels cable protectors with angle parts manufactured by Sino Concept

      3-channel black floor cable cover by Sino Concept

      Another useful cable protector tool by Sino Concept that organizers prefer is the 3-channel black floor cable cover.

      It is very convenient and small compared to the other cable protectors on the list. You can use it to meet your temporary cable protection needs.

      It has 3 channels. One channel is larger compared to the others. Its size is 40mm, while the size of other channels is 20mm. It is 4 meters long, and you cannot increase its length; therefore, you will have to measure the length of the area or wire before installing it anywhere.

      This flexible structure provides a quick solution to all your cable management needs.

      You can install it at trade fairs, sporting events, school functions, etc., to reduce tripping hazards, improve the lifespan of openly placed cables, and protect important alliances or machinery.

      Black floor cable covers with one channel and three channels to protect cables

      Why you must use cable protectors at events

      At different events that schools hold, businesses, organizations, etc., various devices and machinery with long wires are used. These wires are usually plugged into sockets to provide energy to machinery.

      Suppose heavy foot traffic and vehicular traffic must pass over the same floor where cables are dispersed. In that case, pedestrians can trip over the cables and unknowingly damage them by stomping their feet.

      Tripping accidents can cause injuries to your important guests, workers, and the general public.

      Moreover, they can also damage your expensive machinery and cause trouble during an important event. If someone trips over the speakers’ wires, speakers may get turned off, which can ruin an important event moment.

      A person tripped over an orange wire, and a 5-channel black cable ramp with yellow lids protects wires.


      Companies organize different events yearly. These events can be outdoor and indoor. No matter what event it is, you will use various devices, appliances, and machinery with wires and cables.

      These long wires should be protected properly to ensure the success of any event. If you leave them on the floor, people can trip over them and gain injuries.

      If you are looking for reliable and durable cable protectors that companies use, choose any of the abovementioned products according to your needs. These cable protectors offer a variety of features and make a great choice for indoor and outdoor events.



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